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The mode Ultimate Team (FUT) Series FIFA, certainly represents the most popular mode and the one to which the greatest number of fans of the title branded Electronic Arts, decide to dedicate themselves, starting from the weeks before the release of the game, also thanks to the inevitable Web App available on the official website and on mobile.

The goal is very simple, build the best team possible, relying on the Trade on transfer market and / or purchasing (with credits or FIFA Points) the packages, divided into: Bronze, Silver and Gold, directly from Shop. Once you have created your squad, it will finally be time to take the field, to face Single seasons o Online e Tournaments (which require specific requirements to access it) of various kinds that will vary throughout the year, offering rewards ranging from Player Packs, to Premium Gold Packs, up to sometimes (as happens in events such as St. Patrick's) to win even some Players with a higher overall than its starting characteristics.

The ability to progress quickly in the game is given not only by the "luck" factor when you open the packages in the Store but above all by your ability to win games, tournaments and championships that will allow you to earn excellent winnings to spend as you see fit. .

Types of Cards:

  • Bronze cards: You will start with these in the base package offered by EA, fall players with overall from 0 to 64 and belonging to the minor leagues.
  • Silver Cards: Players with overall between 65 and 74.
  • Gold Cards: Players with overall from 75 to 99; the prices here start to rise, but with a little patience you can get some great deals!
  • Special Cards: They are recognized because they are double in color: they have a black vein on the background of the paper's base color, which can be Bronze, Silver or Gold. These cards are issued by EA periodically for those players who have distinguished themselves for their performance (Team of the Week, Man of the Match and Team of the Year). The players corresponding to these cards are stronger than the basic cards of the same. These cards are divided into: Normal, Rare, and "In shape”And especially the last two categories, are the most difficult to find.

Types of Packs:

  • Standard Bronze Package - (400 Credits): Includes 12 items, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 bronze including 1 rare.
  • Premium Bronze Pack - (750 Credits): Contains triple the rare items of a standard bronze pack, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 bronze of which 3 are rare.
  • Standard Silver Package - (2500 Credits or 50 FIFA Points): A great choice for creating mid-tier squads. Includes 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 11 silver including 1 rare.
  • Premium Silver Package - (3750 Credits or 75 FIFA Points): Contains triple the rare items of a standard silver pack. Includes 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 11 silver of which 3 are rare.
  • Gold package - (5000 Credits or 100 FIFA Points): A great package to find the best players. Includes 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 gold including 1 rare.
  • Premium Gold Package - (7500 Credits or 150 FIFA Points): Contains triple the rare items of a standard gold pack, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 gold including 3 rare.

Other types of packages, will be released during the year, for example for the Christmas holidays (being also close to the awarding of the Golden Ball), it is not so difficult to come across packages costing 1000 FIFA Points (100000 credits) or Packages only Rare Gold players, only Consumables or celebratory (in which case the cards will not be exchangeable).

This year important innovations have been introduced, designed to ensure that the user can accumulate credits faster than in the past; in particular, in addition to the Seasons and the classic Tournaments, we have the new mode FUT Champions the new way to compete in FIFA 17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Each week you can qualify for the Weekend League and try to win great in-game prizes. Prove your skills and climb the monthly leaderboards to win in-game prizes and have the opportunity to compete on the world stage.

Let's start from the "basics", when you access the game, you will be given an overview of the available functions, the advice we can give you is to immediately jump on the Coach assignments, which, unlike in the past, will provide you with rewards in reference to every single goal (there are 14 in total) that you will complete; you will receive credits, consumable items and packages (players on loan and / or non-tradable on the market) through which you can start building your dream squad.

