Battlefield 4, the cost of renting servers on consoles

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DICE offers a new service to console version owners.

Starting from yesterday DICE is now able to offer private server rentals to console version owners of Battlefield 4In fact it is possible, for those who wish, to have a private server that reflects the wishes of the administrators, with the control of many options including the number of players and the rotation of the maps. The godsend did not last long, however, for the greasy Xbox One; DICE has in fact decided today to remove the option due to problems encountered with the version in question and indicating that those who have already purchased it, will be able to continue to use it, even if encountering problems with accessing the panel as an administrator . Those who want to use it in the future will have to wait for the release of an official fix. The cost of renting a server for Battlefield 4 in England is as follows: 1 Day: £ 1,19 7 Days: £ 5,49 30 Days: £ 19,99 90 Days: £ 47,99

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