Bethesda denies copying a Fallout: New Vegas mod for a Far Harbor side mission

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A modder accuses Bethesda of copying from one of its creations for the "Brain Death" side mission, but the company denies it.

The modder Guillaume Veer believes that Bethesda has copied from its mod for Fallout: New Vegas "Autumn Leaves" much of the content for the secondary mission "Brain death" in Far Harbor, the expansion of Fallout 4 issued to May. The mod has been released one month before of the launch of Fallout 4 last year, but Bethesda denies any kind of plagiarism.

Veer has detailed in a post on ModDB all similarities between the secondary mission and your mod, comparing history, characters e ambienti and stating that such similarities become more obvious after entering the Vault at the beginning of the mission and against. These similarities include an initial discussion via an intercom prior to entering the Vault, an investigation into a murder, a "mysterious death of the Vault's top financier", a focus on voice modulators that help the player distinguish between robot and even a sexual intercourse between the protagonist and a robot.

Veer however added that is not particolarmente unnerved by the similarities, and that he understands whoever takes inspiration from other games, such as himself took inspiration from Fallout, but would prefer be mentioned in awards of the game.

“I seriously think this is absolutely ok. After all, the inspirations of 'Autumn Leaves' are innumerable… and being influenced is a natural part of the writing process. […] Being recognized in the game's accolades, for example, would be a very kind - and no cost - move towards us modders. Many of us are creating mods, which often take years of our free time, to get a job in the industry, and that kind of recognition would really help us tremendously. "

La response of Bethesda has come from Vice president for marketing Pete Hines, who said: “We love our mod community and would never fail them to respect. I checked, and any similarity between the two is totally coincidence. "

Apparently, therefore, the modder will not get from Bethesda the hoped-for recognition.

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