Here are the assignments in detail:

  • Change the name of the club - Name your club
  • Pink reinforcements - Add a player from your club to your active squad
  • Pink debut - Play a game
  • Take a stand - Place the 11 holders in the correct roles
  • Master visualization - Rotate and switch views
  • In the form - Change your team's form
  • Contract extension - Apply a fitness consumable item
  • Get in shape - Apply a fitness consumable item
  • Out one - Sell a player on the transfer market
  • Calciomercate - Purchase a consumable item
  • Good first - Complete the Creation of a Rose
  • To start - Open your starter pink pack
  • Green lines - Create 3 green bonds of understanding from 1 single player

- 11 starting players who will take the field must have certain features that allow him to create the fair agreement. First of all it is an important choice that of module, since, starting from the latter, we will go on the market to buy the players necessary to fill a specific role (for example, if we place a COC in the ATT position, the player's affinity value will drop drastically, in this specific case, usually we will pass from 10 to 6/7 of overall affinity with that precise role). Other parameters to consider are:
nationality, the Championship of origin e the CLub to which they belong; in fact, we will have the opportunity to build a team made up of players all having the same nation they belong to, or decide to create some Hybrid formations, with players from different leagues or why not, decide to select a single club and have all the best players in it.

The preponderant factor in FIFA Ultimate Team is definitely understanding which will be indicated by a series of lines that interconnect between the various players of your squad or better starting lineup ranging from finanacing (indicating a perfect understanding) al Yellow (i.e. a media agreement) and finally red (which in practice represents the lack of alchemy between one player and another). To avoid unnecessary waste of time looking for the best understanding between the members of your team, use the appropriate tool (i.e. Experimental Teams) that will allow you to simulate and understand the effects that a single change may have on your staff and consequently on your gaming understanding.

When you will have played 10 games with the same players (remember that those obtained from packages already have loyalty), they will get a understanding bonus (and if for example you have decided to build a Premier League and your manager trains in that particular league, you will have an added bonus).

There are several Styles of Understanding, which will affect the type of player attributes that will change:

  • Base
  • Sniper (Attack)
  • Finalizer (Attack)
  • Predator (Attack)
  • Gunner (Attack)
  • Falco (Attack)
  • Artist (Midfield)
  • Architect (Midfield)
  • Tireless (Midfield)
  • Movie director (Midfield)
  • Motor (Midfield)
  • Sentinel (Defence)
  • guardian (Defence)
  • Gladiator (Defence)
  • Spine (Defence)
  • More (Defence)
  • Cacciatore (increases speed and shot)
  • Catalyst (increase speed and steps)
  • Ombre (increases speed and defense)
  • Wall (Goalkeeper)
  • Shield (Goalkeeper)
  • cat (Goalkeeper)
  • Glove (Goalkeeper)
  • Basic ROP (Goalkeeper)


The consumables available are divided into 8 categories and will allow you to better manage every aspect of the team and our players:

  • Contracts - Allows you to extend your player's contract
  • Fitness - Allows you to temporarily increase the player's fitness
  • Healing - Heals an injured player. You must use the right card for the type of injury or alternatively use the card that allows you to remedy all injuries
  • Player Training - Allows you to temporarily increase stats (defense, physique, shooting, passing, speed)
  • Goalkeeper Training - Allows you to temporarily increase the Goalkeeper's statistics (reflexes, dive, catch, positioning)
  • Role Modifier - Allows a player to change the role to improve chemistry
  • Understanding styles - Allows you to temporarily increase the individual statistics of the agreement
  • Coach Championship - Allows you to change the league to which a manager of your squad or club belongs

The advice we can give you is to focus on Fitness and Contracts!


By playing the games, the players they will accumulate fatigue (those belonging to the Team of the Weeks they will tend to tire less) which will negatively affect their performance; for this reason, it will be necessary, even if you can very well replace the tired player with one from the bench, buy consumable cards called "Physical Form" (20, 40 or 60 in value) which will allow you to restore the form of a player instantly.


