Resident Evil 3 Remake - Trophy and achievement guide

Our Resident Evil 3 Remake achievement guide.

Welcome to the achievement guide for Resident Evil 3 Remake, title for PS4, XBOX One and PC that arrives on the market with several new changes compared to the original game.

  • Estimated difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline trophies: 33 (1 4 12 16)
  • Hidden trophies: 16
  • Approximate time to completion: 25 hours
  • Linked to history: 10
  • Linked to collectibles: 6
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does the difficulty affect the achievement of trophies? Yup.
  • Minimal runs: 3, but 4 runs (Standard, Extreme, Nightmare, Hell) are highly recommended.
  • Do cheats disable trophies? No.
  • Release Date: April 3, 2020.

The trophy list is very simple: you will have to get all collectibles e complete the game on maximum difficulty (Inferno) in less than 2 hours to get the S rank. The rest of the trophies can be obtained simply by continuing in the story. While 100% completion may seem like a daunting task, we reveal that it is possible to purchase cheat items from the in-game store, including a infinite rocket launcher e coins that automatically regenerate health. This shop will unlock after beating the game once and purchased items can be used for all trophies.

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Roadmap for obtaining trophies

Step 1: Standard difficulty + all collectibles

For your first run, select the Standard difficulty and dedicate yourself to recovering all the collectibles. The collectibles relevant to the relevant trophy / achievement They include:

  • 56 documents to read
  • 20 Mr. Charlie
  • 20 padlocks to unlock (safes, lockers, boxes, doors)
  • 10 weapons (4 to search, 6 obtainable in the story)
  • At least 1 inventory upgrade (bag)

In preparation for step 2, you should keep manual saves at some specific points in the game and make sure you don't overwrite them:

  • Metro Power Station / Control Room - Objective: To restore power to the substation
  • Hospital / Makeshift Infirmary - Objective: To administer the vaccine to Jill
  • NEST 2 / Storage - Objective: to obtain the vaccine

You can also try this run without using the item chest for the trophy / achievement "Don't open that chest". For the uninitiated, the item chest is the large black chest found in every safe room, and beware: another trophy will require you to find all the weapons, which will take up most of its space. On Standard difficulty you will start with 4 extra inventory slots that we assure you will help you. You will of course also need to find all 6 upgrades (bags) so that you can carry enough resources. If you prefer not to complicate your life, instead, do another run later for the trophy "Don't open that chest“, As it only takes about 1 hour.

Step 2: Obtain 90.000 points for purchasing infinite rocket launchers + 2 pouches + 2 recovery coins + 2 defense coins

After completing the game for the first time, you will unlock the shop (title screen> Bonuses> Shop) which will allow you to buy cheats (e.g. infinite ammo) in exchange for points.

You must purchase the following items in preparation for Extreme difficulty and above (90.000 points):

  • [Weapon] Infinite Rocket Launcher - 64.400 p
  • [Item] Recovery Coin x2 (to keep in inventory for health regeneration) - 8.000 P.
  • [Object] Defense Coin x2 (to keep in inventory to take less damage) - 8.000 P.
  • [Item] purse x2 (starts with 4 extra slots in inventory) - 9.600 P.
  • (Optional) [Article] STARS Combat Manual (simplifies dodging) - 6.400 P.

Note: for this item it is not necessary to accumulate points to get it. It will be enough to get enough extra points by completing the Extreme difficulty and it will come in handy for dealing with the Nightmare / Hell difficulties.

In total, as mentioned, they are necessary 90.000 points (64.400 + 8.000 + 8.000 + 9.600) for the purchase of the cheats needed for the new runs.

From the first run alone, you should get 10.000 points, assuming you have found all the collectibles. This leaves you with 80.000 points remaining to farm. The records that give the most points are those related to the number of kills performed with certain weapons and here manual saves come in handy that we reported in the first step. Missing points are easily obtained by loading the saves and doing the following (remember that the points are stored on the profile and that they will not be lost when loading other games):

100 shotgun kills3.200Metro power stationKill the spiders
130 shotgun kills6.200Metro power stationKill the spiders
200 pistol kills5.200Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
200 Assault Rifle kills3.400Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
400 Assault Rifle kills8.400Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
400 kills5.200Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
800 kills8.200Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
1100 kills10.400Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
1400 kills10.600Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
2000 kills11.000Hospital - InfirmaryDefend the hospital from the zombie horde
20 kills with MAG6.600NEST 2 - DepositKill all the zombies after using the USB
80 kills with MAG10.400NEST 2 - DepositKill all the zombies after using the USB
80 grenade launcher kills6.200NEST 2 - DepositKill all the zombies after using the USB
120 grenade launcher kills10.400NEST 2 - DepositKill all the zombies after using the USB

In total you will get 91.800 points. Since you should have already accumulated 10.000 points from the first run, you can avoid getting the last record for 2000 kills. Also, if you managed not to use any items during the first run, you will have an extra 7.000 points that will allow you to avoid hitting another record.

Note: Once you have reached a goal, the count will not be reset. This means that after you get 100 kills with the shotgun you only need to do another 30 to get the next reward for the total 130 kills.

