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Avalanche Studios has finally announced the launch date of Mad Max: the title will be available from 4 September 2015 on PS4, XBOX One and PC, while the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions have been canceled. Those who preorder will have access to exclusive content including the bodywork "The Ripper", which boasts a V8 engine, off-road tires and other goodies that make it devastating.

Many other details about the gameplay were then disclosed:

  • It will be possible to travel beyond the borders of the game map (there will therefore be no invisible walls) to Big Nothing, a hostile place consumed by violent sandstorms where there will be neither water nor food. If we are able to survive for a few seconds, we may even find some rare parts to fit on our vehicle.
  • To regenerate the Max health bar we will need water and food, but both will be scarce in the wasteland. Avalanche Studios has aimed to make the search for resources important and there will be various signs to find them: by observing the sky, for example, we may notice birds flying in circles, which means that there could be the carcass of some dead animal from which to draw some food.
  • On the contrary, the fuel will not be scarce. Emil Krafting, game designer of the game, said: "We want resources to be scarce, but we also want a title focused on vehicles and their driving, so the fuel will not be too scarce or you would spend your time walking rather than driving. ".
  • The hand-to-hand combat will be in the style of the Batman: Arkham series, therefore we will see fast actions, counterattacks and the possibility of avoiding attacks.
  • We will be able to access our garage via the pause menu so that we can modify our vehicle at any time. Initially, Avalanche Studios had planned to scatter them all over the wasteland, but it would interfere too much with the pace of the game.
  • We will get to know Max's partner very soon. Chumbucket will be a mechanic who will support us in our adventure and will use a harpoon gun to detach parts from enemy vehicles or to eliminate them directly.

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