Outriders, patch 1.05 is online

The wait patch 1.05 di Outriders has been online since yesterday for PC e PS4 and will arrive very soon for too PS5 e Xbox. The most anticipated feature of this patch is the fix for cross-play functionality between console and PC.

Here is the complete list of changes made by the patch 1.05.

Outriders 1.05: patch notes

All platforms

  • The introduction of this patch makes cross-play between PlayStation and PC
  • The cross-play between PC/PlayStation e Xbox è temporarily disabled until the patch is made available on Xbox.
  • As soon as the version is online Xbox of the patch, the cross-play between PC and console will be fully restored.
  • Improvements to matchmaking stability
  • Resolving situations that could lead to a game crash:
    • Fixed a multiplayer crash that could have completely wiped out a player's inventory;
    • fixed a crash upon completing the mission "A Bad Day";
    • fixed a crash in No Man's Land that occurred with the language set to Spanish (there are known problems with the display of translations at that point);
    • fixed crash issues when launching the game;
    • fixed numerous other crash issues scattered all over the game and mostly random.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the HUD to disappear.
  • Fixed some bugs that prevented players from respawning properly during Multiplayer Expeditions.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused characters to get stuck in scenario elements (especially following a gravity jump) or to "fall" off the world map.
  • The default matchmaking privacy setting is now "Closed" instead of "Open"
    • however, it will be possible to set “Open” as the default option from the Settings;
    • this change is intended to prevent players from joining games where the host has not clearly expressed an intention to play multiplayer. It also reduces the incidence of AFK lobbying;
    • all this will help improve matchmaking times, because the queues will no longer be clogged with a critical mass of continuous matchmaking requests sent by matches set to “Open”.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

PC version

  • Fixed a performance issue that prevented the game from taking full advantage of the GPU. This should improve some of the stuttering and performance under DX 11/12.

Surely the most important changes in this update lie in the troubleshooting with cross-play between PC and console (which for a title of this type adds a very important usability margin) and the resolution of the feared inventory bug. Stay tuned for new, upcoming updates to be published by Square Enix.

Outriders is available from April 1 2021 to PCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X / S e Google Stadia. More information about the game can be found on the Official site.

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