Call of Duty, all the details of Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone

Captain Price leads the war in a rich new Season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone 

Let's discover new ways to play and Warzone updates, through new modes, new maps and two free weapons with the content-rich Battle Pass, available to everyone.

Below all the details directly from the official press release:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 is here.

The battle deepens in Verdansk and the Armistice is on the verge of collapse. In an effort to shore up the defenses and reinforce both the Coalition and the Alliance to keep fighting, Captain Price arrives amidst the chaos to help end the ongoing conflict. This is Modern Warfare Season 4 with different new ways to play, including a new Multiplayer map, Ground War and Clash, as well as other modes for both Multiplayer and Warzone. 

The conflict in Verdansk is still ongoing and the opposition's plans are slowly coming to light. As the enemy is pitting the Coalition and Alliance factions against each other, it becomes increasingly difficult to know who to trust. With Ghost and Alex already on the field in Verdansk, prepare for an even bigger battle alongside friends old and new.

Here are some of the new modes, new maps and other content expected for this Season and a series of content that will be FREE for all:

New in Warzone: new game modes

Warzone Updates

In some games of Warzone's Battle Royale, pay attention to the three new twists that may be there. These have an impact on your strategy and approach to play and can occur in any match without warning. When they do, they will always happen in the middle of the game. For example, after the first drop kit and before the closing of the Gulag. Get ready for: "jailbreak","Fire Sale"And"Supply Chopper". 

A "Fire Sale" temporarily apply up to 80% discount on most items in a Buy Station or even make them totally free. A Fire Sale is the perfect time to pick up a UAV, an Armor Box for your team, or even a lethal Killstreak. Bringing a teammate back to life is completely free during a Fire Sale. If you're short on cash, a Fire Sale might be the right time to re-enlist a teammate. Beware that even during a Fire Sale, i Loadout Drops are not discounted. Fire Sale only last 60 seconds, so expect Buy Stations to be crowded and be prepared to fight.

It's know as "Supply Chopper”Brings a non-lethal, but heavily equipped helicopter to Verdansk. The helicopter will have a lot of life, and it will require more than a bullet and maybe a rocket or two to take it down. The helicopter will not shoot at you, but make sure that while you are distracted, enemy teams do not take advantage of it. Once destroyed, high-quality items will drop from the Supply Chopper for players to collect. These include at least three UAVs, two armor boxes and ammunition boxes, a gas mask, a grenade launcher and tons of cash. Supply Choppers leave after a certain amount of time, so if you want to get one, start shooting right away. Remember that after taking down a Supply Chopper, you need to collect its loot. Watch out for enemy teams that might try to take you out while collecting or stealing your hard-earned prizes.

When a "jailbreak”, All players who have been killed will be brought back into the game. Whether you are waiting for your 1v1 in the Gulag, or you have been relegated to spectator, now you have another chance. You will have one minute's notice before a Jailbreak occurs to find additional armor or to make sure you have a weapon for returning teammates. Jailbreaks can occur anytime in the middle of a Battle Royale match, so it might be worth your while to remain a spectator, you never know. Remember that when a Jailbreak occurs, it's not just your teammates who return, but tons of other enemies as well.

This only happens during some games. Jailbreak, Fire Sale, o Supply Chopper they won't happen in all matches in Battle Royale.

Modes, new weapon types and other updates in Warzone

Two new limited-time modes debut this Season of Warzone: 

Juggernaut Royale, a variant of the Battle Royale mode, where the multiplayer kill streak lands in Verdansk, with three supply drops coming from the sky, with the Juggernaut suit inside. Head to one of the marked locations to capture and don the Juggernaut suit. Once worn, your health bar will increase, you will have a mini pistol and a sweet piece of music will accompany you during your game in Warzone. You will still be able to get into vehicles and climb stairs, your damage will not impact your health but will cause damage that will affect anyone in close proximity. If any of the Juggernauts are sent to the Gulag, after a short time, a new Juggernaut Care Pack will be marked on the Tac-Map and will land in Verdansk.

Il realism in Warzone it follows the same rules as in Multiplayer mode. You'll have minimal HUD and increased headshot damage. Make sure you make the most of it, but shoot with precision.

Expand your squad in intense, large-scale squad battle in Warzone Rumble. Fight in Verdansk in the 50v50 Team Deathmatch. Prepare for the fight by finding weapons on the ground and team up to survive the competition.

Players will discover a change in weapons as new blueprints arrive in Warzone at a varying frequency, allowing them to update their approach to warfare. Learn about the strengths of these weapons to give Verdansk the best, and consider creating custom classes that suit your play style, while gaining a better understanding of weapon designs.