The contracts have variable durations of 1 or more lots (from EA catalog, depending on your level, for example I am at level 80 and with about 300000 credits, you can also unlock contracts with a value of 99). Each player who physically goes down on the pitch will use a contract unit (remember that those on the bench will not consume any contracts) and therefore it will be necessary to buy the contracts from the transfer market (divided into: Bronze, Silver and Gold) in order to ensure that the player can continue playing. As well as for the players, too the coaches of our team will need the contract renewal, so make a good stock of these to avoid running out of water.

NB At night, given the small number of users, prices are slightly lower, so the advice is to bid for consumables that expire at dawn; you won't get them all but there is a good chance to get them!

Auctions of Market

We finally get to give you some excellent advice on market auctions and how to save some credit which can always be convenient. Personally, from my experience with FUT, I can tell you that the FIFA Points they won't get you very far; in fact, unless you have blatant luck, you will find g
players with overall not particularly attractive, as finding Messi or Ronaldo is practically like finding a needle in a haystack. Here is that the Auctions and Trade they represent a good way to accumulate credits; you can buy players at lower prices (remember the note of the night hours) and resell them at a higher price (in this way you can accumulate hundreds of extra credits) on the market. Also, use the FUT Web App for browsers and the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Companion App, available on iOS, Android and Windows for free. They allow you to manage your transactions and different aspects of your team from wherever you are and very often, thanks to the daily gifts, will give you the opportunity to get packages and bonus credits that really never hurt.

Get credits

There are several ways to get credits:

  • Play offline tournaments - (consists of round of XNUMX, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final)
  • Play online tournaments - (consists of round of XNUMX, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final)
  • Play seasons offline - (consists of 10 games, then providing for step by step: salvation, promotion and title)
  • Play seasons online - (it consists of 10 games, then foreseen by step: salvation, promotion and title) - (personally I recommend you to play the seasons online, as the prizes are really rich)
  • Play special tournaments - (they require special conditions to enter but at the same time they will guarantee you high prizes)
  • Playing against the Team of the Week - (the Team of the Week challenge ranking, will allow you to play against the team in which the players who have distinguished themselves for their performance during the week play and you will be able to select the level of difficulty that will entail also a variation of the credits that, if you win the game, will be assigned to you)
  • Use the FUT 17 Web App - (daily gifts available)
  • Use the FIFA 17 Fut Companion App on iOS, Android and Windows - (daily rewards available)
  • Buy packs with FIFA Points, but beware, FIFA Points are really expensive and the chances of great champions coming out of them are very remote.

FIFA Points are available in the prices you see below:

  • 100 FIFA Points - € 0,99
  • 250 FIFA Points - € 2,49
  • 500 FIFA Points - € 4,99
  • 750 FIFA Points - € 7,49
  • 1050 FIFA Points - € 9,99
  • 1.600 FIFA Points - € 14,99
  • 2.200 FIFA Points - € 19,99
  • 4.600 FIFA Points - € 39,99
  • 12.000 FIFA Points - € 99,99

FUT Draft

This mode was introduced last year (if you don't know what it is, you can read our article about it) is accessible for a fee, using the available credits or FIFA Points. Specifically, they will serve 15.000 creditsio 300 FIFA Points. We will have to create a squad, choosing a series of players that will be proposed to us (the choice will sometimes be really difficult, as we will find ourselves having to choose between Messi and Ronaldo or between Neymar and Bale and so on) but remember to follow a certain logic and always pursue the goal of having good alchemy team. By winning matches, you will earn packs and credits.

Squad Creation Challenges

New interesting mode introduced this year; complete the challenges of the new mode Squad Building Challenges (SBC) to get special in-game rewards. Test your squad building skills by choosing from basic, advanced or league-specific challenges. The challenges will be updated constantly throughout the season. So check often.

To start

The first time you select Squad Building Challenges you will see a tutorial that will show you how to complete the first set of challenges. Following this, you will have three different types of Squad Building Challenges: Basic, Advanced and Leagues, which will be updated throughout the season. Challenges can be grouped together, allowing you to unlock better rewards.


