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How to get the endings and all the trophies!

In the gaming landscape, Heavy Rain: the origami killer stands as a valid alternative by introducing a game system based on choices and granting the gamer multiple endings.

The guide reveals how to get all the trophies and is therefore also a partial solution to the title itself.

Up for grabs are 50 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver, 2 Gold, 1 Platinum.

Have a good hunt for the origami serial killer.

Bronze Trophies

Happy birthday
Prologue - Complete the drawing, set up and play with the children. We have to complete the project Ethan who is in the room on the ground floor. We must necessarily finish it and we will understand that it is finished when his signature is affixed and when the only option available will be to be able to leave. Once Grace returns, she will ask us to give her a hand to set the table: the dishes are located in the shelf at the bottom right of the table looking towards the glass window of the internal garden, you have to arrange the dishes on the table delicately (we break a plate and we will not get the trophy). We go out into the garden where Jason and Shaun are playing, we play with both when asked. It doesn't matter which one we choose first. We pick Jason and spin him, then carry Shaun to fly the airplane on our backs, play fight with Jason, and finally lift both children. The scene ends when Grace calls us to eat, we go to the table and then we go upstairs and catch Shaun crying in front of the bird cage.

Interactive drama
Thanks for supporting the interactive drama - This trophy is automatically taken and appears right after Jason's death scene.

Good Father
Father and Son - Follow the slate program with Shaun. To get this trophy it is imperative to follow the program written on the slate in the kitchen: 16:30 Snack, 18:00 Homework, 19:00 Dinner, 20:00 Go to bed. Use the clock in the adjacent room to keep an eye on the time. As a last step, we send Shaun to bed without making a fuss. Missing his stuffed animal, let's head to the washing machine room where his stuffed animal is placed above and bring it back to him.

White knight
Seedy Place - Defeat Troy. As we leave Lauren's room we will notice a bald, physically massive individual walking into her. We go back and try to enter by knocking with our hand. Once inside (your choice, kick or punch) there will be a fight. We have to defeat Troy trying to get all the QTEs with very little mistakes.

Private detective
Dingy Place - Get Lauren to talk about her son. Always making good choices such as inducing compassion and avoiding less delicate ones such as insisting or buying.

FBI investigator
The Crime Scene - Find all clues related to the origami killer at the crime scene. Using the ARI it is necessary to find all 5 clues using R1 to scan and the related QTE key (down arrow or other) to analyze:
-Blood on the net: From the entrance gate we always go straight on towards the tracks and cross it, here there are traces of blood.
-Footprints of the assassin: Immediately after on the left, in the immediate vicinity.
-Tire tracks: Let's go back to the first clue and climb the muddy wall. Once at the top the tire tracks are evident. We scan and analyze.
-Orchid pollen residues: We go back, cross the rails again and near the tent (not really close) we check for the presence of pollen.
-Tent with the corpse: As a final analysis, we open the curtain and carry out all possible scanning and analysis actions on the victim's body.

Good friends
The Park - Play 2 successful games with Shaun and buy him some candy. It is important to perform two of the available games without errors: the up and down, the boomerang in the folder, the mobile or the swing. The latter two are particularly easy. Before we leave, let's buy him some candy. Carry out these actions without wasting a lot of time. Sooner or later you will have a memory problem and the scene will move on.

I have to remember!
Welcome, Norman! - Remember the time you were in the park and what Shaun was wearing. The police station must be answered regarding the time of disappearance and what Shaun was wearing. We have to answer: about 4:15 am on arrival, beige jacket and green trousers.

Hassan's Shop - Convince the robber to leave. Let's go straight to the counter without picking up weapons. The robber will force us to raise our hands. From now on it is necessary to speak to the robber always using a calm and calm tone quoting the family and asking for information about him. To complete this phase we tell him to lower the weapon. With every right sentence we will see private investigator Scott Shelby take a step forward.

Paparazzi - Leave the house without being recognized by journalists. We don't go out the front door. Let's go to the back, get out of here and climb over the fence and cross the garden. Once in the alley, we go straight to our car. It is necessary to be careful to get to the driver's seat by passing in front of the car, thus avoiding attracting the attention of journalists. We don't go around from behind the car, they'd find us.

Lexington Station - Drop at least 50 people. When Ethan has a vision of his son Jason at the subway station, there will be a block of time and all people. Walking close to them we will see them fall. Just a little touch and they will fall to the ground. Let's focus on the crowded areas avoiding the empty ones. This makes it easier to get the trophy.

Lucky locker
Lexington Station - Find the right locker on the first try. Just keep an eye on the row of the corridor and the numbers placed on each locker: row number 18, locker number 3. To get there quickly, go straight to the penultimate corridor and turn left. The locker is the top one.

