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Our guide to Demon's Souls trophies.

Welcome to ours trophy guide di Demon's Souls, remake of the first chapter that started the famous Souls series. The title is part of the launch line up for PlayStation 5 and sees a total reinterpretation of the game originally released on PlayStation 3 back in 2009. As all Souls fans will already know it will certainly not be a walk to complete it to 100%, as the high difficulty remains one of the cornerstones of the adventure. In this guide we will give you the best tips to succeed in this intrepid goal, unless you decide to give up first.

  • Release Date: 19 November 2020
  • Estimated difficulty: 5/10 if you've played other Souls, 7/10 if it's your first time.
  • Approximate time to completion: 25-30 hours if you've played other Souls, 50+ hours if it's your first time.
  • Total trophies: 37 (1 5 9 22)
  • Hidden trophies: 0
  • Offline trophies: 34
  • Online trophies: 3
  • Does difficulty affect trophies? No, the game has a unique difficulty level but is definitely geared upwards.
  • Are there any missing trophies? Yes, but having at least 3 playthroughs to deal with you will have several chances to recover what you are missing.
  • Minimum runs: 3 runs without manually saving before bosses or specific events / 2 runs with manual saves.

As specified, if this is the first time you play a title in the Souls series you will need at least fifty hours to complete it at 100%. If you have already sailed or have played the original chapter, however, you should be able to use less, as long as your skills are not rusty.

Before we start we advise you to take a look at the following tips, which will come in very handy if you are approaching the game or a Souls for the first time:

  1. Play offline - playing online could ruin your progress with the Trend in the various worlds, as it did in the original chapter. Better not to risk it then. Go online only to get the relevant trophies.
  2. Always play in soul form - Dying in soul form has no negative influence on the trend system, unlike what happens in human form. After defeating a boss you will automatically return human: always go to the Nexus and commit suicide there before continuing the adventure.
  3. Do not consume or randomly spend the souls of the bosses - The souls you get from bosses are needed for miracles and magic as well as weapon upgrades. Since they are all included in various trophies, don't spend souls unnecessarily.
  4. Don't attack the NPCs - You may need non-player characters, so don't make them averse to you.
  5. Do not free the caged character in the Latria Tower - In the second area of ​​this world you will meet a character in a cage. Do not release it until you need it so as to avoid negative consequences for the NPCs of the Nexus.
  6. Choose the providential ring as an initial gift - This is a ring that does not exist in the PS3 version of the game. There are 30 rings to be found in this remake to get the relevant trophy. We recommend taking the providential ring as a gift as we don't know if and where it is located in the game world to retrieve it.

You are now ready to dedicate yourself to completing Demon's Souls. Follow the roadmap below in order to proceed in an orderly manner in obtaining the trophies.

Roadmap for obtaining trophies

Step 1 - Clear all archstones with pure white tendency in the worlds

First, remember to start by choosing theprovidential ring. If you haven't, you can retrieve it by trading it with other players. The best class for novices is the noble as it starts with the highest magic stats, but you are free to decide.

As stated above, don't forget to always play in soul form. While it is disadvantageous in having less health, it is the only way that allows you to die without losing trend in the worlds. Defeat 3 bosses in every archstone in the world to get the pure white trend. Also, watch out for all trophy-related events such as rescuing merchants, which are useful for magic and miracles.

Save Yuria ( Witch in the tower), the Sage Freke ( A pinch of wisdom) and the Holy Urbain ( Umbasa), then buy everything they have to offer you. Note that you will not be able to buy everything in the first run as you will need additional boss souls for various spells.

