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When it comes to betting tipster Telegram channels and groups and sports betting advice, there is a lot of choice on the internet. This is our complete guide. We look at the best Telegram channels and groups for betting advice, how to choose the right one for you, and explain how they work.

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But before even revealing the most used Telegram groups and channels in the world for betting, we remind you once again what we believe are the most interesting Italian profiles of professional bet tipster to follow day by day:

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List of the best Telegram groups for betting tips

After months and months of research, we have decided to reveal what we believe are the best Telegram groups to find advice on sports betting.

We have compiled a list of the main bet tipster Telegram channels and groups to help you find the best in the world and if you are just curious if these platforms really work or not, we can recommend the following Telegram groups to join:

SBS Telegram Channel

The SBS Telegram Channel is a new Telegram betting channel with both free tips and a premium subscription service

Bet365 Accurate Betting Reports

Free daily tips every hour for Bet365 betting, including jackpots and in-play betting

Worldwide Fixed Matches

Get 100% satisfaction guaranteed with free betting tips on world football markets

Worldwide Fixed Matches

See Telegram predictions only for Betway with accurate results

Fixed Tips Arena

One of the best betting tips Telegram groups with free tips and subscription portal

Betway Sports Telegram Group

A full range of Telegram betting tips covering both traditional and special sports

22Bet Telegram Group

Where smaller bets make bets safe and tips effective

How sports betting channels, groups and Telegram betting bots work

With so many Telegram betting channels operating around the world, all vying for your membership, it's important to understand in detail how they work. You might ask yourself what is the difference between a channel and a Telegram group, for instance. There are also i bot in Telegram to consider.

At Tipster Management we want you to know as much as possible about these platforms so that you can make an informed decision and choose the right one for you. This is our deep dive into the best Telegram groups and channels:

Betting Tips Groups and Telegram Channels

Un Telegram group it's actually quite simple as a form of social media. Created to bring people together on a certain topic, in this case it is successful betting through betting apps or online sports betting, they are managed by administrators who enjoy complete control over entry and content. The aim of the group is to provide Telegram betting tips that are successful.

Admins can approve new members and remove or block people if they are fuck or violate the group's terms and conditions. Messages can be moderated and carefully managed to ensure a respectful environment. If you are a member of the Telegram group, then you can create and comment on messages.

Think about Telegram channels as the digital equivalent of a public address system. Instead of a tannoy with loudspeakers, messages are broadcast to a huge audience online. What Telegram channels provide is a unique possibility to reach individuals directly through notifications to their smartphones, tablets or any device on which they have downloaded the Telegram application.

There is no limit to the number of members and subscribers you can have in a channel. However, a key difference between these and Telegram groups is that only administrators can post. In terms of betting tips the available Telegram channels are therefore used to push promotions such as welcome bonuses and recommended bets.

Using Telegram as a form of mass communication is becoming more and more popular. Creating a channel is really easy. Once Telegram is open, just tap the New Message tab but choose the New Channel option instead. All channels start as private when created, but administrators can change their settings and turn them into public profiles.

You may have heard of bot in Telegram and these are just third party applications that work within the software. The great thing is that you can interact with bots by issuing commands, making requests, and communicating with them via messaging. Controlling Telegram bots is easy. You can do this through HTTPS requests where your options include:

  • Customize news and notifications
  • Taking or making payments from others using Telegram
  • Create multiplayer and / or single games
  • Build personalized social services and tools

Your interactions with bots on Telegram happen in two main ways. First, you can issue requests directly from the input form. Alternatively, you can send them commands by adding them to Telegram groups or by opening the chat function with them.

How to choose the best Telegram betting channels and groups

We have already touched on some of the benefits that the best Telegram betting groups have to offer. Now, our attention shifts to this specific aspect. Again, there are so many that claim to be among the best Telegram channels for betting in the world. Here are the key criteria and aspects you should consider:

  • Track record and accuracy of betting tips
  • If the recommended bets are good value for money
  • How much does the subscription cost
  • The channel offers a free trial
  • There is customer support available
  • Monthly reports to track progress

As noted above, the great thing about some Telegram betting advice channels and groups is that you can preview them before signing up. That way, you don't have to nail your colors to the tree and pay the entry fee right away. You can see if the type of recommended bets a Telegram channel has to offer are the type of bets you like to take.

