Soul Calibur V solution

Soul Calibur V solution

Everything you need to know about Soul Calibur V

Xbox 360 tested version.
In this article we will explain how to unlock all the extra content available within the title for all owners of Soul Calibur V.
As in any self-respecting fighting game, Soul Calibur V has a huge amount of extras and we at have decided to show you the available contents and how to unlock them.

Stage Bonus

In Soul Calibur V it is possible to play in extra scenarios. To unlock the bonus scenario, you will have to fulfill some objectives set by the developers. Below I leave you with a list of extra scenarios that can be unlocked with the action to be taken to unlock the extra element.

Ancient Citadel - Peacetime: To unlock the following "stage" you must successfully complete Episode 4 in Story mode, alternatively it can be unlocked by reaching Level 7.

Chaos Astral - Pathway: This “stage” can be unlocked by fighting against Patroclus Alpha in Quick Battle mode or simply by reaching level 25.

Conqueror's Coliseum - Underground Fight: Stage unlocks upon reaching Level 13.

Denever Castle - Assualt: To unlock the following scenario, you will need to successfully complete Episode 18 in Story mode or simply reach Level 18.

Denever Castle - Eye Of Chaos: The following stage is only unlocked by defeating Pyrrha Omega in Story mode.

Last Rites On The Battleground: You will need to complete Episode 18 in Story mode or reach level 40 to unlock the scenario.

Penitentiary Of Destiny: Just defeat Kilik in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.

Tower Of Glory - Most Holy Dichotomy: You will have to defeat Angol Fear in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.

Tower Of Glory - Spiral Of Good And Evil: You will have to defeat Edge Master in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.

Unknown Forest - Dark Night: Just successfully complete Episode 7 in Story mode or reach level 21.

Utopia of the Blessed: You will have to defeat Elyssia in Story mode.

Extra characters

Like in a self-respecting fighting game, Soul Calibur has an extensive list of rosters that can be used by players. Some of these are extra characters that need to complete certain objectives in order to be unlocked.

Let's see together what are the characters to unlock and how to unlock them.

Algol Fear: To unlock the character, simply defeat Algol in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode. It can be unlocked in an alternative way, by defeating Algol in Quick Battle mode with Teramos.

Alpha Patroklos: You must complete the entire Story Mode successfully.

Devil Jin Style: You will have to defeat Harada in Legendary Souls mode or in Quick Battle mode in the Asia path. Also for this character there is an alternative way, that is the possibility of unlocking him by reaching Level 5.

Edge Master: You just need to successfully complete the Story mode.

Elysium: Even for this character, you just need to successfully complete the Story mode.

Kilik: You will have to defeat Kilik in Legendary Souls mode or Arcade mode.

Omega Pyrrha: You will need to successfully complete Story mode to unlock Omega Pyrrha.

Unlockable extras

Below I will walk you through the extras you can unlock in Soul Calibur V. The extras that you will find below will not be characters nor scenarios, but "effect shots" that can then be donated to the PG, a particular game mode that will vary the Arcade experience, some weapons that will be used for some characters of the your roster and let's not forget the secret styles!
Let's see all this together.

Unlockable hit effects

To unlock the effect shots, just reach the level of the player indicated to unlock the corresponding effect:

Route Arcade "Extra"

The "Route Arcade"To be unlocked you must reach level 17. This Extra unlocks the path"Extras”In Arcade mode. This particular course features a new angle closer to the pitch and fixed at an angle, offering a new perspective for playing Soul Calibur V.

Joke Weapons

To unlock the following weapon, you'll need to reach level 53 to unlock Weapon Set # 8.

The Master Weapon

To unlock the weapon, you will need to reach level 25 to unlock “The Master Weapon”.


As in the previous Soul Calibur, also in this new chapter it is possible to unlock particular fighting styles.
The fighting style that I show you is:

(A fighting style from the TEKKEN series)

You will be able to unlock and select this style, only after completing one of the following objectives:

-1 method: Defeat KATSUHIRO HARADA in the Quick Battle to unlock the style.
-2 method: After completing the Story mode it will be unlocked, in the Legendary Souls mode, HARADA, you will have to defeat him to unlock the style… it will certainly not be an easy encounter. For the ability to find him quickly set the search options for: Japan (Asian countries), Advanced and New opponent first.
-3 method: You will need to reach player level 5 to unlock the style.

