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On the occasion of an interview for the German WebTV "Rocket Beans TV" the guys from Piranha Bytes, developers of the saga Gothic and Risen got to talk about their latest effort: Elex.

The game is inspired by the Star Wars saga and will resume the canons of the titles that the developers have worked on for years. So no epochal upheavals. We have attached the 35:00 minute interview to the article, but it's in German. If you need a hand to understand, we have listed the highlights regarding the news that will await us in the post-apocalyptic world that is expected to be released in late 2016.

  • In development for a year and a half

  • Third-person RPG, such as Gothic or Risen

  • Post apocalyptic, with people who have different levels of technology

  • Enemies won't level up like us

  • One great continent to explore

  • It will have several regions (desert, forest, ice and swamp)

  • Players will have a jetpack!

  • Elex is a substance originating from space, but which came to earth thanks to a meteorite

  • The game starts hundreds of years after impact

  • Elex transformed the flora and fauna

  • Elx is a consumable substance that gives magical powers and great physical strength. However, consumers have different skin (white / gray) and their emotions are dampened. They act with pure reasoning.

  • Incorrect use can lead to mutations

  • The system of moral choices is not based on the "good / bad" relationship, but on "human / machine"

  • In the game world, Elex is a sought-after substance. It can be used by some guilds which, having no side effects, call it "Mana". It can also be used to power some tools (such as the Jetpack)

  • The game is inspired by Star Wars

  • The player is a commander belonging to a military group that makes use of Elex. At the start of the game his glider is hit and as a result falls. Withdrawal from the substance makes him human again and he can see the world as he never did before.

  • The point growth system like in the Gothic and Risen 1 saga is back.

  • The factions are back. All in "Gothic 1" sauce therefore hostile to each other. During the interview, two out of three were mentioned: Clericals (religious group that has high technology, but hostile to the use of Elx), Outlaws (bandits in full style Mad Max)

  • It looks like we will be able to form a relationship with some non-player characters

  • The player will have a base

  • Some actions (killing, stealing) will have permanent consequences

  • It will be released in late 2016 for Xbox One, Ps4 and PC

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