Resident Evil 3 Remake - Cheats and Bonuses Guide

Here is the list of cheats and bonuses in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident Evil 3 Remake has fifteen bonuses / tricks that you can purchase through the in-game shop, which you will unlock once the story is over on any difficulty.

Each bonus will cost points that you will earn by completing certain challenges (pause the game to see which ones you have already done). These objectives include obtaining a set number of kills with different weapons, finding items, completing the game on higher difficulties, and other various activities. You can farm points by reloading manual saves, as they will not be reset.

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Available bonuses and tricks and their cost

Bonus # 1 - [Costume] Jill - STARS Uniform - 2.000p
Jill's STARS uniform, used during the incident at the Spencer mansion.

Bonus # 2 - [Item] Recovery Coin - 4.000p                                                          Gradually regenerate health when in inventory. Bring two to increase the effect (you can buy two for 8.000P).

Bonus # 3 - [Item] Defense Coin - 4.000p
Greatly increases your defense when in inventory. Equip two to increase the effect (you can purchase two for 8.000P).

Bonus # 4 - [Item] Assault Coin - 4.000p
Greatly increases your attack power when in inventory. Equip two to increase the effect (you can purchase two for 8.000P).

Bonus # 5 - [Item] Reload Press - 4.000p
While in inventory, increase the amount of ammo obtained from gunpowder.

Bonus # 6 - [Item] STARS Combat Manual - 6.400p
A STARS manual containing close combat knowledge written by Chris Redfield. If present in the inventory, it makes it easier to perform the perfect dodge.

Bonus # 7 - [Item] Lockpick - 2.800p
A specific tool to open doors where there are no keys available.

Bonus # 8 - [Item] Clippers - 2.800 P
A tool for cutting chains, cables and the like.

Bonus # 9 - [Item] Purse - 4.800 P
A small bag, useful for carrying multiple items. It will be equipped as soon as you buy it and you can get a maximum of two. Not available in Assisted mode.

Bonus # 10 - [Weapon] Hot Dogger - 7.200p
As the name suggests, this Umbrella-developed knife can overheat the blade, causing burns and setting enemies on fire.

Bonus # 11 - [Weapon] Samurai Edge - 5.600p
9mm 15-round pistol customized according to Jill's preferences. Excellent weapon with exceptional accuracy and power.

Trick # 12 - [Weapon] Rai-Den (infinite) - 12.000 P
An energy weapon developed by Umbrella based on the atmospheric phenomena of lightning. It has great stopping power, but only when targeting enemies' weak spots.

Trick # 13 - [Weapon] MUP Pistol (infinite) - 8.000 P.
A well balanced 9-round 16mm pistol. Its accuracy has led to it being adopted by many military forces.

Trick # 14 - [Weapon] CQBR Assault Rifle (infinite) - 28.400 P
A 5.56x45mm assault rifle, optimized by UBCS for this operation. The small size offers great mobility even in urban settings.

Trick # 15 - [Weapon] Rocket Launcher (infinite) - 62.400 P
A recoilless rocket launcher that fires 84mm rounds. The rocket's piercing power causes more damage than the blast itself.

These are all the bonuses / cheats you can buy in Resident Evil 3 Remake, but you will have to give us below before you get them all. Then… have fun!

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