Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime, revealed the four protagonists Ghostbusters

Waiting for March 23, 2011

Following the official announcement of the release date, we can finally get to know the game characters.

Atari has in fact revealed in detail the four Ghostbusters that we will drive in Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime, new videogame dedicated to the series of the same name.

There are four characters, three men and one woman, with different characteristics and skills, but each one indispensable to the team.

The first is Alan Crendall, true leader of the group despite not having much knowledge in the mysterious universe of the paranormal.

Immediately after there is Gabriel Sitter, very important for the group as an expert in technology and curator of the team's equipment, decidedly inclined to study and deepen.

The third member is Samuel Hazer, the only scientist of the group, who deals with the study of ghosts and creator of the best techniques to find and capture the various ghosts.

Finally the only female member of the group is Bridget Gibbons, Ghostbusters with no experience in the paranormal but very determined and with an important predisposition for battle.

We conclude by recalling that Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime will be available via digital download from PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live from 23 March 2011.

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