EasyAcc Super Cheap USB Fans Review

Get cool in the summer

The heat is now unbearable and if you don't have a conditioner in the house and above all space to install it, the best solution may be to purchase a convenient portable device. Yes exactly, the gadgets perfect for "fighting" the scorching temperatures of these days, it has a competitive price, a good quality constructive and it's easy to use. We are talking about a USB portable fan which can be comfortably connected to the PC, to the smartphone (perhaps through an adapter), to one Power bank, in short, to any device equipped with a USB port.

Among the many manufacturers of portable fans, we have EasyAcc. Founded in 2008, after years of development, has provided ecological electronic accessories quality to millions of customers around the world, including Power banks, Bluetooth speakers, cases, phone covers, tablets and much more. The solutions to cool off in portability are different, from the battery-powered one to always carry around, (in the land of the Rising Sun they have become an essential accessory), up to the larger portable fans to be used on desks or outdoors. (perhaps by the sea or in the countryside). There really is something for everyone.

Specifically, we will tell you about three devices. On paper they work the same way, but the features, dimensions and (partly) usability differ.

EasyAcc Portable Dual Blade Mini USB with Adjustable Touch Switch (FNKX)

Let's start with the EasyAcc Mini USB portable with aluminum body, double blade and adjustable touch switch (FNKX), ideal for those on the go, in the office or at home. In fact, the dimensions are really small: 112 * 117 * 100 mm for a weight of 200g.

On the front they are positioned three blades and on the back we find others five. They are operated by two distinct motors rotating in opposite directions which produce a powerful breeze (Rotation speed: 5500 rpm) but containing noise (decibels are in the 30-40 range).

On the top we find thetactile switch, comfortable and easy to use that allows you to turn the fan on or off or adjust its speed by gently touching it.

The convenient USB cable is 1m in length, and is compatible with USB devices with 5V output, such as phone adapters, USB chargers, laptops, Power banks and so on.

Finally, the device has a comfortable base in satin finish aluminum (which can be used as a handle if necessary) covered with a thick rubber pad that keeps the fan in position and also allows you to adjust the angle from 0 to 135 °.

The mini fan, performs well. Giving off a cool, relaxing breeze. If you are obviously looking for something more powerful, it is advisable to look elsewhere, but for those who are content to refresh their hands perhaps, during a gaming session or simply to have a light jet of air in the face, that's just fine.

You can buy the device on Amazon, at a price of € 13,99. The colors available are: black, white and pink.

EasyAcc mini USB portable fan, with 2600mAh battery and foldable handle (FNHD)

Now let's move on to a solution a battery, but can also be conveniently used by connecting the device to the USB connector. We are talking about EasyAcc mini USB portable fan, with 2600mAh battery and foldable handle (FNHD). The dimensions are: 11,6 x 11,6 x 13,2 cm for a weight of 168g.

The battery has a total life of ten hours and once exhausted it can be easily recharged by connecting the device to a USB port. For correct recharging use a voltage of 5 V / 0.5 A. When recharging the battery, next to the recharging port, there is the writing “CHARGING”, this changes from red to green when the battery is fully charged. The fan can also be used while it is being charged. There single fan (consisting of three large and three small blades) gives off an exceptional flow of air. We can choose between three different adjustable speeds (low, medium and high), simply by pressing the button located on the back of the handle.

Duration of the device depending on the speed used:

  • Speed ​​1 - 10 hours with fully charged battery
  • Speed ​​2 - 6 hours with fully charged battery
  • Speed ​​3 - 3 hours with fully charged battery

Unlike the double blade fan, although more performing and satisfying, it is a little louder. Already at the lowest speed the continuous rotation of the fan, in the long run, can be annoying. The handle that can be opened and closed according to needs is very comfortable. Unfortunately, when placed on a flat surface, the fan cannot be adjusted. So for an optimal angle, you must necessarily put something under the base. Moreover, being designed to be used while holding it in the hand, the stability of the fan on a plane is by no means the best. But it must be said that it does its duty in all conditions.

You can buy the device on Amazon, at a price of € 14,99. The colors available are: white, blue, black, pink and green.   

EasyAcc 5-inch metal USB fan with 120 cm cable.

Last but not least, we tested the most "bulky" table fan among the three. The EasyAcc 5 Inch USB Fan with 120cm cable. Body is metal shovel ideal for office / home / travel / camping (HXQUSFA). The dimensions are: 17,3 x 17,6 x 12 cm for a weight of 299g.

The fan, thanks to the brushless motor it is very quiet (ranging from 26 to 36 decibels). It gives a great and constant freshness while we work, read, sleep, or play. It consumes only 2,5 watts of energy per hour. Thanks to the 120 cm cable, it can be connected, without major hitches, at an ideal distance for the user. Furthermore, the fan can be rotated 360 °, allowing cooling from various angles and ensuring air circulation. The metal body is really sturdy. Thanks to the comfortable base, to which three non-slip rubber feet are attached, the stability of the device is truly exceptional. It can even be attached to a wall or partition.

It is certainly the best solution of the three. Both in terms of the quality of the materials (really excellent) and in terms of performance and silence. It is a bit flawed from a design point of view, perhaps too classic and "old style" but we can turn a blind eye.

You can buy the device on Amazon, at a price of € 14,99. The colors available are: black and bronze.   

Final comment

Regardless of what choice the buyer may make, the three products perform really well. Although designed for the same purpose, that is to refresh the environment and the user, they have slightly different characteristics that lead to opting for one or the other. It depends on the specific needs and which of the three devices you like best (the price is good or bad the same - less than 15 €). We particularly appreciated the last of the three, robust, of the right size and with excellent airflow.

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