God of War guide: where to find and how to defeat the nine Valkyries

Unleash the fury of Kratos.

The new God of War is undoubtedly long-lived and vast as well as full of epic battles, among which those against the strongest enemies in which Kratos unleashes all his fury to emerge victorious. The most powerful and difficult to defeat opponents of all, however, are the nine Valkyries: these boss fights are in fact more complicated than the traditional ones, as they require careful preparation as well as a good memory and timing to learn the set of moves and avoid the most devastating attacks. In this guide we will give you the best tips to not get caught unprepared and take home the victory without too much effort.

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Our first advice, first of all, is to face them after finishing the story, so that Kratos already has respectable upgrades and resistances that will come in very handy.

The Valkyries are found in different places: four are scattered in Midgard, specifically in the River Pass, on the Hills, on the Mountain and in the Body of Thamur. The other four, however, are found in other worlds, precisely on top of the highest mountain in Muspheleim, in a room in Alfheim, in a secret room in Helheim and in the fog labyrinth of Niflheim. After defeating them, you can face the queen Sigrùn, which will use all the attack patterns of the other Valkyries randomly, so remembering them will be essential to win the final fight. At the end, you will also get the relative gold trophy.

How to prepare

As we have already said, it is very important to have great equipment, from armor to weapons. So make sure that both Leviathan and Blades of Chaos are properly upgraded (runes included) and that have almost all the skills unlocked, so as to take advantage of various types of attacks during battles. The same goes for Atreus too, which will provide you with important support and can distract the Valkyries when you find yourself in trouble.

In addition, remember to always use the Fury of Sparta when available, as in addition to inflicting considerable damage it will also allow you to quickly recover the missing health. Finally, always equip yourself with a Resurrection Stone buying it from Sindri or Brok, as in the event of death you will be able to come back to life immediately without having to start the battles with the Valkyries from scratch.

At this point, we can move on to analyze the nine Valkyries and their move patterns. To help you in the success of the company, moreover, you will also find the related videos to better understand their movements.

Geirdriful (Hills)

Geirdriful it is difficult to deal with as it is not easy to predict its movements and it is very fast, so it is able to attack you even when you are avoiding it. The trick to defeating her is all about parrying, switching weapons and dodging her attacks whenever possible, without rushing and learning the moves.

Geirdriful can attack you in the air in a number of ways, so use Atreus's arrows when you can't hit her. When he is about to return to the field, the important thing is to dodge his devastating attack that knocks you to the ground, because it has a fairly large area of ​​effect and does good damage. Furthermore, when it is in flight, avoid staying under it because if the camera is not able to frame it you will not be able to identify the next attack, which is often not blockable. So always keep your distance.

When he throws the magic yellow discs you can safely parry them, with the exception of the red variant. The red disc is thrown only once, and in that case you will have to dodge it by rolling. The black "bullets" it fires are also blockable. As for melee attacks, all of them can be parried and they are all carried out with wings.

In short, the key to staying safe and predicting Geirdriful's moves is to always keep your distance. You won't have much trouble defeating her with this strategy in mind.

Eir (Mountain)

Eir she is one of the easiest Valkyries to take out, as long as you learn her attack patterns and unleash Kratos' Fury when she is vulnerable or distracted. Make a couple of attacks when hovering: when using the sickle dashes towards you, but it is possible to parry the blow and immediately counterattack. Alternatively, when she's charging this attack she can be stopped by throwing some arrows at her. Eir is also able to create one giant and devastating explosion, but even here you just need to use some arrows of Atreus to avoid the worst.

When it comes to melee attacks, Eir always tries to shorten the distance and the most frequent move is an area attack followed by a vertical slash. In order not to suffer damage, we advise you to dodge them every time with a roll (by pressing X twice), in order to take you out of the AOE range as well. The swing attacks with wingsInstead, it is possible to parry them, but note that the frequency varies and therefore you will have to keep your guard up until the series ends.

Finally, Eir also uses its wings as a shield, which you can knock down by pressing L1 twice or with several powerful attacks. However, if you are not close enough to do so, be prepared to avoid the next attack.

Kara (River Pass)

First of all, Kara has the unique ability to summon enemies. They are relatively weak but they are annoying and can distract you from your primary goal, which can hit you at a time when you are intent on cleaning up the arena a bit.