Step 3: Extreme difficulty and use 1 or fewer herbs / health sprays

With the above items unlocked, you can now start the game in Extreme mode. The Infinite Rocket Launcher kills everything (except Nemesis) in one hit, so there's no need to purchase Attack Boost Coins from the shop.

Combine the Extreme difficulty with the trophy / achievement "Tight-lipped!“, Which requires you to use no more than one health item (herbs / spray). You can use 1 when spiders infect you with a parasite, as it is part of the story and cannot be avoided. Health regeneration coins, however, make it really easy, as they constantly heal you over time. You can easily equip them, they will not cancel the trophy.

Cheat items purchased in the shop can be retrieved from the chest in any secure room. Keep in mind, though, that this action forces you to interact with the chest, therefore you will not be able to earn the trophy / objective relating to the non-use of the latter.

Step 4: Nightmare Difficulty

Replay the story on Nightmare difficulty (unlocked after beating the game on Extreme). With the Infinite Rocket Launcher it won't be that different from Extreme difficulty, as you will still kill everyone in one shot. Equip all other items recommended in step 2.

Step 5: Difficulty Inferno Grade S (speedrun 2 hours)

Inferno is the highest difficulty in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Make sure you have equipped all the cheat items described in step 2 (infinite rocket launcher, 2 regeneration coins, 2 defense coins, 2 pouches and STARS field combat manual).

To get S rank, you'll need to finish the game in less than 2 hours with less than 5 saves. On the other hand, you can die as many times as you want since it does not affect the final result.

At this point you should know the game quite well. Perform manual saves before boss fights (remember: no more than 5 in total). If you die DO NOT press "Continue". Instead, exit to the main menu and load the last save. In this way, the time will be reset, while if you decide to continue the minutes will be added from the last death. We would like to clarify that there are no automatic saves when playing in Hell mode, so don't forget to save in the points described above.

Step 6 (optional if you haven't already): Run without using the item chest

If you haven't done the first run without using the item chest, you'll need to do another short run of about 1 hour on Standard difficulty. Remember that you will not be able to use the infinite rocket launcher or other cheat items because they require interaction with the chest in one of the secure rooms.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Trophies / Achievements Guide

Goodbye Raccoon City

Collect all trophies.

Earn all trophies in Resident Evil 3 Remake to unlock Platinum.

The escape begins

Escape from Jill's apartment.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

Danger escaped

Escape the residential neighborhood.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

Escape from the city

Escape the center of Raccoon City.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

I need a doctor

Leave the clock tower square.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

Basic chemistry

Create an object.

You can create objects by combining them. For example, combining two gunpowder will result in pistol ammo, while combining two herbs will result in a healing item. These crafting components will be scattered all over the place throughout the game. The trophy will be unlocked automatically.


Upgrade a weapon.

To upgrade a weapon you need to find an upgrade part and combine it with the weapon (via the inventory).


Expand your inventory.

To expand your inventory, you need to find a bag to increase the capacity of your personal inventory.

What a hothead

Defeat Nemesis on the roof.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

A ride in the central

Leave the RPD

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

In cold blood

Defeat the zombie Brad.

When you play as Carlos for the first time, the first enemy you have to fight is the zombie Brad. To take him down it will be necessary to inflict a lot more damage on him than the average zombie. Just shoot him in the head with the assault rifle until his death and you will unlock the achievement. If you don't kill him there, he will reappear in the security room of the police station later in the game.

The siege of the living dead

Resist the siege of the zombies.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss

Imminent danger

Chase Nicholai into the subway.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

Let's get it over with

Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

Nemesis Stage 2 combat takes place in NEST 2 after synthesizing the vaccine. You will have to face him in a large pit while other zombies will try to reach you. Dodge and run in circles as you shoot everything you have on Nemesis, but always beware of the zombies. When Nemesis climbs to the top of the tower, shoot the red panels to stun him and Carlos will come to your rescue by throwing a crane at him.

There's no two without three

Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis.

Automatic trophy related to the story, impossible to miss.

Immediately after the last fight against Nemesis, you will have to fight it again. When the fight begins, grab the big laser weapon. You must then use the weapon again by pushing the red power cores into the wall while avoiding attacks. There will be some bright blisters on Nemesis that you will have to hit to stun it, this will give you enough time to put in 2 power cores on lower difficulty or 1 power core on Extreme or higher. In Extreme mode or higher, only push 1 power core per cycle. Avoid his attacks and shoot his blisters to stun him again before pushing the next core. On higher difficulty, if you are hit once it will perform a fatal attack. Therefore avoiding his attacks and quickly destroying his blisters is important to be victorious at the highest difficulties.

Charlie on the ground

Destroy a Mr. Charlie.

Very simple to obtain as you just need to destroy a single Mr. Charlie. To find them all, you can consult our guide at the beginning of the article.

Human arsenal

Collect all the weapons in the campaign.

In the game there are 10 weapons in total, 6 obtainable by continuing in the story and 4 to be found. In order not to miss any, you can consult our guide at the beginning of the article.

