The Best Bots to Meet New People on Telegram, and flirt with them.

Telegram allows you to unite millions of people with the same interests and thousands of miles away without using their phone number. Simply choose a username from the settings or use bots that act in total anonymity and don't even need your username. It's nice to meet people who love the same things we do: from a movie, to sports, to music, to trips we've taken or much more.

If you are lucky you can also find a girlfriend/girlfriend, but always keep in mind that a person on the other side of the screen may be different from what is shown on the keyboard. The best 3 bots are the following:

@Best groups: this bot contains the best Telegram groups with which to meet lots of new people and comment on everything we want. It is divided into categories and is constantly updated.

@Strangerbot: is one of the most popular Telegram bots (chat roulette style but using only chat). When you press start, you will be put in anonymous contact with another user and you can talk to us or leave the chat if you are not interested. Being an international bot you will almost always meet foreign people. Beware of who sends you spam or external links.

@ChatIncognitoBot: has the same purpose as Strangerbot, less known but with many more functions. Here we will also contact anonymously with another Telegram user, only from the configuration we can set many parameters. Think that it is possible to choose the language of the partner, their sex, their age range and sharing their position the bot will try to connect you with people close to you. So it can be defined superior to Strangerbot. For more information and to find out what's new with the bot in advance, visit the official website

@Meetbot: another bot in English to chat incognito, with the difference that by entering the following link from the browser you can find many profiles divided by status, gender and age and talk directly with them .

In addition to the bots, there is also a site where you can meet new people by looking at their full profiles and then talk to us on Telegram, all using only our username: Telegramfriends

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