Nathaniel - Shoot Nathaniel. During an animated discussion between Blake and Nathaniel, Nathaniel will try to hit him. We shoot Nathaniel with R1 when he turns around in a slow motion scene. It will be a "blunder" as he only had a crucifix in his hand and not a weapon.

Self control
Nathaniel - Don't shoot Nathaniel. As above with the difference of maintaining our "self-control" without ever pressing R1.

Attempted Suicide - Make no mistakes while caring for the baby. It is therefore necessary to carry out all the events: change the baby's diaper, make her eat and put her to sleep by rocking her.

Suicide bomber
The Bear - Choose the best route on the highway. To win this almost impossible trophy you have to be able to reach the end of the route on the highway against the hand without making a mistake. The indications below refer to the directions in which to go with the right analog stick, while the steering must be performed with the sixaxis as well as the keys that appear must be pressed without choice:
- Left towards the barrier
-Right (when there are 3 cars and a bus)
- Right at the toll booth (we will see a car reverse if we chose the right direction)
- Right SIXAXIS (we just rotate the controller as if we were holding a steering wheel) when we get alongside the police car we have to move away instead of crushing it towards the guardrail.

Great driver
The Bear - Successfully complete the Bear Trial. Here it is permissible to make some mistakes.

Cat and mouse
Covered Market - Defeat Korda in the cold room. Just defeat Korda at the end of the long chase.

Hard bone
Kramer's Party - Defeat Gordi's bodyguards. The same is true as before, running the few QTEs without making any mistakes.

The Butterfly - Surrender or fail the butterfly test. After passing the tunnel with broken glass we will fall into a conduit to find ourselves, then, in front of the power generators. Here instead of continuing with the test, we give up by going out the door on the left with COWARD written to get the trophy.

The Butterfly - Successfully complete the Butterfly Trial. As before with the difference of facing and passing the test. The simplest path is from the center, the first on the right, forward, forward, left, forward, right, forward. It is very important to get past the cables without sparks by reaching the table across the room to complete the test.

Good cop
Psychiatry and Punches - Stop Blake from hitting Dupre. When Blake starts beating the psychiatrist, let's make sure we stop him. If it provokes us, we can also react.

Bad cop
Psychiatry and Punches - Don't stop Blake from hitting Dupre. In the discussion as before, we let Blake break Dupre's face without pressing any buttons.

Precious finger
The Lizard - Cut your finger using the ax, knife or pliers, then disinfect or cauterize the wound. In practice, it is necessary to carry out the arude and bloody action of cutting one's finger and then disinfecting the wound. Let's go to the bathroom, get the disinfectant off the shelf. Or we go to the kitchen and use the flame of the gas stove. To cut the finger we use the iron bar near the table, then we cut our finger with one of the objects of choice and then we cauterize the wound using the gas stove or we simply disinfect the wound with disinfectant.

The Lizard - Cut your finger using the saw or scissors. We just cut our finger and that's it. We don't have to disinfect or cauterize the wound, but get out of the room.

Runaway - Escape Blake in the subway station. After exiting the street, we play Madison as she barely carries Ethan. We cross the road looking for the widest path between the cars so that there are no impediments. Let's go to the subway. Once we get off, a short film suggests which route to use for our destination. We aim for the turnstiles in front passing from the second starting from the left. Beware of the crowd that will be an obstacle to us. Finally down the escalators we will be forced to cross the tracks without being crushed by the train and get to the platform on the other side. This part must be done with extreme speed as having the police chasing us, this could result in the arrest of Ethan. We can repeat the scene by returning to the main menu and clicking on Continue. Only possible if you have waited for the origami icon at the bottom right of the video to stop flashing (save the checkpoint).

Hands up!
Runaway or On the Run - Get arrested by Blake. Just fail the previous scene of "The Fugitive" and get arrested by Blake.

Jayden Blues - Play the piano without missing notes. As Jayden, we have to play the piano without making any mistakes.

Jayden Blues - Resist the craving for triptocaine. Whenever Jayden has a physical decline, we must resist taking triptocaine. We often drink vodka and rest on the bed pillow. Let's go throw up in the bathroom after these two actions. Once vomited, we look in the mirror and wash our face. Once out of the bathroom, we must stay away from the bedside table otherwise we will automatically take the triptocaine. So we head to the exit but first let's interact Jayden with the lamp. We walk for quite some time until the scene shows us the character returning to the room. Here we will be forced to make a decision between throwing the drugs in the bathroom or resisting again. The choice to throw it away is the most appropriate one.

