WWE 2K18, new information on modes revealed

Pure wrestling.

Through the official website of WWE 2K18 we learn more details about the 3 main modes present in this edition: My player, Road to Glory, and the renewed WWE Universe.

WWE Universe, already present in previous editions of WWE2K, has undergone some changes compared to the past. Great importance will be given to the rivalry system, now much more elaborate, capable of creating rivalries that last over time, seasoned with intermission sequences.

In the mode My player we will create our very own wrestler that we can later use in the classic career mode (offline) and in the new mode Road to Glory (multiplayer). Using and winning the encounters with our character it will be possible to level up and obtain skill points that can be used to increase the parameters of the wrestler, in order to make him stronger and stronger.

Finally, the aforementioned Road to Glory is a brand new online mode that will allow us to play using the character created in “My Player”, fighting against the creations of other players. Matches will be available that change daily, as well as a scoring and ranking system.

We remember that WWE2K18 is coming on October 17 on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC, while the Nintendo Switch version will arrive at a later time.

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