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What is Mother Base?

The Mother Base is certainly one of the greatest innovations introduced by Kojima in this new chapter of Metal Gear of which you can find our review here. Learning to use and develop it will give you enormous advantages on the field and will also allow you to unlock some trophies. It is the operations center of the Diamond Dogs. Initially it will consist of a single platform, the command platform, but later in the game it will be possible to expand it.


In addition to the command platform, it will be possible to develop 6 other platforms.
They are:

Research and development
The R&D platform is key. It will allow us to create new objects, weapons, and to unlock particular upgrades. The higher the level of the platform, the more powerful the technologies developed will be.

Base development platform
This platform will ensure a constant influx of materials and resources to Mother Base. As the level increases, the quantities recovered will proportionally increase and the waiting time between one load and the next will decrease.

Support platform
This unit, on the other hand, will be able to help us on the ground in various ways. He will be able to dispatch equipment, quickly send a helicopter for extraction (if the situation gets hot), or carry out an aerial bombardment.
Developing this platform will also increase the Fulton recovery rate of subjects in critical conditions, and will develop the technologies necessary to allow even the heaviest objects (such as vehicles, or anti-aircraft platforms) to be sent to the Mother Base that would otherwise be untransportable.

Spying platform
The espionage platform will be able to position us in a position of considerable advantage on the battlefield, providing us with information in real time about the number and position of the enemy, but not only! It will also be useful for locating objects and materials hidden in enemy bases, and will develop new features for the iDroid.
The higher the level of the platform, the more accurate and frequent the reports we will receive in the field.

Medical platform
This platform will be able to heal staff injuries or illnesses.
Later in the game it will be essential to develop it as thanks to it we will be able to reduce the losses, especially those concerning combat units.
Furthermore, if developed properly, it will be able to increase the percentage of Fulton extraction of wounded soldiers (or prisoners).

Combat platform
The combat platform is the latest platform that we will develop in the game.
Thanks to it, it will be possible to send our combat units on missions (Snake can't do everything!), Guaranteeing, in case of success, fragrant rewards in money and materials.
For the success of the mission, however, it will be necessary to evaluate the level of your combat unit. You will be able to generate the units automatically, or select them manually. Always comparing your units with those of the enemy will almost always guarantee the success of the mission, and will allow you to complete it while keeping casualties to a minimum, or at least hopefully!


By expanding each platform, you will facilitate its level increase, unlock new features and finally increase the maximum number of staff that can be recruited.
The only exception is the command platform. By developing it, in fact, you will automatically increase the maximum number of staff of all other platforms!
Each of these platforms can subsequently be expanded with 4 other bridges, provided that, of course, you have a fair amount of money and materials.

The materials present in the game are the following:

  • Metals (divided into 3 sub-categories: common, rare, and precious)
  • Biological Materials
  • Fuels
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Diamonds

They will usually be found within enemy areas or encampments, but it will not be uncommon to find them scattered around the world or even within Mother Base itself!

The staff

The most important part to make sure you have a respectable Mother Base is definitely the Staff. The first option to expand the staff is undoubtedly the Fulton recovery. In fact, it will be enough to stun or fall asleep an enemy, and approaching it, the Fulton recovery option will appear. This feature will "send" the enemy directly to Mother Base, where he will be very kindly "invited" (not to say forced) to join the Diamond Dogs. It is always recommended to identify the enemy with binoculars before retrieving it. With the necessary upgrades, in fact, the binoculars will provide us with important information about the level and capabilities of the enemy, thus allowing us to select the “prey” that most interests us. The level of the enemy is indicated with letters, ranging from E to S ++.

Once recovered, the enemies will automatically be assigned to the department where they have the best skills. However, this option can also be done manually. It will be up to us in this way, to decide which and how many units to assign to each platform. A platform with more staff, for example, will also have a higher level. In addition, some crew members have particular skills that will be useful to us such as, for example, that of diplomacy, which will significantly reduce the "fights" of personnel within the platform. Always evaluating these parameters will be essential to get the best from your staff.

But how exactly does Mother Base develop?

To develop your own Mother Base, simply access the menu of ours at any time iDroid, select the Mother Base window, and then enter Base Management.
You are now able to properly develop your Mother Base. Take it easy though, you don't want to send Snake and the Diamond Dogs to ruin!

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