Wise man
Under arrest - Turn off the surveillance camera before saving Ethan. Since Ethan is under arrest, we need to turn off the camera in the front room. So we leave Ethan's interrogation room, we go to the front room, once inside we turn off the camera. We use the phone to interact with the policeman in order to send him away. Let's go to the desk opposite and to the side of Blake's to get the keys to the handcuffs. Before returning to Ethan, we enter the camera room again and take the police vest folded over the chair. Let's go free Ethan.

I am a killer ...
The Shark - Kill the dealer. We simply have to kill the dealer when we have the chance between the choice of killing him or saving him.

I'm not a killer ...
The Shark - Don't kill the dealer. As above with the difference of choosing not to kill the dealer.

Cute girl
The Doctor - Don't drink the doctor's drink. As Madison we have to accept the drink that the doctor offers us but then always avoid drinking. Let's refuse until the doctor leaves.

Knot expert
The Doctor - Free yourself before the doctor comes back. Once the doctor has you trapped on an operating room table, we need to free ourselves by performing all QTEs without error before the doctor comes back to us.

Goodbye Mad Jack
Mad Jack - Survive the fight with Mad Jack. When the opportunity arises, we take triptocaine and then try to arrest Mad Jack. Alternatively you can resist the drug and later kill him at the end of the second fight. It is vital to be able to escape the destruction of the car where we are trapped and win the fight otherwise we will die.

The chef
Eureka - Prepare some good scrambled eggs on time. We get the eggs from the fridge while Lauren takes a shower. Without making any mistakes, we cook the eggs and we are also careful not to burn them. Let's put out the kitchen flame when Shelby tells us they're ready. Now all that remains is to serve them without making mistakes in the movement.

I'm not afraid!
Gemini - Follow your brother without making mistakes. In this scene from the past we have to make evolutions as a child without making mistakes. It is good to remember that they are very difficult to perform, let's get ready to intersect many keys. The advice is not to hold the sixaxis but to keep it resting on your legs so that you can use all your fingers.

Honor safe
Sexy Girl - Take off no more than one garment during a striptease. In the scene of Madison facing Paco, you have to check your thoughts and select the "Lamp" before removing the second garment to finish the striptease early.

On the run - Don't forgive Madison. At the Motel, in the moment following the sex scene, Ethan discovers Madison's notes. So we select not to forgive her.

In love
On the run - Forgive Madison. As before, with the difference of characterizing Madison.

Escape Master
On the Run - Escape the police at the Motel. As Madison, we alert Ethan from the stand at the Motel entrance. We will be asked to remember the room number: 207. It is important not to miss anything about the part where Ethan has to go through some risk areas during the escape. At the end of the chase with Ethan we must choose to jump to get the trophy.

Swimming instructor
Trapped - Rescue Lauren underwater. Trapped together with Lauren in the car, we turn the key in the dashboard to start the car, use the cigarette lighter to burn the rope and free ourselves. Before we leave, we interact with Lauren and let her strings loose. If it's not free, we'll just get out of the car. Let's break free by breaking the window and go back to the surface.

Invincible Scott
Face to Face - Don't get shot in Kramer's mansion. When Scott Shelby gets into the avenger, we don't have to do anything wrong, basically we have to kill everyone and remain unharmed. This scene also requires strong skill in execution.

Good heart
Face to Face - Give Kramer his medicine. At the end of the shooting, Kramer will have an attack and to save him we will give him his pills from the drawer.

The mouse - Drink the poison. We are forced to drink the poison during the rat test.

Smart dad
The Mouse - Find out where Shaun is. In this scene, you have to find where Shaun is hiding. If we do not drink the poison it is better, but the trophy is obtained even though we have drunk it. The important thing is to be able to find the right address, remembering the letters and numbers that appeared on the mobile after each test. Another important clue is to listen to the sound of seagulls and that of a ship from your mobile phone.

Cold as ice
Killer House - Survive the explosion by hiding in the refrigerator. As Madison we will go to the origami killer. Here, we will be imprisoned. To escape we must hit the wall and guess that the wall is empty. Then we will use the metal machine in front to break down the wall and escape. After trying to escape, we will be forced to throw a filing cabinet on the floor near the desk. To avoid getting burned often, we need to go to the bathroom and get wet in the shower. All this between fire and flames. A delusion. Finally we must lock ourselves in the kitchen inside the refrigerator to avoid ending up in a thousand pieces due to the explosion.

The Old Warehouse - Save the origami killer before he fails, with Jayden or Madison. During the final fight on the conveyor belt, we must save his life when he hangs from the railing.

