Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Cure Dragon's Sick

Sometimes the syrup is not enough ...

Surely if you are playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you will have known death several times. So you will surely have stumbled upon the so-called Dragon's Sick, a disease that attacks all NPCs in the game after your numerous deaths and equally numerous resurrections.

The first character who will be affected by the disease will be the Sculptor, then all the other characters you have met on your tortuous path will be infected.

This disease will also affect you in some way, you will not contract it, but the chances of obtaining a "Divine Help", a useful mechanic that will safeguard your belongings from death on the battlefield, will significantly decrease. In some cases it could even affect the ending of the game.

How to heal the NPCs?

To heal the characters from the Dragon's Sick, you will first have to take a sample of infected blood and bring it to Emma (the one who increases the number of healing flasks with pumpkin seeds).

The first time, the girl will give you a Talisman and a Drop of Dragon's Blood. While the first item will remain with you, the precious and rare drop of blood will serve as an offering to the various Sculptor Idols scattered throughout the game world.

The cure isn't final, though, so don't be alarmed if some characters get alarmed every now and then. To remedy this, just repeat the process.

Side note, the more characters you meet and get to know, the more boring this process will become, but in the end it is a fairly simple method.

We hope that this little "guide" will be of help to you in the long wanderings that you will face in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If you have other problems, you can also take advantage of this small series of tips:

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