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Pledge allegiance to your club.

In Drive Club abbiamo 27 trophies, including that of platinum, which can also be unlocked with the Ps Plus Edition of the game. Six trophies require you to be connected to the game's servers:  Club man , Competitor , This is how it all begins! , Teamwork Unbeatable In career. Attention then: getting the Praise while the Driveclub servers are offline, will deprive your Club of many bonus Fame points.

It is a rather long platinum, given the presence of trophies that require the achievement of certain objectives ( Welcome to the edge). The duration will depend a lot on the player's skills, as reaching level 50 as a pilot will not be an easy feat. Winning the Tour events (available only on the full version) is not mandatory, but it helps a lot in accumulating fame points. 

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Guide being updated, some trophies will not be able to be unlocked until the servers are stable again.

What kind of game is it? Waiting for the review (which will arrive when the servers come back online), link hands-on: HERE 


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 There is always a first time

Just complete a race, no matter position, car or track. 

 Club man

You have to join a club. It is possible to search for a free membership club from the list. If you want to have your own club, you can only join the club for a moment and then leave it. Alternatively, you need to bring another player into your team.

 The first of many

It is enough to win a confrontation. These are secondary objectives present in numerous events: following a trajectory, reaching a certain speed, etc. Beat or match the target score to get the trophy.

 This is mine

From the main menu, go to the "Garage" and select one of the unlocked cars. It is possible to customize various aspects of the car (in predefined slots): just make a change and save it.


Occupy the first position in the standings at the end of the time of a Single Challenge (Challenges temporarily not available).

 This is how it all begins!

Send a challenge to another player (Challenges temporarily unavailable).

 New level!

Reach Driver Level 2. To do this, you need to earn Fame during events: traveling at high speed, following the trail, drifting, driving cleanly - all of which increases our reputation. Beware of contacts and collisions, which cause you to lose score. Level 2 requires 30.000 points of fame.


Reach Level 55. 135.000 Renown required. You see New level! 


Reach Level 1 with a Praise. You see Domain. Warning: getting the Praise while the Driveclub servers are offline will deprive your Club of many bonus Fame points.


Complete 50 Confrontations. You see The first of many.

 On the podium

Simple trophy: Just finish in the top 3 in any 12-player race. Set the difficulty to Novice in case of difficulty (and choose 11 as the number of opponents).


It is necessary to stay in the slipstream of an opponent for 2 km. Easier in events Race in line with long straights and at high speeds.


Beat 3 goal times in an individual time trial session. It is possible to obtain the trophy offline in a very simple way: start a time trial session in a single event (as long as you have not already recorded a time in that track); make a slow, very slow first lap; second lap a little faster, enough to beat the ultra slow lap; third lap still a little faster; in the fourth lap give everything to beat your "best" time a third time! To familiarize yourself with the circuit, it is advisable to do the lap normally and then stop for a few seconds, just before the finish line, being careful not to arrive late (for example, assuming that you have always lapped with the same split times: 20 seconds per first lap, 15 on the second, 10 on the third; clean lap on the fourth). Warning: if the track is downhill, keep the L2 button pressed to brake.

Recommended route: Canada, Maplewood 2. Car: Audi A1 Quattro. “Good” lap time, with several errors: 1 minute.

We report a problem: if the Driveclub servers are online, the game could refer to the times of friends. We are waiting for greater connection stability to insert an alternative method.

 Long distance 

You have to drive 483 km. It does not matter mode, route and result. It will not be too long, if you aim for platinum you will have it well before many other trophies.


You need to reach level 15. You need 822.500 points of fame. You see New level!

 New birth

You need to reach level 30. You probably need about 3 million points of fame (we will update as soon as we have the precise figure). You see New level!


You need to win a race with each car category: Compact, Performance, Sport, Super and Hyper. Just enter the garage to see the cars in our possession; then compete and win races with cars of each category. Select single event races, on novice difficulty, to unlock it quickly (in Tour mode, unlocks by reaching Pro category races).


Win 5 of your Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player (Challenges temporarily unavailable).


A Praise must be brought to level 5. From the main menu> my profile> progress and stats> pilot praise, you can check the level of each praise, the requirements for the next level and the rewards in unlockable fame points. Usually the fastest are producer praises, but for platinum you will need to maximize one per category. For more information, see The right recognition.


Accumulate 1 million drift points. There is not much to do but run and try to make as many controlled drifts as possible during the various events. The score is cumulative. It goes without saying that the best events for this trophy are the “Drift” type events.

 Clean driving

Trophy is not very easy to obtain. In case of problems, set the difficulty to Beginner and choose 11 as the number of opponents in single race events (Canada, Maplewood 02, 2/3 laps; the Audi A1 Quattro, with far out view, is a good choice, but beware of the start and do not rush to overtake everyone immediately). Pay attention to the penalty notification for contact with other opponents; if an impact does not produce a decline in fame, you can continue; otherwise, useless to waste time, better restart. Also beware of collisions with cars that follow you: sometimes you will be penalized anyway. In the event of an "infamous" impact with an opponent, restart the match. Off-piste skiing does not damage the success of the trophy: in the event of a bad turn, you prefer grass to contact with a rival.

 In career

You need to drive 1.610 km (1000 miles) while you are a member of a club. As with the club's reputation, events made while Driveclub servers are offline are not valid. 

 Welcome to the edge

Pilot level 50 must be reached. Very long trophy, we still don't know exactly how many fame points are needed. You see New level!

 The right recognition

An Eulogy must be brought to level 5 for each of the available categories. From the main menu> my profile> progress and stats> pilot praise, you can check the level of each praise, the requirements for the next level and the rewards in unlockable fame points. There are 6 categories of praise: vehicles (participate in a certain number of events with cars of different types: compact, sports, performance, super, hyper), game action (perform certain actions during a certain number of events or for a distance of tot km: winning races, drifting, overtaking, etc. The complete list is in the pilot praise menu> game action), types of events (probably corresponds to the event category, i.e. completing a certain number of tour or solo events) and tender procedures. These last two categories do not find an exact match in the pilot praise menu: we will update the guide as soon as we know if we need to maximize a praise also for the locations, producers and game modes categories or if it is sufficient to bring to level 5 only one of those belonging to one of these categories. 

Secret Trophies 

  Heavy foot 

Complete a Race event online with an average speed of 100 mph or 161 km / h. Simple trophy, which you will unlock without realizing it using Hyper category cars (for those who have the full game, it is easily obtained in the Pro event "Ruf Ride"). To make the task easier, choose the Time Trial mode.


You must be part of a club that has reached Level 10 or higher: you can choose to immediately join a high-level team (if it is free) or to compete to bring your own to the required level. Warning: you need to be connected to Driveclub servers to bring fame to the club and increase its level by competing (races against the CPU are fine too, you don't need to play multiplayer).


After unlocking all the other trophies, you will get platinum. Well done!

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