NieR, new information and pictures of the sexy heroine Kainé

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New weapons, abilities and protagonist Kainé revealed

NieR, the title developed by Cavia and distributed by Square-Enix, has received a lot of attention from the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

In the article he recently published we extracted the main points that we summarize below:

- the title will be available to play in two versions, NieR Replicant and NieR Gestalt

- NieR Replicant, spoken in Japanese and subtitled in English, has as its main character a 21-year-old boy who wants to find the cure to save his sister Yona suffering from a disease caused by the demons "Momono"

- NieR Gestalt, spoken in English, features a 44-year-old man who wants to find cures to save his daughter Yona suffering from a disease caused by the demons "Monono"

- both titles therefore have a very similar basic storyline with the exception of the secondary characters, Kainé in Replicant and Experimental Weapon 7 in Gestalt. In addition, both titles have the same gameplay system with "Two-handed sword", that is the most powerful and heavier sword and that inflicts more damage, "One-handed sword", that is the lightest and most manageable sword capable of making moves particular like the combos but which needs more hits to inflict damage on the opponent being less powerful, "Lancia", that is a cross between the previous two that offers a balanced attack system between speed and power and allows special attacks such as jumps and thrusts. Finally, the two games enjoy a weapon growth system. Whenever an enemy is defeated, especially a boss at the end of the level, "secret words" are discovered, basically magic formulas that can be used to increase the value of our weapons, special attacks or skills. Each increase to one of the three characteristics unlocks new attack and defense functions.

- the partner Kainé is a hermaphrodite possessed by a demon and was represented with clothes that highlight all her beauty (ed. And perhaps something more) uses two special swords in the attack phase

The title is expected for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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