Step 2 - Obtain all rings, spells and miracles in New Game + and beyond

After the first run, select New Game + and dedicate yourself to obtaining missing rings, spells and miracles. You also need to keep an eye on your character's trend to be able to retrieve some specific rings. In the two extra runs proceed as follows:

Second run

  1. Finish the game with the pure white trend in the worlds - Only play in soul form and commit suicide in the Nexus when you return human after a boss fight. Collect all the rings (and some weapons if you want) that are only available with pure white trend.
  2. You get the pure black trend in the worlds - Once you have collected all the weapons and rings available only with pure white, continue to die in each of the 5 archstones in human form until they all reach the pure black trend. Once done, collect all the rings obtainable with this trend and move on to the next step.
  3. Pure white trend with the character - Now that all the worlds are in pure black, you can retrace them and kill the black ghosts of the NPCs. This will help you turn your character's trend into pure white. Once obtained, talk to the monumental in the Nexus to get thefriend's ring and then go to the last step. Here is the list of ghosts to kill:
    • Miranda in the first area of ​​the Boletaria Palace
    • Scirvir in the second area of ​​the Stonefang Tunnels
    • Rydell in the first region of the Torre di Latria
    • Satsuki in the first region of the Crypt of Storms
    • Selenium in the second area of ​​the Corruption Valley
  4. Pure black trend with the character (first part) - Kill the following NPCs by crossing the 5 archstones:
    • Dirty Man in the Stonefang Tunnels
    • Royal Mistress in the Latria Tower
    • Grave Defiler in the Crypt of Storms
    • Merchant Dregling in the Boletaria Palace
    • Dirty Woman in the Valley of Corruption
  5. Pure black trend with the character (second part) - Once you have eliminated the NPCs from the previous step, you still don't have the pure black trend. To get it, you just have to kill the NPCs in the Nexus starting with the less important ones like the assistant of the Sage Freke. Once the trend of your interest has been reached it will appear Mephistopheles in the Nexus: talk to him to receive theenemy ring.

Third run

For your last run you have to proceed as follows:

  1. Defeat 3 bosses in each area
  2. Save the merchants again
  3. Manually save the game in a slot
  4. Purchase all miracles from Urbain
  5. Reload the previously saved game
  6. Purchase all spells from Yuria

After this detailed roadmap to unlock all the trophies without risking losing too many things along the way, let's move on to the list with the relative advice.

Trophy Slayer

Collect all trophies.

Collect all other trophies to unlock Platinum.

Seek the power of the soul

Embrace the power of the Ancient.

Manually save before going into battle with Old King Allant at the end of the game. According to some sources, you must first kill the Maiden in Black in order to unlock this trophy. However, it is also necessary to save her in order to get her soul and get another trophy.

Our advice, therefore, is to kill her and defeat the final boss. Then reload the save made just before and beat it again without eliminating the Maiden.

Legacy of kings

Obtain the Northern Insignia.

This trophy can only be unlocked in a second run. In the first playthrough you have to get these items:

  • Soul of the False King defeating the latter
  • Soulbrandt after defeating Old King Allant at the end of the game
  • Demonbrandt

To get the Demonbrandt weapon, you need the mausoleum key of Ostrava. You can receive it either by helping him in the areas of the Boletaria Palace, precisely when he dies, or by killing him directly. Once you have the key, head to the first area of ​​the Boletaria Palace, to the bridge with the trebuchets and a Red Eye Knight. Kill him and open the gate to meet Old King Doran, who will give you the Demonbrandt once you take off 25% of his health.

Once you have all three items you need, head to the blacksmith Ed in the initial area of ​​the Stonefang Tunnels. If you have the Flaming Demon soul in your inventory, Ed allows you to use the souls of the bosses for forging. Merge the three items to receive the Northern Tabard.

Wise man's trophy

Obtain all spells.

To find out how to get all the spells, consult our dedicated guide.

Trophy of the saint

Get all miracles.

To find out how to get all the miracles, consult our dedicated guide.

King of the rings

Get all the rings

To find out how to get all the rings, consult our dedicated guide.

Get back in shape

Help a player defeat a boss.

After defeating the demon Phalanx and speaking to both the Maiden in Black and the monumental in the Nexus, you will receive the Blue Eye Stone. You can use it to help out in the world of other players. Simply place a summon symbol, wait for someone to call you, and help them defeat a boss.

Unwelcome guest

Defeat a player as an invader.

After killing your first Black Ghost you will receive the Black Eye Stone. Use it to invade the world of other players and take out one to unlock the trophy.

If you are looking for a Black Phantom, a guaranteed place to find it is the stairs leading to the False Idol in the Prison of Hope.

One will fall

Defeat the Knight of the Tower without killing any crossbowmen.

