Assassin's Creed Origins, new difficulty and mode in the December update

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Ubisoft announces the new avalanche of content for Assassin's Creed Origins which will arrive with the free DLC in December.

Today, Ubisoft has published the list of the avalanche of content that will arrive during the month of December. Specifically, they will expand the Assassin's Creed Origins experience.

To start, Ubisoft has listed the main changes that will be available from next month, including a new difficulty and horde mode. In addition, more content will be added. This is the complete list:

  • Nightmare Mode: A new Nightmare Mode will be available. In it, the enemies will be more resistant and more dangerous;
  • Enemy Scaling: By popular demand, enemy scaling will be added. With the option enabled, the game automatically sets the minimum level of enemies to that of Bayek;
  • Packs of the First Civilization and Nightmare will be available in the chests of Heka;
  • A new mission to introduce Horde mode. The mission, Here Comes a New Challenger - for now only the English title is known, but, most likely, it will be “A New Challenger” -, will introduce Bayek to Horde mode. It will therefore be possible to test one's skills in the Cyrene Arena, at a minimum level of 32;
  • A new surprise mission.

Also, for those who enjoyed fighting Anubis and Sobek last month, it will soon be possible to challenge the last deity of the trio, Sekhmet. Instead, those who have not fought against the first two gods will be able to challenge them in December.

Finally, a wealth of new weapons and armor will be added from December 12th via the in-game store. The Gladiator's Pack will include the Spaniard's Armor, Palladio's Shield, Hercules' Gladius (sword), Labrys (heavy sword) and Neptune's Grasp (spear). Furthermore, from December 26th, new weapons and armor will be available with the package of extravagant objects, but Ubisoft has not released further information on the matter.

Although Assassin's Creed Origins has a Season Pass already available for purchase, new free content will be added during the course of 2018.

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