You dropped something

Make Nemesis drop an item.

When you are hunted by Nemesis in the center after leaving the spider's lair, shoot him until he drops a supply box (which also contains a gun upgrade part). The easiest way is to throw a grenade at him on Standard difficulty, which will instantly knock him out. If he only gets down on his knees for a few seconds, that's not enough. You must continue to cause damage until he waves his arm upward just before kneeling.

Each gem in its place

Enter all the gems in the clock tower monument.

In the safe room at Redstone Street Station is a wooden clock that reads "Clock Tower Commemoration". On the dial there are three colored slots (green, blue, red).

You have to find the three colored jewels that can be placed in the clock tower monument. They are all found inside jewelry boxes and are located throughout the downtown section after leaving the station. To find them, you can consult our guide at the beginning of the article.

Short circuit

Collect all fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes.

The search for fuses happens when you play as Jill for the third time, after leaving the hospital. You will need to take a large elevator to the warehouse and there you will need to find three fuses. During the first run it may take longer and not be so simple, but since it is necessary to perform several successive runs you will surely be able to get the trophy in question.

The fuses are located in the following places:

  • After the lights go out, take the elevator on the right. The fuse is located in the box in front of you.
  • After rummaging through some shelves, go upstairs to the room south of the safe room. On the left side is a door, behind it a ladder that will lead you to the second fuse box.
  • Go through the two elevators south of the safe room. Once you reach the end of the path, some zombies will break through a door. Behind them is the third fuse box.

Two for the price of one

Defeat two enemies with one shot.

You will almost certainly automatically get this trophy. An easy way to do this quickly is in the spider's lair using the shotgun. With many enemies dying in one hit, it won't be difficult.

Dear reader

Read all the files of the story.

To get the trophy, you have to collect all the documents scattered in the game's campaign. You can consult our guide at the beginning of the article.

Everyone's crazy about Charlie!

Destroy all the Mr. Charlie dolls.

To find all the statuettes of Mr. Charlie to destroy, you can consult our guide at the beginning of the article.

Burglary queen

Unlock all safes, lockers, safes and combinations.

To break in all the safety deposit boxes, lockers and the like, you can consult our guide at the beginning of the article.


Complete the game on "Standard" difficulty or higher.

See the "Jill Valentine" gold trophy.

At the end of his strength

Complete the game on "Extreme" difficulty or higher.

See the "Jill Valentine" gold trophy.

Out of the nightmare

Complete the game on "Nightmare" difficulty or higher.

See the "Jill Valentine" gold trophy.

Don't open that chest

Complete the game without opening the item chest.

The item chest is the large black chest found in every secure room. You don't have to interact with it in any way to get the trophy in question. This means that you can't even use cheat weapons like the infinite rocket launcher, as it is only available by accessing the chest.

The simplest option is to do a Standard difficulty speedrun after getting the other trophies, as recommended in the initial roadmap (step 6). You could also combine it with the first run, but beware as weapons take up a lot of inventory space.


Complete the game using 1 or fewer healing items.

To get the achievement you need to use a maximum of one healing item (single, mixed or spray herbs). You can compensate for this by using the coins for health regeneration, as recommended in the initial roadmap (step 3). Equipping them, of course, does not count as a healing item and does not negate the objective.

You can also combine it with the run on Extreme or Nightmare difficulty; otherwise, do a quick extra run on Standard difficulty that takes only 60 minutes.

Jill's hell

Complete the game on Hell difficulty.

See the “Jill Valentine" to complete the game on Inferno difficulty with grade S (maximum difficulty).

Jill Valentine

Complete the game in S rank on "Hell" difficulty.

Inferno is the highest difficulty in Resident Evil 3 Remake and is not available initially. You must first finish the game on Extreme difficulty to unlock that Nightmare and then complete it on the latter to unlock Hell difficulty.

S-rank requirement: Beat the campaign on Inferno difficulty in less than 2 hours and with less than 5 manual saves.

The number of deaths does not matter as it is not relevant to the objective. To make it easier to get the trophy, you can use the unlocked cheats. The 2 hour limit, however, is very generous as the game can be finished in 1 hour using the cheats.

For a precise guide on how to equip yourself, we refer you to step 2 of the initial roadmap.

The only difficult part is about the final boss fight. Use the laser weapon behind you when the fight begins, then you will have to push the three red cores into their respective slots on the wall. Shoot the boss to stun him, this gives you enough time to push one of the cores. Then don't try to push another one or you'll be hit by Nemesis and die instantly. Shoot his blisters again to stun him before pushing the 2nd core, repeat the step one more time to insert the 3rd core. Avoid all of his attacks, which can be simplified with the STARS Field Combat Manual which makes dodging easier.

Super Girl

Complete the game with an S.

See the “Jill Valentine” trophy.

I'm in a hurry

Complete the game in under 2 hours.

Getting S rank on Inferno difficulty requires you to complete Resident Evil 3 Remake in a maximum of 2 hours. For more details, take a look at the “Jill Valentine” trophy.


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