Burial at sea, Elizabeth in the DLC for Bioshock: Infinite

Booker in a skirt?

Ken levine, by Irrational Games immediately gave rise to interesting discussions via tweets with its fans, regarding the new DLC for Bioshock: Infinte with the name “Burial at sea” and coming soon for consoles and PC.

In tweets and then in a dedicated interview, Levine talked about one Rapture reconstructed according to the glories narrated in excerpts in the original bioshock. The whole external structure will be in 3D, so no "fake scenography" in the background, and the properly optimized Unreal Engine 3 will do justice to the most beloved city under the ocean of this videogame generation.

Then the discussion focused on the main aspect, namely the protagonists. Booker Dewitt it will be a private detective and Elizabeth a more mature, elegant woman: femme fatale, in short. After announcing that Burial at sea will be divided into two chapters: one dedicated to Booker, while the other to Elizabeth, obviously the questions have drifted towards the "playability" topic.

Elizabeth won't be the nearly helpless girl of Columbia. It will have its powers that we will manage directly and few weapons at its disposal. So, while with Booker we will have a more “direct” approach, with Elizabeth we will have to think carefully about our actions to move forward. Not a guerrilla in a skirt, but a woman aware of her abilities and with a purpose to pursue.

Burial at sea, will represent a momentum of maturity for the protagonists who have found little psychological depth in Infinite; and in one fell swoop we will be able to experience the thrilling sensation of walking in the Rapture still in its splendor.


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