Physical Edition Blasphemous Deluxe Edition arrives this summer

The London publisher Sold Out announces that the much discussed and appreciated Soulslike Blasphemous Deluxe Edition, brutal and action platformer, will be available in physical edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 29nd June.

Here you will find the our complete reviewMeanwhile, for those who have not deepened the game at its release, a small excerpt from our article:

The story of Blasphemous puts us in the shoes of the last member of the Brotherhood of the Silent Penitents, who must complete his path of redemption amidst trials full of pitfalls.

Our "hero" brings with him two particularly distinctive elements: a conical helmet, typical of the brotherhood and the Mea Culpa, a sword that you can upgrade by continuing in the game.

Now let's move on to Cvstodia, a land that doesn't really exist, but full of references to the Iberian tradition, especially if we analyze the constructions on the seabed. The period proposed to us seems to be the medieval one, however, leading us towards one of those gothic and fantastic worlds ...

Published in partnership with Team17 e The Game Kitchen, in the Deluxe Edition, available for pre-order only at selected retailers, we will find the physical copy as well as a series of physical and digital content including:

  • Digital Soundtrack composed of 32 tracks
  • 195 page Digital Artbook
  • Digital Comic
  • In-game character skins: 'Alloy of Sin' and 'Golden Burden'
  • Wall Stickers
  • 180 x 290 mm Cvstodia poster

“We are delighted to be able to team up with Team17 once again for the physical edition of Blasphemous,” said Katie Clark, Senior Product Manager at Sold Out.

"Blasphemous Deluxe Edition is ready to conquer, through the new physical edition, both fans of the game and players who will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Cystodia for the first time".

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