While in the air, Kara uses a scythe to execute her attacks and you can choose to parry, dodge or interrupt them with Atreus' arrows. In addition, it can fire various "bullets" and magic discs, which are divided into two types:

  • Kara fires several shots in a row, which you can parry
  • Kara fires a single blow, which you can only dodge to take no damage

Melee attacks are always carried out with wings, and even here you just have to wait for the end of the series before attacking.

Gunnr (Body of Thamur)

Gunnr uses his scythe to execute his attacks and you can choose to parry, dodge or interrupt them with Atreus' arrows. Compared to some other Valkyries, the close attack with the wings is followed by another with the scythe, so the pattern varies slightly but it is still possible to parry or dodge. The only blow you will have to avoid is when it tries to stab you, so roll away and you won't take any damage.

Gondul (Muspelheim)

Gondul it differs from previous Valkyries in that it has the ability to rain fire from the sky, which you can only dodge. The same goes for his most powerful attack: Gondul takes flight and exits out of your sight range, then sets fire to a small area in your position and, subsequently, rushes at you. It is very important to avoid this combo given the huge damage it is capable of inflicting, therefore we advise you to press X once to dodge the fire on the ground and a second time, a moment later, to avoid ending up under Gondul. Also watch out when the Valkyrie swings her staff, as she is about to set up a powerful explosion that you can easily interrupt with Atreus' arrows.

Melee wing attacks also involve Gondul swinging, so don't stop parrying until it finishes.

Hildr (Niflheim)

To reach Hildr it's not easy as it hides in a maze of fog, but our colleagues from Polygon have posted the following map showing the route to take to get to this Valkyrie.

The best thing to do with most of Hildr's attacks is parry and then counterattack. Wait for it to be near you and then press L1 to block its hit and stun it, then use runic attacks to deal a good amount of damage.

On the other hand, when he throws a volley of ice bullets at you, parry them all; then, immediately after a very short pause, he will fire a last more powerful icy attack that you can only dodge. The other ranged attack, a beam of energy that spans the entire battlefield, is also unblockable, so roll over there as well.

Always use Atreus' arrows when he is in the air and parry melee attacks, as with other Valkyries.

Olrun (Alfheim)

The most powerful attack of Olrun it is the vertical leap and then falls upon us a moment later, in the style of the one carried out by Gondul. So as soon as it takes off, roll to avoid losing a lot of health with an attack that is all in all simple to predict.

Also pay close attention to the attacks it uses to shorten distances, because when it rushes towards you, depending on the position from which it starts, you can foresee the next blow. If the dash starts from Kratos' right side, dodge the impending attack, while if he starts from the left side he will attack you with his wings and you can parry him..

Keep these tips in mind and you'll have Olrun's head in no time.

Rota (Helheim)

Always remember: the best strategy to face the Valkyries is to have a good and ready defense first, and this also applies to Rattan.

When using magic, simply block the hits with the shield. On the other hand, when he throws himself at you, he will do so three consecutive times; dodge them all and at the end you can attack. Rota, too, will try to hit you with a devastating swoop attack, but be careful: unlike Gondul and Olrun, he could do it only once or several times in a row. So make sure he's done before launching your attacks.

Melee attacks are the same as other Valkyries, although Rota may perform some unblockable attacks that you will be forced to dodge.

Sigrùn (Council of the Valkyries)

After defeating the eight previous Valkyries, you can finally face the queen Sigrùn, by far the most difficult to predict as, as mentioned at the beginning of the guide, he uses all the move patterns of his submissions.

The level of attention here must necessarily be high, because Sigrùn will constantly change the type of attack and you could find yourself down before you even realize it. It will attack you from the other, it will exploit the fire, it will throw at you the ice bullets, it will be able to use a shield to parry your attacks and so on, it lacks nothing at all.

With this Valkyrie you have to arm yourself even more with patience and prepare yourself as best as possible (don't forget the Resurrection Stones!), Also trying to remember, as much as possible, the moves of her previously eliminated sisters. Manage your health very well as well as the Fury of Sparta and the arrows of Atreus, who will be an essential companion in this boss fight. Always stay focused on your target and do not risk hasty movements, but calculate well the right moment to unleash your shots.

Here all the advice above applies and you must use all your skills to manage the fury and unpredictability of the last Valkyrie, but know that in the end there will be a rich loot waiting for you!

Location of all Valkyries

If you find it hard to discover the places where all the Valkyries are hiding, finally, below you will find a long "summary" video that shows how to reach them and eventually defeat them. Good hunting!

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