A new RPG from Square Enix, announced in the next issue of Famitsu

Square Enix working on the next-gen?

From an unconfirmed source, comes the news of an important announcement by Square Enix on the next issue of Famitsu. According to what reported by Andriasang, this Japanese magazine contains some of the first details on a new action RPG produced by Ryutaro Ichimura. The game is in development with the Unreal Engine 3, could arrive on next generation consoles. The title at least for the moment without a name yet is an internal project of Square Enix: There is currently a 35-strong team at work, but the company has already planned a large-scale staff expansion very soon.
The person who saw the first images and artwork present in the review article, speak of a videogame with a style purely aimed at the western market.
In short, for all those who were waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 or the release of a new Final Fantasy chapter will have to wait a long time!

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