In addition, Warzone free-to-play players will be able to enjoy another one weekend of free access to Multiplayer from 19pm on 12 June until 19pm on 15 June. This access will include the latest 6v6 Multiplayer maps Zhokov Scrapyard and Hardhat, as well as others much loved by fans. In addition, there will also be a free-access Weekend Clash playlist with seven maps designed for fun, tactics and tense engagements.

Modern Warfare Content: new free maps, modes and more

Free Multiplayer Maps for every style of play

This Season sees a trio of new maps coming to launch, free for owners of the full version of Modern Warfare. Each new map is made for a different game mode, Multiplayer, Ground War and Clash.

Zhokov Scrapyard - Standard Multiplayer (available at launch)

Scrapyard, from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, debuts this Season, and the small, fun and fast-paced map is just as game veterans remember it. Keep an eye out for your six in this dump of abandoned aircraft parts as you may encounter close combat and snipers as well. Consider equipping your favorite weapon with the FMJ to shoot targets through aircraft hulls, and stay on your guard because this map is meant to make you sweat.

Barakett Promenade - Earth War (available at launch)

Warzone players will be in familiar territory at Barakett Promenade, the latest Earth War map, available at the launch of Season 4. No need to worry about hearing breaths, just be aware of the sounds of multiple enemies on the map. Build roofs to add some verticality to your play style or get ready for close combat and some internal cleaning. However, if you choose to play, be prepared for the heavy arsenal usually found in Earth War.

Trench - Clash (available at launch)

As the name suggests, this Clash map is a network of interconnected trenches. While players can get out of the trench to move faster across the map, you will expose your location to the enemy, so consider the options you have. Fast reflexes will serve you well with any weapon and be wary of glint if you are faced with sharpshooters or sniper rifles.

Additional free content: Multiplayer modes and missions

Three new modes are planned in Season 4, including a classic, along with other multiplayer playlists, moshpits and updates:

Team Defender: a single player must hold the flag while his teammates defend them. Use communication, information and powerful kill streaks to counter the opponent.

One in the Chamber: A free-for-all classic that starts with players holding a gun and a single bullet. A single shot is enough to take down an enemy, but make sure you aim well or you'll run out of ammo. Earn more bullets by getting kills with your pistol or in a melee fight. You have three lives, so play them well. 

Defeat opponents in All or Nothing: In this free-for-all mode, players have limited weaponry: just a gun and a throwing knife. Aim accurately and get the most kills to win. 

More Missions e Challenges for Multiplayer and Warzone can be found in the Challenges tab to help you progress through the leaderboards. As you do so, check the Leaderboards section to find all of this Season's rewards and challenges that unlock with each level up. Maximize your Officer rank to earn this Season's weapon blueprint.  

The contents of the Battle Pass (in Modern Warfare and Warzone)

Two weapons and other free content in the Season 4 Battle Pass

The Season 4 Battle Pass offers two new weapons - the Fennec SMG (Tier 15) and the CR-56 AMAX (Tier 31) assault rifle that all Modern Warfare and Warzone players can get for free.

Additionally, all players can also earn the "Blank Stare", a Legendary assault rifle model, a Legendary watch, an SUV vehicle skin, a Legendary sniper model for Warzone's long fights called "Brookside", a Legendary pistol called “Gavel”, 300 Call of Duty points and more. Get these items and more through 20 levels of free content, obtainable in the Battle Pass simply by playing. 

The Fennec is a fast-firing SMG with solid accuracy and excellent control. Ideal for close range or close range combat, players can extend the range with the ZLR 18 ”Deadfall or ZLR 16” Apex barrel accessories. Let the Fennecs shine on maps of nearby neighborhoods like Rust and Shoot House and advance through the Battle Pass to unlock a legendary project from the same family at level 85.

The CR-56 AMAX assault rifle is extremely well balanced which creates greater damage to take down opponents quickly. With a long range and unimaginable firing speed, players can equip this weapon to increase its mobility, handling and control to suit their style of play. A Legendary project in the same family is available at level 100 along with a vehicle skin, a Legendary skin for Captain Price and Operator Missions to unlock even more skins for Captain Price.

Customize these new weapons to find the best custom builds for Multiplayer or Warzone in Clash combat. 

Get more with the purchase of the Battle Pass

New Operators: Captain Price, Bravo 6

Battle Pass: After helping to take down Barkov at the end of the Campaign, Captain Price collects information on potential recruits for Task Force 141, an elite squadron of fighters designed to defeat the Russian terrorist Mr. Z. With both Coalition and Alliance on the battlefield in Verdansk, including one of his own, Task Force 141's Ghost Operator, Captain Price joins the fray of the ongoing battle.