The Old Warehouse - Come to the end with all the characters and… die. Of course. We need to get to the aforementioned chapter with all the characters still alive and make sure that at least one dies. You can go for either Jayden or Madison when Ethan has been caught by the police.

Heavy Rain hero
Heavy Rain ™ ends - Heavy Rain finishes. Just end the game with any of the endings.

Silver Trophies

Four heroes
We complete the story with the four characters still alive. In summary, you have to arrive with all 4 characters alive and directed to the right address in the chapter "The old warehouse". Using the laptop of the origami killer, we enter the password Max and thus discover the address of Madison, also with Ethan we must not have been arrested in the chapter "On the Run" and with Jayden we must discover the address via ARI or the call by Madison. Finally we have to kill the origami killer after saving him while he was hanging. Only in this way will we get this trophy.

Master of Trials
We complete all five of Ethan's trials.
-The bear: We agree to drive in the wrong direction for 5 miles (the “Ottimo Pilota” trophy).
-The butterfly: We pass through the high voltage cables between the power generators (the “Electrified” trophy).
-The lizard: We cut our finger.
-The shark: We kill the drug dealer (the trophy "I'm a murderer ...")
-The mouse: Let's drink the poison (the trophy “Sacrifice


We find all the clues using ARI - (in Crime Scene, Mad Jack, Aquarius) and we find the killer. In the scene of the “Crime scene” chapter, we perform the same actions mentioned above in the trophy entry, plus we also collect the traces of some policemen in the area and the dead cat on the rails. In the scene of the “Mad Jack” chapter it is important to find all the clues inside the garage before setting foot outside, as the scene of Mad Jack accusing you starts. The clues to find will be:

Tire tracks, Mad Jack's various footprints, blue paint and blood marks. In the chapter scene "Aquarium" the clues are all close to one spot, just scan and analyze. The clues to be found are the receipts in the killer's pocket, two guns to collect both before going out and the traces of DNA including Madison's. To find the killer with Jayden it is just plain useful to use the ARI, we analyze the clues and insert them into the map during the Geographical Scan. In this way we obtain an area of ​​342 people through the receipts of the gas station, collected in the chapter "Aquarius", the same procedure with the gun collected in the chapter "Aquarius" in order to understand the job of the killer. Finally, through the geographical location we restrict the area from 342 people to just one! It is good to remember not to accuse Blake during the scene.

Boy in safety

Save Shaun - Just use one of the protagonists between Ethan, Madison and Jayden to save Shaun before the water drowns him.

Gold Trophies

The perfect crime
To get this gold trophy we have to restart the game a second time using New Game, or from Chapters starting from “Hassan's shop”. We must instigate the robber so that he kills Hassan. In the typewriter scene, we clear the store of our evidence, all evidence. We don't have to save Lauren in the "Trapped" chapter. Let's let Kramer die in the “Face to Face” chapter. We make sure we kill Madison and Jayden so that we end the game with the origami killer still free.

All the endings
Watch all endings - We have to finish the game in all possible endings, there are about 22 different ones.

Platinum Trophy

It is obtained by winning all the bronze, silver and gold trophies in the game.


Alternative Finals

Final # 2

House of the Killer: We find the address of the warehouse on the laptop. We leave the locked room. Let's hide in the fridge to escape death. Let's call Ethan and we'll have to give him the location of the warehouse.

Old Warehouse: Ethan saves Shaun. Madison arrive arrives with the cops at the warehouse entrance. Jayden kills the Origami Killer, but pick him up from the windowsill when prompted.

Final # 3

Old Warehouse: All events fail, meaning Jayden dies, Madison Ethan doesn't alert the police, and Ethan is killed by the police.

Final # 4

The mouse: Don't drink the poison, and don't guess “852 Theodore Roosevelt Road” on your GPS when given the chance.

Solve the puzzle: Get Jayden to give up his investigation.

House of the Killer: Don't leave the locked room, forcing Madison to die.

Final # 5

House of the Killer: You cannot find the warehouse address on the laptop. Exit the locked room.

Final # 6

Runaway: let's not kiss Madison, and let's not forgive her. Ethan is arrested.

Solve the puzzle: Get Jayden to give up his investigation.

House of the Killer: Find the warehouse address on the laptop. Exit the locked room. Hide in the fridge to escape death. Don't call anyone.

Old Warehouse: Madison rescues Shaun, and helps Shelby survive the rooftop chase.

Final # 7

Runaway: Ethan is arrested for not jumping off the building.

Solve the puzzle: Get Jayden to give up his investigation.

House of the Killer: We can't find the warehouse address on the laptop. We leave the locked room.


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