In the second area of ​​Boletaria Castle, meet the Knight of the Tower as a boss. On both sides of the walls there are crossbowmen who will try to obstruct your battle. To unlock this trophy you don't have to kill them, among other things killing two birds with one stone as you will also unlock the trophy Trophy of the Knight of the Tower.

Time to roll

Cross the Latria walkway through the idol's barrage of arrows.

In the first area of ​​the Latria Tower, just before the boss room, you will come across a large machine that shoots arrows with a couple of corpses in front of it. You have to synchronize your rolls according to the volleys of arrows to get through the catwalk unscathed and unlock the trophy. It's not as difficult as it sounds as there will be some time between each burst.

Not deceived

Defeat the False Idol without ever hitting one of its clones.

The False Idol will create clones during combat causing you to attack them instead of his real figure. There are two ways to understand which is the real Idol. The first is to approach the various clones and use auto-aim to see if a short health bar appears that only they have. The second method is to pay attention to the arrows they shoot, as the true Idol fires rays that are thicker than the clone's attacks.

One will remain standing

Defeat the Referee without ever dropping him.

You will enter the boss room by descending from the top, the perfect spot to unlock this trophy. His weak point is his head, which you would normally attack after repeatedly hitting him in the belly to make him fall to the ground. In this case, only make direct attacks to the head, also using your bow and magic, remembering to always stay on the top of the room.

May you remain unharmed

Defeat Astraea without killing Garl Vinland.

The fight takes place in a grotesque area with the corpses of cursed children who will grab you to drag you into the center of the swamp. At the same time, Garl Vinland will chase you if you get too close to Astraea.

You can unlock the trophy by hitting her from a distance with a bow or dodging and predicting Garl's moves, but she will often be able to catch you. The solution of distance shots, therefore, is the simplest and safest.

Worthy of the sword

Give the Makoto to Satsuki.

Satsuki will appear at the start of the Storm Crypt reaching the pure white trend there. Remember not to die in human form but to always play in soul form, especially to defeat the bosses. Satsuki will ask you to show him the Makoto Magic Sword.

The sword is located in the second area of ​​the Crypt of Storms, on top of a rock in the pit where Patches will push you. Once recovered, return to Satsuki to unlock the trophy.

One of the few

Get Istarelle.

To get the unique Istarelle weapon you must first reach the pure white trend in the Corruption Valley. To do this, defeat the three bosses without dying in human form. After each boss, then, return to the Nexus and commit suicide to return to soul form, which is useful for not affecting the trend of the world.

Once the Valley is pure white, head to the first area and keep going until you reach the place with the rats at the base of a ramp. Kill the rats and the big enemy on the other side. Halfway along the path that connects the area with the rats with that of the enemy you can see a ladder. Climb up and continue facing various enemies until you reach a cave. Kill the last three creatures to receive Istarelle.

Falange trophy

Defeat the Phalanx demon.

Falange is the first boss in the game. It is a large blob surrounded by other small blobs that protect it with shields and spears (hence the name Falange). To damage him you will first have to eliminate the enemies in his defense, after which you will be able to attack him directly. Small blobs are particularly vulnerable to fire, so use the fire bombs and turpentine you found.

It is not necessary to kill all the blobs to defeat the boss, but if you do, he will no longer have any protection and everything will be easier.

Trophy of the Knight of the Tower

Defeat the demon Knight of the Tower.

The boss of the second area of ​​the Boletaria Palace. It is a giant knight who wields a huge shield to protect himself. To defeat him you have to hit his ankles until he staggers and falls on his back. Once on the ground, attach it to the head and you will see the health drop very quickly.

On both sides of the castle walls there will be crossbowmen intent on hindering you in battle. You can decide to eliminate them first to make things easier for you, but know that if you beat the Knight of the Tower without killing them you will also get the trophy One will fall.

Trophy of the Trapassatore

Defeat the Trapper demon.

This is the boss of the third area of ​​the Boletaria Palace. The Trimmer wields a long sword and is fast enough. Use the statues present to your advantage to be able to flank it. In addition, you can also count on Biorr's help in battle; to find out how to get it, check the trophy Comrades.

