FIFA 18 FUT - Ultimate Team OSCAR DI FUT (Futties), everything you need to know

Super players coming!

It has been a truly extraordinary football season for FIFA 18 FUT - Ultimate Team and to celebrate it to the fullest, they make their big comeback OSCAR OF FUT! This timed event brings together the best of what has been seen in FUT 18, making some of the year's favorite players and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) available. In addition, new contents are planned through which to improve (if there is still something to improve by now), your team.

The event, first introduced in FIFA 15, is divided into two phases:

  1. The first stage involves the nominations in each of the selected categories from EA Sports, some according to EA will be imaginative. Selected players will receive a special pink paper with statistics identical to their basic version;
  2. In the second stage, at the end of the voting, the winner of that specific category is selected and the player chosen by the community will receive a card with enhanced stats.

This Wednesday ➡️ The #FUTTIES? #FUT | # FIFA18

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 17, 2018


Several Player Items have been released this year at various FUT events, including some that some players may have missed. Don't worry, why you have a new chance to win them. During the FUT OSCARS, A range of Player Items selected from Seasonal Best Content will be available in FUT Packs and through Special SBCs.

The various items related to the best seasonal content will be released at different times throughout the duration of the event, and each item will be available in packs during the final week of the OSCAR DI FUT.


Missed some of the awesome Player Items that can only be obtained by completing SBCs during the FUT Season? Now you have another chance to complete these SBCs and win the relevant players for the FUT squad. Among those currently available, we have: Ander Herrera Christmas special with FUT, Congrega di Streghe and Andrea Pirlo "End of an era".


During FUT OSCARS, everyone who logs into FUT will receive a free, non-exchangeable pack based on the number of days spent in FUT 18. To redeem the pack, you must log in to the game at any time during the OSCAR DI event. FUT.

During the FUT OSCARS, players will also receive a weekly (non-tradable) reward based on their activities during the event.


User votes will decide who wins the FUT OSCARS! By logging in on certain days during the event, each player will receive three FUT OSCAR candidate items. Sending one to that day's special SBC will automatically vote that player as a possible FUT OSCAR! The highest rated player of the day will receive a FUT OSCAR Winner item with a ratings update the following day.

There are nine categories in all in FUT OSCARS: POR, TS, DC, TD, CC, ED, ES, CEN and fantasy roles. The Category Winner item will only be available after completing a Weekly Goal.

The first heat saw each other challenge Chelsea's Tiamouene Bakayoko, Tottenham's Moussa Dembele and Juventus' Blaise Matuidi for the best Central Midfielder award.

The winner is the new world champion, Bakayoko, one of the most used players on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team this year.

The Community has decided! #FUTTIES Bakayoko SBC live now #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 21, 2018

The second heat instead sees in the running for the scepter of OSCAR DI FUT as the best Left Back, Alex Sandro of Juventus, Jordan Lukaku of Lazio and Danny Rose of Tottenham. Here, too, there should be no history, with Alex Sandro certainly favored over the other two candidates.

Up next: The LB vote begins! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 21, 2018

ATTENTION: You can only get the winner item by completing the Winner SBC. Candidate items will NOT receive an automatic update and will therefore keep their base stats.

EA announced that to win the FUT OSCAR category as best left back is Jordan Lukaku (our prediction was wrong: P).

The Community has decided! #FUTTIES Jordan Lukaku SBC live now #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 24, 2018

The third heat assigns the Oscar as FUT's best Right Winger. At the vote we find: Keità Balde Diao of Monaco, Gerard Deulofeu of Barcelona and Anthony Martial of Manchester United. Our prediction? Hoping to get it right this time, Martial should come out the winner.

Up next: The LM / LW vote begins! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 24, 2018

The winner was the one predicted, Anthony Martial wins the award for best Right Winger of the FUT OSCARS:

The pick is in! #FUTTIES Anthony Martial SBC is live now #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 27, 2018

Fourth heat, in contention for the Futties award as best forward, we find Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City, Kylian Mbappè of PSG and Marcus Rashford of Manchester United. Who will get it? Gabriel Jesus is the main suspect as he was one of the most used players this year, but the new world champion Mbappè could undermine him in obtaining the OSCAR DI FUT award as the best striker.

Up next: The ST vote begins! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 27, 2018

Unexpectedly to triumph and to win the award for best striker is, drum roll: Marcus Rashford.

The votes have been counted ✅ Marcus Rashford SBC available now! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 30, 2018

Fifth heat, this time there is the prize for best central defender at stake. The three candidates are: Eric Bailly, Raphaël Varane and Kōstas Manolas. Who will win? Our prediction is in favor of Bailly!

Up next: The CB vote begins! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 30, 2018

The winner is Manolas

The closest vote yet! #FUTTIES Kostas Manolas will be available via weekly objective on Friday at 6 PM UK #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 2, 2018

The sixth round will award the prize for best Right Back. Aurier, Florenzi and Vrsaljko compete for the prize. We focus on Florenzi.

Up next: The RB vote begins! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 2, 2018

The winner is:

We have a winner at RB! Šime Vrsaljko SBC available now #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 5, 2018

Another round, another heat. This time to contend for the OSCAR nomination are: Lozano, David Luiz and Perisic. EA has decided to shuffle the cards, in fact we don't have three players playing in the same role but in three completely different roles. Who will get it? Lozano has been heavily used this year and the chances of him winning are pretty high.

Up Next: Position change nominees! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 5, 2018

As expected, the winner is Lozano

The position change winner! Hirving Lozano SBC available now! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 8, 2018

New challenge for the FUT OSCAR as best Right Winger. Alessandrini, Dembèlè and Promes compete for the prize. Our prediction is in favor of the Galaxy player.

Next up: RM! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 8, 2018

As expected, the winner is Alessandrini

The RM winner is in! Romain Alessandrini SBC is now live #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 11, 2018

Last heat. To contend for the award as best goalkeeper we have: Begovic, Fahrmann and Donnarumma. It is really difficult to predict the winner, we are betting on Begovic.

The final vote: GK! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 11, 2018

The winner is:

The #FUTTIES GK Winner! Asmir Begović SBC is live now #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 14, 2018


One of the most popular FUT events is returning for FUT OSCARS, we're talking about SCR End of an era, but with an important novelty. This time the challenges are not dedicated only to the champions who have chosen to hang up their boots. In contrast, this year's End of an Era players celebrate their exploits with the clubs they have remained attached to for much of their careers. Some players have decided to leave football, while others have simply moved on, marking the end of an era with the clubs they have made history with.

To celebrate these players, a special card with updated ratings will be made available. To get the player you will need to complete the limited-time SCR challenges. Each player will also receive a loan item, obtainable only by completing an SBC with lower requirements, which will allow you to try it out for a certain number of games. Gianluigi Buffon and Andres Iniesta are currently available.

If you need advice on how to complete the challenges, we refer you to FUTBIN.

Update - The new SBC dedicated to Daniele De Rossi is available!

End Of An Era Daniele De Rossi SBC Live Now #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 25, 2018

Update - The new SBC dedicated to Michael Carrick is available

End Of An Era Michael Carrick SBC live now! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) July 31, 2018

New SBC available for players - End of an Era. A real Belgian beast: Vincent Kompany

The Skipper: Vincent Kompany SBC live now! #FUTTIES #FUT

- EA SPORTS FIFA #stayandplay (@EASPORTSFIFA) August 3, 2018

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