Mortal Kombat XL, available starting March 4th

Here is the launch trailer.

Warner Bros. Interactive has released the official trailer for Mortal Kombat XL, which will land on PS4 and XBOX One on March 4th. The game will include all of the Mortal Kombat X content including the DLC released so far and will see the presence of new characters, including Leatherface Don't Open That Door and Alien's xenomorph.

Below we attach the official press release.


The award-winning best-selling game Mortal Kombat X returns with new content including playable characters Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Xenomorph from Alien and more.

Rome, March 1st 2016 - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announces that Mortal Kombat ™ XL, the ultimate experience of Mortal Kombat X, will be available from March 4th for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One.  Mortal Kombat XL is an expanded version of the acclaimed Mortal Kombat X, game awarded as Fighting Game of the Year at the nineteenth edition of the DICE Awards and at The Game Awards 2015. It was also named 2015's Best Fighting Game by Game Informer and IGN. 

Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat XL offers the essential gaming experience of Mortal Kombat X which includes the main game and all the content in the Kombat Pack and Kombat Pack 2 including:

  • New playable characters such as Leatherface ™ from the horror movie series The Texas Chainsaw Massacre © and the Xenomorph from Alien ™, as well as the return of Mortal Kombat characters such as Triborg and Bo'Rai Cho.
  • All playable characters contained in the Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack: Predator ™, Jason Voorhees, Tremor and Tanya, each with three themed skins.
  • The new Apocalypse Skin Pack.
  • All previously released content for Mortal Kombat X including Goro, Brazil Skin Pack, Kold War Skin Pack, Samurai Skin Pack and Kold War Scorpion Skin

As an added bonus, owners of Mortal Kombat XL for PlayStation ™ 4 and Xbox One and owners of Mortal Kombat X, they can download the new Medieval Skin Pack and the new Pit Stage for free. The latter is based on the classic Mortal Kombat arena and includes dedicated Fatalities.

Players who already own Mortal Kombat X can purchase the Mortal Kombat XL Pack which includes the contents of the Kombat Pack and Kombat Pack 2. Fans who already own the Kombat Pack can experience the new gameplay by purchasing the Kombat Pack 2. Both the Mortal Kombat XL Pack and the Kombat Pack 2 will be available on PlayStation®Store and Xbox Live.
Mortal Kombat XL will be available at a price of € 59.90 for PS4TMsystem and Xbox One. The Mortal Kombat XL Pack will be available for € 24.90 and the Kombat Pack 2 for € 19.90 on PlayStation®Store and Xbox Live. The game has a PEGI 18+. For more information, visit and

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