Halo 4, the epic trailer of the game broadcast in the UCI Cinemas

Master Chief at the cinema!

Microsoft products e UCI announce an important partnership thanks to which the spectators of "The 2 Usual Idiots" and "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" will be transported to the sci-fi world of Halo 4, the new chapter in the saga that revolutionized video games and which sees the return of the Master Chief to the rescue of humanity.

During the first two Saturdays of programming of these films and only at night shows, the UCI Cinemas Circuit will exclusively screen a spectacular 2-minute live action trailer, adapted to the big screen, dedicated to the new title of this iconic franchise. This is a unique initiative in the cinema market, made possible by the complete digitization of the 41 UCI multiplexes present (for a total of 435 screens), thanks to which the Circuit is able to expand programming not only with alternative contents. live and pre-recorded (such as musical concerts, sporting events, operas, remastered cult movies), but also with Live Action content, thus giving space to all the news from the world of video games.

With a total of 158 passes, the Halo 4 trailer will reach the thousands of people who will see these highly anticipated films, destined to become one of the blockbusters of the holiday season, and will capture the attention of viewers with one of the most iconic sagas.

Developed by 343 Industries exclusively for Xbox 360, Halo 4 introduces the return of the Master Chief and his faithful artificial intelligence Cortana, projecting them into a mysterious new world as they discover a dark evil that threatens to obliterate humanity. Halo 4 innovates the series thanks to an exciting single player mode and an innovative multiplayer, offering something never seen before thanks to the Spartan Ops, episodic adventures that combine deep plot with spectacular action.

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