Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the treasures of Xenia

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Pirates are not exclusive to the eighteenth century. Even in ancient Greece, in fact, they sailed the seas in search of treasures. For this, in Assassin's Creed Odyssey we will have to help a pirate in the search for valuables.

Xenia's story arc is important in Assassin's Creed Odyssey because of the trophy attached to it. Specifically, we will receive a series of Treasure Maps and we will have to locate the loot. This walkthrough will show where we need to go to find them safely.

First mission: Ajax's Golden Feather.

After completing the mission related to Xenia during Episode 5 and after saving her brother in the secondary mission Lost and Found, talking to the piratess we will unlock the first mission of her story arc. Xenia will give us five Treasure Maps; however, only one will be the correct one.

The map that I will put in the caption will be the correct one. Go to Salamis Island, at the location indicated, and inspect the area. You will find that the treasure has already been looted. Talk to the keeper there and mark the mission Probable location of the Feather. Then, head to the Tomb and collect the Feather. Finally, take it to Xenia and get ready for the second mission.

Second mission: Macedonian bracelet.

Again, same procedure. Let's find out which map is the correct one and head to Capo Suino. Obviously the treasure will not be there. The clues will lead to inspect the area up to two characters who are arguing over the bracelet. Hearing them argue, we will discover that the object has fallen into the water. Let's dive in and recover it from the seabed. Finally, let's take it to Xenia and get ready for the third mission.

Third mission: Poseidon's tide shell.

By now we are used to it: we identify the correct map, find the right area, take the treasure. This time the hunt takes us to Macedonia. We will have to cross the whole underwater location to find the object we are looking for. At the end of the cave we will find a group of bandits and a chest with the coveted shell. Finally, let's bring her back to Xenia.

Fourth mission: Apollo's Lyre and Pan's Flute.

This time the treasures are two. Xenia will tell us that she lost two maps with a merchant, Autolico, in Argolis. We destroy his goods and he will deliver the maps to us. There are only two, so there will be no way to go wrong.

The Pan Flute will be found in Pan's Cave, in Marathon Beach, Attica, protected by some bandits. At the end of the cave we will find a pile of treasures, let's interact and we will get the flute.

The Lyre of Apollo, on the other hand, will be found in a ruin on the island of Euboea. Once you have both items, take them to Xenia and get ready for the last mission.

Fifth mission: Ancient casket.

This time, Xenia herself will tell us where to find her box. Let's arm ourselves with good will and leave for the fort in Achaia. We will simply have to sneak into the fort and carry out the mission completely stealth. The item is located in a house in the northeastern part of the fortress.

Let's return it to Xenia and we will have completed her story arc. If we have always chosen the option with the heart, we will be able to spend a night of passion with the wiry piratess, and we will be able to unlock The embrace of Aphrodite. After the sequence, regardless, we will get the trophy What a beautiful life of the bucanier.

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