Guide on how to deactivate a Playstation 3 console associated with your PSN account in case of problems

Useful after the new terms of service.

As of November 18, 2011, Sony Computer Entertainment introduced a new restriction on the use of multiple consoles Playstation 3 active with your PSN account.

The limit has in fact been lowered from the previous "5" to the current "2", not implying the contents purchased previously from last November 18th. This implies that you cannot activate multiple consoles with the same account and therefore use regularly purchased material on multiple home consoles.

Normally, to remove a console from your PSN account you have to follow these steps, not being able to perform the activity from the PSP or PC system:

1. Select PlayStation Network in the XMB menu and log into your PlayStation Network user account.
2. Select Account Management> System Activation> PS3 System.
3. Select the type of content you no longer want to use with the PS3 system.
4. Highlight [Deactivate System] and press the X button. The system is now deactivated.
5. Highlight [OK] and press the X button.

But what if for any reason it is not possible to do this? For example, if the console is sold second-hand or unfortunately it breaks?

The age-old problem of YLOD many times it forces users not to seek assistance when the warranty period has been exceeded, as the restoration of the console has a very expensive cost, about 150 euros, so the user opts for the purchase of a new console.

We asked the assistance directly Sony Computer Entertainment who answered us as follows:

Dear Mr. Roberto

With reference to your request, we inform you that since 18/11/2011 the number of consoles that can be activated with the GIOCO system has gone from 5 to 2 and that this reduction does not concern the contents purchased previously.

We also inform you that, in the event that the console is no longer functional, the user himself has the possibility to deactivate this console through our Sony Entertainment Network site.
( by going to the "Account" -> "Multimedia content and devices" -> "Game" -> "Disable all"

In this way, single deactivation will not be possible, but all consoles active at that time with the account in question will be deactivated, and this procedure can only be carried out once every six months.

For further information, the user always has the telephone assistance service available by calling 199.116.266

Yours sincerely
PlayStation team
Help Line: 199.116.266

Here is an exhaustive screenshot

Not fully satisfied with the answer, we asked the following:

But by performing this procedure, can you reactivate the “healthy” console from the internal Playstation 3 menu using your PSN account, thus restoring the correct number of consoles registered in the PSN network?
Or by deactivating them all, it is no longer possible to restore them?

Here is the answer that resolves all doubts:

Dear Mr. Roberto

The online management of the consoles only concerns the deactivation of the Game system.
The activation of the system must / can be carried out only and exclusively from the console.

Activation of the console can take place in two ways:

1) As soon as you download a content your account is automatically activated on your system.

2) Manually through the following steps:

Account Management -> System Activation -> PS3 System -> Game -> Activate

(We inform you, however, that it may take 48 hours from deactivation, before the system can be activated again)

Yours sincerely
PlayStation team
Help Line: 199.116.266

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