Telegram channels and groups to join - How to get started

Are you looking to join one of the best Telegram groups or channels in the world right now? This is our step-by-step guide to the whole process. All you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

Select your favorite channel
You can see all the best Telegram channels of betting tips on this same page or by browsing the platform once you have downloaded the app. There will certainly be one that attracts you.

Join the chosen channel
Once you've chosen the channel that's right for you, then simply join it. Telegram has a practical guide on how to join channels. Remember, you can preview certain channels and groups before engaging with them. All you need to do is hit the Channel Preview link.

Set up notifications
Now that you've joined your Telegram channel, you can start receiving messages and notifications. All you need to do now is set up alerts so you get the information you want. If you need to pay for the subscription then do so and soon you will have Telegram betting tips on your device.

Are the best Telegram betting channels free and legal?

You may be wondering if the best Telegram group betting tips are all free and legal. We can answer both of these questions for you. The best Telegram channels may be free, but you may only get some of the betting tips they offer. In order to access the full range of recommended bets on offer, you need to subscribe and get VIP status. This will involve the payment of daily, weekly, monthly or even annual fees. A Telegram betting channel should be reasonably priced.

It is also perfectly legal to operate both Telegram channels and betting groups. Administrators are not placing or providing fixed odds betting services or offering free bets themselves, but rather direct you to offers and promotions where these are available. Also offering Telegram betting tips every day, this is simply a form of analysis as you would get from any experienced tipster.

The best Telegram groups to join in detail

Here we are at the best Telegram channels that we have gone through under the microscope, so you can see what's in them that the TipsterMagamenet experts like. There are so many Telegram betting advice groups out there on the world wide web, along with new betting sites, so knowing which ones are the best can seem difficult.

That's why you have our professional bet tipsters to guide you through all the best Telegram betting channels:

1. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

Telegram betting tips and services were really rocked by SafeBettingSites coming to the market in 2021. After all, we're talking about the UK's number one news website here. SBS provides three daily tips on bets in his Telegram channel for free. They only use industry experts with a proven track record of finding winners and value bets on all major sporting events going on at the time.
Besides being, as they say, the best Telegram tipster and free betting tips every day, you can get even more from the premium subscription service. If you become a VIP on the SBS Telegram channel, then you have access to five betting tips every day. Visit the SafeBettingSites Telegram channel

2. Bet365 Accurate Betting Reports

With well over 100.000 subscribers today, Bet365 Accurate Betting Reports group has the most live betting tips offered by Telegram groups. This is because this particular service also looks to scommesse in-play e alle quote jackpot. It hardly goes without saying that the group is tailor made for betting on one of the UK's, if not the world's, largest football betting sites and online bookmakers. All major sports are covered with daily betting tips available. This range also includes basketball, horse racing and tennis, where it offers particularly good service. Whether you are new to betting and Telegram, or you are an old connoisseur of the platform and an experienced punter, this group can offer you something. Bet365 Accurate Betting Reports clearly has a huge following, and that says more than anything else. There is also a Telegram channel of VIP recommendations that you can subscribe to here. Visit the Bet365 Accurate Betting Reports Telegram channel

3. Worldwide Fixed Matches

Boasting nearly 500.000 subscribers today, Worldwide Fixed Matches is one of the best Telegram groups for football in the UK right now. It only focuses on the beautiful game, and the significance of that is that it is simply the most popular sport for betting in Britain. When it comes to just football, this might be Telegram's best tipster at the moment. It is not too difficult to see why this is the case. The promise of satisfaction, particularly for those who sign up as a VIP, isn't just a marketing slogan or a fake boast. Worldwide Fixed Matches provides great football betting opportunities from around the world. For that reason alone, it's one of the best Telegram betting advice groups in the region. All those subscribers can't be wrong, and with nearly half a million people taking advantage of the bets on offer, Worldwide Fixed Matches bends over backwards for you. Visit the Telegram Worldwide Fixed Matches channel