Notice that you cannot face the Trapper until you have defeated one of the final four bosses: Dragon God, Old Monk, King of Storms or Astraea.

False King Trophy

Defeat the False King demon.

The False King is the final boss of the Boletaria Palace. It is quite fast and hits hard with both melee attacks and ranged spells, including an area blast. Its unique attack also allows it to absorb your soul level.

The only advice we can give you is to pay attention to his holds and not be in a hurry to defeat him. Do not take risks, hit when possible and you will be able to take home the victory.

Trophy of the Armored Spider

Defeat the Armored Spider Demon.

This is the first boss of the second archstone that allows you to reach the Stonefang Tunnels. The battle takes place right inside a tunnel, with you on one end and him on the other.

The Armored Spider uses ranged attacks to keep you from approaching, so avoid them as you advance to hit him directly or use your spells. In case you get close, it will start attacking you at short range and will use a "carpet of fire" to get you away.

Trophy of the Flaming

Defeat the Flaming Demon.

He is the second boss of the Stonefang Tunnels. The Flaming is weak against magic, so it shouldn't cause you too much trouble if you've followed our advice to choose the noble. If you decide to hit it directly, however, it could prove challenging as it hits hard.

Don't overestimate your damage, and be sure to avoid and block his attacks when he's on the rampage.

Trophy of the Dragon God

Defeat the Dragon God demon.

The Dragon God is the archfiend of the Stonefang Tunnels but is a relatively easy boss to beat. As soon as the fight begins, head right and destroy the rubble while taking cover from his punch attack. You will then reach a ballista on the right side.

After using it to hit him, follow the path to the other side of the room and attack him with the second ballista. At this point, the Dragon God will fall to the ground allowing you to finish him off by hitting him on the head.

You can also unlock the trophy during this battle Fists of legend which you find below.

False Idol Trophy

Defeat the False Idol demon.

Before entering this boss room in the Prison of Hope area, make sure you climb the Latria Tower on the right side of the boss fight entrance. Continue to the end of the corridor and kill the enemy who is praying. If you forget to do this, it will continually revive the False Idol making it impossible to beat.

During the battle against the boss, the latter will teleport and create clones to deceive you. Refer to Not deceived to understand how to recognize the true Idol and possibly also obtain this trophy.

Mangiauomini Trophy

Defeat the Man Eater Demon.

The second boss of the Torre di Latria actually has two Man Eaters. This gargoyle-like enemy that you fight on some sort of bridge will fly into the area and land to give you a chance to hit it. After a while, a second will appear, giving you the impression that you are up against two opponents. Try to inflict as much damage as possible on the first gargoyle before the other one arrives, so as to kill it as soon as possible. A bow or spells can come in handy for attacking them even when they're flying.

Trophy of the Old Monk

Defeat the Old Monk demon.

He is the archdemon of the Tower of Latria and this confrontation can be both very easy and very difficult. If you decide to play it online, know that it can be controlled by another player: if you find someone who knows what he is doing you could really find yourself in trouble.

Playing offline, however, the boss is controlled by an NPC which will make it quite simple. The only attack you need to worry about is summoning five yellow orbs that shoot, therefore keeping your distance to nimbly dodge their shots.

Referee Trophy

Defeat the Referee demon.

Arbiter is the first boss of the Storm Crypt. You can attack him from high up in the room, so you can easily hit him in the head using spells and a bow, or face him openly. Keep in mind that focusing solely on his head will allow you to get the trophy as well One will remain standing.

Trophy of the Old Hero

Defeat the Old Hero demon.

The second boss of the Crypt of Storms is the Old Hero. He is a giant who wields a huge sword but has a disadvantage: he is blind. If you walk slowly or, even better, you have thethief's ring equipped, it will not be able to detect your position. Use this advantage to unleash a couple of attacks before walking away again.

Trophy of the King of Storms

Defeat the demon King of the Storms.

He is the archdemon of the Crypt of Storms, but he won't be there right away. Initially, the room will be overrun by flying beasts - use a bow to take down as many as possible so they don't get in your way too much during battle. Once everything is cleared, run to the back of the room to find the Queen of Storms sword, very useful for the fight as it allows you to inflict massive damage on the King of Storms.

