Call of Duty 5: World at war finally available

The highly anticipated fifth chapter of the Call of Duty saga is finally available


Finally available in stores the highly anticipated fifth chapter of the Call of Duty saga, World at War which this year thanks to the return of the Treyarc team, returns to talk about World War II by moving the battlefield as well as of course on the European front also on the eastern front.

The full review of the game is coming soon.

Below is the press release with which Activision announced its availability:
Get ready to head to the store closest to you now that Activision Publishing, Inc. and developer Treyarch have announced the release of Call of Duty: World at War today. Call of Duty: World at War takes players to the rawest World War II ever - from taking on Banzai charges and guerrillas of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Pacific - to carrying out the ruthless Russian revenge in pushing the German invader back to at the gates of Berlin metro after metro. In addition to the introduction of 4-player co-op play mode for the first time in franchise history, Call of Duty: World at War offers a multitude of new enemies, tactics and a wide assortment of weapons, such as the flamethrower. .

The eagerly awaited title also offers deep multiplayer action, featuring team and vehicle combat, a wealth of 5.1 surround sound, accompanied by strong cinematic intensity and high definition graphics.

“Our goal from day one has been to make sure Call of Duty: World at War redefines players' expectations of World War II in the first-person action category,” says Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia. "From co-op to multiplayer, combining vehicle and team combat, coupled with a huge variety of new weapons, environments and enemies, we've worked hard to deliver the best possible gameplay experience."

For the first time in the history of the franchise, Call of Duty: World at War introduces the co-op mode, giving a new meaning to the saying “No One Fights Alone”. The cooperative mode of Call of Duty: World at War provides up to 4 players online, or two players in local split screen, allowing you to experience almost all single-player missions, generating strong camaraderie and better tactical execution. The title also includes traditional multiplayer components in the co-op campaign such as challenges, rankings and online statistics for deep replayability and advanced gameplay.

Following the US Marines as they campaign on the Pacific, Call of Duty: World at War shows a side of World War II never seen before.
Players will find themselves wading swamps, facing invasions on the beaches and entering tropical forests as they take on the Japanese Army. The European front will instead be characterized by bloody battles that will see the advance of the Red Army in the heart of Berlin.

Multiplayer offers team interaction by improving the Party System through the ability to create restricted games and other options. Combined infantry and vehicle missions add a new dimension to online warfare. Players can also unlock a dozen new Perks by participating in epic battles from vast fields across European territories to the innermost areas of a Japanese castle.

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