Guide to Trophies / Achievements

For all trophy hunters (PS3) and achievements (Xbox 360), a guide to game trophies certainly could not be missing.

With this guide, I will go to illustrate the trophies / game objectives available by leaving a small description (as clear as possible) under each of them how to unlock them, in the hope that it will come in handy.

History repeats itself

Fight in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).

A soul grows

Edit a Player License.

Destiny begins

Register 3 rivals.

Trial of the Warrior

Just win two consecutive games (without losing) online [PlayStation Network or Xbox Live].

War mercenary

You will have to carry out 30 online battles [PlayStation Network or Xbox Live].

Follow your creed

You just need to win 5 times (even if not consecutive) online and just keep the same style.

For this trophy I recommend using Ezio Auditore.

Synchronized DNA

Simple to get, just use Ezio in a player match.

Adept of violence

You will need to reach rank E4 in Ranked Match mode.

A reason to fight

You will need to reach rank E1 in Ranked Match mode.


You will have to send a replay of your victory.

Notes on rivals

Just watch another player's replay.

Path of glory

Quick battle: you will have to defeat 50 opponents.

Life is a duel

Quick Battle: Defeat 150 opponents.

Perfect pupil

Arcade: Complete the Asia route.


Story: Complete Episode 1.

Shields united

Story: Complete Episode 8.

Memories of others

Arcade: You will have to complete a course for the "online leaderboards" with a better register than your rival.

Usurped name

Quick Battle: Defeat 10 players with titles and use the title won on the player license.


Quick Battle: Defeat Harada TEKKEN. I advise you to look at the section of the secret style in the unlockables to know how to find HARANDA!

Passionate artist

Crafting: Create a character with at least one gear and one pattern.

Colored illusion

Creation: Create an icon by manually setting a frame and background (front and back).

Fetal soul

Reach Player Level 5.

Pulsating soul

Reach Player Level 50.

Vigorous barbarian

You will have to slam the opponent into the wall 50 times, easily obtainable.

Adored from the sky

Successfully perform 20 grip breaks.

Like a stream

Successfully perform a Perfect Guard 5 times (consecutive).

Momentary pleasure

Successfully perform a Reactive Guard 100 times.

Black sword of death

Perform 30 KOs with the Critical Blade.

Hands of the abyss

You will have to win by sending the opponent out of the ring 50 times.

Skilled paratore

You will have to get a perfect win 50 times.

Wind of war

Travel over 87.600 meters away in combat, trophy long the only advice is to play several games.


Perform the Bold Blade 100 times.

Stormy force

Knock out the opponent 25 times with one attack after a quick move.

Endless effort

Successfully land an attack 20.000 times.

Traces of soldiers

Defeat 100 male characters.

Give in to temptations

Defeat 100 female characters.

Madness of a mad king

Guard failure 30 times (you will need to penetrate the guard).

Lively pub

Edit the music from the options menu.

War strategist

Just fight 75 matches on PlayStation Network or Xbox live.

Carved in history

Just fight 100 matches on PlayStation Network or Xbox live.

Bold warrior

You will need to win 20 matches on PlayStation Network or Xbox live.

Beginning of a legend

Reach rank D1 in Ranked Match mode.

Sudden temptation

Quick Battle: Defeat all opponents.

Order reborn

Story: Complete Episode 16.

War veteran

Arcade: Complete all courses on the hard level.


Ranked Match - Earn 10 wins with Ezio.

Dueling skills

Legendary Souls: Win with Bold Blade.

Soul realized

You will have to reach the maximum level of the player.


You will need to win 50 matches on PlayStation Network or Xbox live.

Away from home

Story: Complete the last episode.

History is not written

Collect all trophies.

Angel Pack: Level 58

Comic Pack: Level 67

Cute Pack: Level 31

Demon Pack: Level 58

Manga Pack: Level 67

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