The best and worst sex scenes in the world of video games

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Love, sex and death. 

Surprise surprise! In video games you have sex. Exactly as it happens in books, movies, TV series. If you haven't noticed, you've only used your PCs and consoles to play Call of Duty Online, FIFA and your smartphones for Pokémon GO. Yet there are other video games, there are other titles that hide romance and pure sex scenes within them. Let's find out the worst and the best together.

Warning: spoiler danger!

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Anyone who played the BioWare title in 2014 will surely have heard of the sex scene between Sera and Qunari. Very often sex in video games is not romantic and true to reality, but this comes quite close. Despite being poorly made, at least on a technical level. There are better examples of course, but we had to start somewhere.

The Sims

The first thing that comes to mind when we see a sex scene in The Sims is "What the fuck is going on?". Some cuddles, some effusions and then off, in a whirlwind of improbable animations with jumping beds and blankets trying to escape from the love nest. Yet sex in The Sims is a key part of having a family and fulfilling the American dream: a home, a job, and children. Happy fiki-fiki everyone.

Mass Effect 2

Let's go back to talking about BioWare, but for the first time we are also talking about love, about close distances. There are few games that compare us to different races and yet this happens in Mass Effect. When Shepard (who can be both a woman and a man) decides to unleash her romance with Garrus, even hearts of stone melt. There is everything: affection, love, hugs, the desire for a human relationship that goes beyond mere appearances.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is definitely one of the most popular RPGs ever and one of the best titles of this generation. The Poles of CD Projekt RED have never spared us beautiful women and sexual allusions, but with the third act of Geralt's adventures it goes further: Yennefer and the Witcher consume their act of love over a unicorn, like a beautiful fairy tale. Romance and sex go hand in hand in a scene that is absolutely full of thrill and emotion.

Bonus: the sex scene with Syanna.

Heavy Rain

Is sex possible thanks to QTEs? Yes, according to David Cage. Madison and Ethan let themselves go in a direct scene with lots of love. The slow pressing of the keys makes us participate in an act that otherwise we could only look passively from the outside. A reversal of the front that still has no equal in the history of video games.

Life is Strange

We are not actually talking about sex (like in Mass Effect) but about a love scene. The kiss between Max and Chloe is definitely something no one would want to do without. Friendship and feelings are enclosed in those precious seconds. All this is accompanied by the player's choice: to do or not to do that act?

Far Cry 3

Let's forget about love and feeling and explore the human mind in depth, almost exhausted by madness. In the Far Cry 3 finale, this is exactly what happens: a sex scene, which is then accompanied by a killing. As a black widow, Citra is exactly the kind of woman we don't want to know. Neither now nor ever.

Partial adaptation from the Guardian. 

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