Leech Trophy

Defeat the Leech demon.

He is the first boss of the Corruption Valley. It awaits you at the bottom of a pit that will give you the opportunity to adopt different approaches in battle. You can use the ground above you to hit it from above or drop down and attack it directly. It is advisable to use fire against the Leech as it is weak to that type of elemental damage.

Trophy of the Unclean Colossus

Defeat the Fiend Colossus demon.

The Unclean Colossus is the second boss of the Corruption Valley. Approach him and use fire attacks against which it is weak. Avoid his blows, pay attention to his explosion and you will find that it is a rather simple enemy to defeat.

Astraea Trophy

Defeat the demon Astraea.

Astraea is the archfiend of the Corruption Valley, but she is a particular boss as you won't have to face her directly. In fact, she will simply pray while remaining seated at the back of the room. Your opponent, on the other hand, will be Garl vinland, his bodyguard, who will not hesitate to rush towards you to start hitting you.

There are several ways to deal with this confrontation:

  • Defeat Garl and kill Astraea
  • Defeat Garl and speak to Astraea
  • Completely ignore Garl

Whatever your approach, the important thing is that you interact with Astraea to get her soul (she will commit suicide if you decide to talk to her).

Our advice is to ignore Garl to unlock the trophy as well May you remain unharmed, to which we refer you for more details.


Defeat the Trapassatore along with Biorr.

After unlocking the third area of ​​the Boletaria Palace, continue until you meet the first two fat officers and kill them. You will thus obtain theiron ring of keys and officer's hat. Go back to the area before the Knight of the Tower and open a door. Inside you will find a cell from which you can free Biorr. Now all you have to do is face the Piercer with his support.

Fists of legend

Defeat the Dragon God with the Hands of God.

To unlock this trophy you will still have to use the ballistae to take down the Dragon God, but in the last phase in which he will be on the ground you will have to attack him with the Hands of God.

To get this weapon you have two ways:

  • In the second area of ​​the Stonefang Tunnels, go down to the end of the place with the wooden plank and go through the tunnel on the right side of the pit. You will find it behind three enemy worms.
  • You will be left by killing Blacksmith Ed or Blacksmith Boldwin, but we advise against making this choice.

A pinch of wisdom

Save Sage Freke, the Visionary.

You will find it in one of the cells in the Prison of Hope. There special key to free him he is in the area where you must kill the enemy intent on praying that, otherwise, he would make the False Idol invulnerable. Refer to the trophy False Idol Trophy to locate it correctly.

Once you get the key, go back to Sage Freke and free him. Later you will find it at the Nexus.


Save the Holy Urbain.

In the second area of ​​the Crypt of Storms, head to the bottom of the area with the first Grim Reaper and go behind the ladder. There Patches will kick you into a pit where you can save the Holy Urbain, useful among other things to learn all the miracles in the game.

A sea of ​​possibilities

Give the Burning Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed.

After defeating the Flaming demon, give his soul to the blacksmith Ed at the start of the Stonefang Tunnels. This will unlock the option to craft weapons using boss souls.

Witch in the tower

Save Yuria the Witch.

After unlocking the third area of ​​the Boletaria Palace, continue until you meet the first two fat officers and kill them. You will thus obtain theiron ring of keys and officer's hat. Go back to the area before the Knight of the Tower and open a door. Inside you will find a cell from which you can free Biorr.

In addition, there will be a fat third officer who will give you the bloody key once killed. In the PS5 version, Yuria's save has been slightly changed, as it will not be enough for you to wear the officer's hat as in the original chapter to make you lower the stairs. Instead, it is necessary dress completely like a fat officer, so you have to kill them both in the Boletaria Palace and in the Stonefang Tunnels to get all their pieces of equipment.

When you have collected everything you need, go back to the Knight of the Tower area and open the gate. Follow the path inside a tower until you meet another fat officer above you. At this point put on all the parts recovered previously to make you lower the stairs. Defeat the officer, take off your uniform and talk to Yuria to save her and find her in the Nexus, which is necessary among other things to obtain all the spells.

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