How secret chat on Telegram works

After unveiling you how to use Telegram here is a short guide on how secret chat on Telegram works and how to do secret chats.

Telegram secret chats are chats encrypted where you can chat without any trace being saved either in the memory of your mobile phone or in the server of the Telegram service. All messages in secret chats make use of end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and whoever receives the messages can read them, no one else can intercept or decrypt them.

The advantage of this chat is theself destruction through a preset time that offers the possibility of completely eliminating the conversation without the possibility of recovery.

Preliminary information

Secret chats can neither be saved nor shared, furthermore you cannot take any screenshot of the screen, even if Telegram is currently unable to detect screenshots on certain systems.

Through the Telegram desktop extensions for Chrome and Firefox it is not possible to view the secret chat on the PC, but beware there are methods that allow you to circumvent these limitations.

How secret chat on Telegram works

Once you have installed the Telegram app on your Android or iOS smartphone, let's see how to create a secret chat on Telegram. Open the app and press on Menu (icon with three horizontal bars), top right, by choosing the item Nuova Segreta Chat.

Select the contact from the contact list that appears and wait for acceptance. The app will contact the recipient and put you on hold.

If the contacted person accepts the invitation you can start typing in the field Message, text messages and voice messages or share multimedia files, then send them by pressing on right arrow symbol.

If you have opened a secret chat on an Android or iOS device, you will not be able to view it on any other device, much less from the instant messenger version for PC. The secret chat only works on the device where you created it.

How to delete Telegram secret chat

If you log out of a secret chat you will lose the whole conversation. Also you can create multiple secret chats with the same user.

change the self-destruct settings you can open the Menu, with the three vertical dots at the top right, and press on timer of self-destruction. In the window that appears you can delete Telegram secret chat by setting after how long you want the chat to be destroyed. You can choose between the items: one week, one second, one day or off. Remember that the timer you set has no effect on previous messages.

As already mentioned, the secret chat is an encrypted communication and will not keep the conversation history, but if one of the two interlocutors wanted to, he could take pictures with another smartphone and still capture the written text to share it with other users.

How to recover Telegram secret chat conversations

Unfortunately, once the secret chat is deleted it is no longer recoverable. The same goes for chats: being encrypted you cannot decrypt them. The only solution is to ask the user you chatted with if they can send you the conversation through screenshots. If not, you can try to contact Telegram support.

Finally, I recommend that you only share sensitive information with the person you truly trust.

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