Select a challenge

The first thing to do is to choose one of the many challenges available. Let's take a closer look at an advanced two-nation challenge. To complete this challenge you will have to create a shortlist of eleven holders of two different nationalities, with a minimum understanding of 60.

Create and trade

Create a team that meets the challenge requirements using items in your club or on the transfer market. Each pack in FUT 17 will help you complete specific challenges and unlock rewards.

Complete the challenge

Once you've built a squad that meets the requirements, it's time to exchange it for great rewards. Think carefully which players to select to complete the challenge, because once the team is swapped, they will be lost. Completing a group's challenges unlocks additional rewards.


Certain challenges are part of a larger set, called a group. Completing an entire party awards more in-game rewards, so more challenges are worth completing!

FUT Champions

FUT Champions mode - Another novelty of this new edition of FUT 2017; now we will be able to compete globally, with the chance to win real prizes, by completing a series of challenges in the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

By winning the Daily FUT Elimination Tournaments, we will be able to earn in-game rewards and a seat in the Weekend League. By doing well in this competition, and by winning as many games as possible, we will get new cards as a reward to be able to upgrade the team.

For the absolute best, FUT Champions could be the ticket to competitions and win prizes in the real world, through the monthly regional leaderboards on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that give access to the EA SPORTS FIFA 17 ULTIMATE TEAM ™ CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES and FIFA. INTERACTIVE WORLD CUP. Do you have what it takes to climb the leaderboards and qualify for the biggest competitions in EA SPORTS ™ FIFA history?

Here's what awaits you by completing the challenges in this new mode:

  • Bronze 1: 7500 Coins, 1 Premium Gold Players
  • Bronze 2: 3000 Coins, 2 Premium Gold Pack
  • Bronze 3: 1000 Coins, 1 Premium Gold Pack
  • Silver 1: 20,000 Coins, 1 Jump Premium Gold Pack, 1 Mega Pack
  • Silver 2: 20,000 Coins, 1 Mega Pack, 1 Rare Gold Pack
  • Silver 3: 10,000 Coins, 1 Premium Player, 1 Premium Gold Jumbo Pack
  • Gold 1: 50,000 Coins, 2 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Gold 2: 45,000 Coins, 1 Rare Gold Pack, 2 Rare Mega Packs
  • Gold 3: 30,000 Coins, 2 Mega Packs, 1 Rare Players Pack
  • Elite 1: 125,000 Coins, 2 Premium TOTW Packs, 2 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Elite 2: 100,000 Coins, 2 Premium TOTW Packs, 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Elite 3: 70,000 Coins, 2 Premium TOTW Packs, 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack

In addition to the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite rank, there are also the rewards that you will get from level 1 to level 100.

  • Rank 100: 125,000 Coins, 1 Ultimate TOTW Pack, 2 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Rank 75: 125,000 coints, 1 Ultimate TOTW Pack, 3 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Rank 50: 150,000 Coins, 1 Ultimate TOTW Pack, 3 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Rank 25: 150,000 Coins, 1 Ultimate TOTW Pack, 4 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Rank 10: 200,000 Coins, 1 Ultimate TOTW Pack, 4 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Rank 1: 250,000 Coins, 1 Ultimate TOTW Pack, 5 Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Tips at a glance:

  • Take advantage of the packages that will be given to you and, if you have the chance, also take advantage of the Web App from your PC or Smartphone that throughout the year (especially on the occasion of important holidays, such as Christmas and Easter) will give you credits and packages.
  • Make the most of the "Experimental Team" function so as not to waste time and credits unnecessarily in search of the best agreement or in choosing the league or nationality necessary to build your team and consequently the agreement between the various players .
  • Play as much as possible to accumulate credits to spend in the shop and / or on the market.
  • Trading on the market, which will allow you (if you have a good eye) to buy and resell players to earn extra credits, especially at night
  • Draft mode
  • FUT Champions mode
  • Pink Creation Challenges

 Have fun!

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