With the purchase of the Battle Pass, you immediately get Captain Price and his Operator Missions at Tier 0, which also includes an Operator skin and a Mission for Rodion, a new battle horn customization element, a 10% increase in experience points that lasts throughout the season. Advance to Tier 100 to unlock Captain Price's NVG look with the “Nightfall” skin in a tier pack that includes a legendary weapon blueprint, vehicle skin, and more.

Sound your battle cry with a new customization element: the battle horn. The “Ride of the Valkyries” battle horn unlocks instantly at Battle Pass level 0 and plays a familiar anthem when starting any fight, after an epic victory or after a valiant defeat by a brave teammate. May you survive the Gulag and live to keep fighting. Play the anthem using the battle horn which can be equipped in the vehicle customization menu.

This Season adds more vehicle skins, so players can customize them in Ground War or Warzone with different looks. Get five unique skins, placed throughout the Battle Pass, one for each of the drivable vehicles in Warzone.

The “Ambush Alley” provides muddy camouflage to the Cargo Truck and the “From the Ashes” gives the helicopter a flamboyant new look. Discover all the vehicle skins in the Battle Pass and customize your vehicles in the dedicated menu.

Through the Battle Pass, players can enrich their arsenal with different blueprints for a variety of weapon classes. At level 18 you can get the “Sunset Hue” LMG with a blue and purple hue that will ensure you excel with its high accuracy and high LMG damage. At level 42 you get a white SMG with shades of gold, the “Glacial Polish”, which can be lethal in the latest Multiplayer map - Zhokov Scrapyard. At level 76, players can unlock the legendary “Muckrake”, a sharpshooter blueprint, which can prove fatal to enemies in Multiplayer or Warzone. Stabilize your aim with its bipod attack and shoot opponents from a distance with deadly accuracy.

Additionally, players can unlock additional Weapon Blueprints, 2PE and 2PE Weapon Tokens, Watches, up to 1300 Call of Duty Points, and more. Head to the Battle Pass tab to check out all the unlockable goods in this Season 4. 

Battle Pass Bundle: Purchase the Battle Pass Bundle which allows you to unlock all 100 levels and offers you 20 level jumps that can be activated immediately. The Battle Pass Bundle can be purchased at any time throughout the Season. Reward players at whatever level they are by handing out unlocked items that were stuck in previous levels and advancing the Battle Pass 20 levels. 

New Operators and other content in the Store

Even more content in the Store for the duration of the Season, including new Operator skins such as “Bloodletter” for Nikto, weapon blueprints and more. Here are the details on the two new Operators arriving in Season 4:  

Gaz - Sergeant Kyle 'Gaz' Garrick returns to Verdansk to join the Armistice after the events of the Campaign. A British special forces officer and a member of Task Force 141, Gaz is an expert in primary target eliminations, demolitions, weapons tactics, covert surveillance and VIP protection. 

Roze - a former US Army Ranger, Roze is a hunter from the Colorado mountains. He excels in close combat and joins the Alliance as part of the Jackals faction.

Check out Gaz and Roze in Store later in the Season. 

Remember that buying or earning a new skin unlocks the Operator, if they are not already part of your Coalition or Alliance. So, expand your army and get new Store looks and more throughout the season.

Free Trials content in Modern Warfare

More XP in Season 4 Trials

Test your skills in the Trials. Solo experiences that hone your skills and reward your efforts. Players can take on these five new Trials this Season:

  1. Price's Alley - Infinite: Hone your decision-making skills as you battle waves of different enemies in Crash.
  2. Quad Race: Jump on an ATV and run along the Arklov Peak road.
  3. Risky Parkour: Parkour in a unique path through different maps that touches all checkpoints along the way on Gun Runner. Beware of the gas on the ground, do your best not to fall. Another obstacle: be prepared to face this stage at night. Good luck.
  4. Clear the Area - Wipe out the enemies and clear the Azhir Cave area.
  5. Free Roam Parkour: Jump, spin, overtake and circumvent obstacles on the Talsik Backlot as fast as possible. 

Enhance your complete experience

Haven't discovered the full version of Modern Warfare yet? Purchase the Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition now to experience a range of Multiplayer maps, experience an exciting Campaign and play for all Special Ops that continue the Campaign narrative through inspiring team experiences.

The digital edition of the Battle Pass includes:

  • The complete Modern Warfare game
  • 3000 COD points - enough for the Season 4 Battle Pass Bundle and more
  • The Battle Pass with over 20 free unlockable levels
  • A combat knife with a custom skin
  • XRK Weapons Pack

Connect to, select the Modern Warfare Battle Pass edition, the platform you use, the country and get the game. Download it to start playing.

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