4. Betway Fix Betting Reports

Another of the best Telegram channels is the Betway Fix Betting Reports group, formerly known as Betway Accurate Sports Reports. The name change is only cosmetic, as there are still members from the UK and around the world in it with safe bets and accurate predictions on offer. As you may have already guessed, this group is dedicated to finding such bets to place on Betway sports betting, with free betting tips available on a regular basis. You can also become a VIP member of Betway Fix Betting Reports with unlocked access via paid membership. This assures you of exclusive Telegram betting tips that you won't find on any other channel. There is also an element to try before you buy with Betway Fix Betting reports, as you can preview the group before making any kind of commitment. This is a common but often overlooked feature of Telegram betting advice groups that take a look behind the scenes. Visit the Betway Fix Betting Reports Telegram channel

5. Fixed Tips Arena

One of the big names in Telegram betting advice channels is Fixed Tips Arena, which is based in the UK. Like many other groups, they provide free betting tips to all members and others behind a VIP membership service. Sometimes you may find that the prices for free picks are a little short on odds, but all Telegram betting tips are meant to find you winners, after all. What Fixed Tips Arena does very well is provide a super range of different sports that their predictions come from. You will find basketball, cricket, F1, soccer, horse racing, other auto racing, rugby, tennis and even volleyball betting recommended on a regular basis. The best betting tips are behind the Fixed Tips Arena paywall and only become available when you subscribe, but this is just the same with other leading UK betting tips Telegram groups. Visit the Fixed Tips Arena telegram channel

6. Betway Sports Telegram Group

The first thing that strikes you about the Betway Sports Telegram group is that their tipsters use the full range of betting odds available through Betway sports betting. By that, we mean they offer you betting advice on everything from traditional sports to political specials, reality and celebrity markets, and even awards season, when movies and shows are vying for accolades. Such a mix of established sports betting and more niche betting is a breath of fresh air. Betway Sports Telegram Group stands out from other Telegram betting advice groups because their approach is different. Making use of the full spectrum of odds available makes sense, and this could be to your advantage even more if you sign up as a VIP. That channel has the best value bets included in it with full communication and chat available with the admins. The Betway Sports Telegram group may surprise you with its unusual winners. Visit the Betway Sports Telegram group

7. 22Bet Telegram Group

It is said that the small wins that accumulate over time when betting are a smart strategy, and this is exactly the attitude that the tipster behind the 22Bet Telegram group adopt. Here, the goal is to make as many winning predictions on Telegram as possible, even if the bets were made at low prices. 22Bet draws its from various sporting events around the planet Earth. Their phased approach could pay off in the long run, making it ideal for members betting on a tight budget.
Unlike other Telegram betting advice groups that can push prices on a specific or related bookmaker, 22Bet offers its members a choice of where to put their money. You can sign up or bet with 22Bet itself, or place your bet on another of the many UK sports betting sites that you can use. They can also push deals and offers from other bookies. Visit the 22Bet Telegram group


You have the information on the best Telegram groups and channels of betting tips. They are a digital and mobile way of sharing betting information. Some platforms cater to specific sports, while others cover everything. All you have to do is find the best Telegram betting channels for you now.


How can I find Telegram channels dedicated to sports betting?

The best Telegram channels dedicated to sports betting are easy to find. Public channels can be found by searching for a keyword such as betting tips and then tapping on any of the results that come up.

What is the best Telegram betting advice channel?

This depends on what you are looking for. Many channels and groups claim to be the best tipster Telegram has to offer. We recommend that you start following the profiles of the best Italian bet tipsters listed at the beginning of the article.

Are Telegram groups and channels safe?

There are security levels on Telegram groups and channels. Only secret chats between two people, rather than groups, have the kind of end-to-end encryption protection you get from WhatsApp, though.

Do betting tipster Telegram channels make money?

While there is no monetization program in Telegram, its betting advice channels can act as third parties promoting offers and dealing with online bookmakers. Telegram is simply the platform through which they communicate such opportunities to a wider audience. Some content like Telegram's tips for predictions may also be behind a subscription service for which you have to pay fees to view.

What are the advantages of online betting Telegram groups and channels?

The main advantage of Telegram groups and channels is that they can impart information to a potentially huge number of people. This is because there is no limit to the number of users who can be part of it.

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