Free portable software for USB stick

    For business needs you need some free portable software for USB stick without installing them on various PCs?

    These packages contain mostly open source software broken down by category. It is about portable software, as, the programs do not have to be installed on PCs to be used, but are launched directly from the USB key, through a simple menu.

    Free portable software for USB stick

    The advantage of using free portable software for USB stick, consists in the possibility of having your usual software ready for use available, by inserting the USB key into the computer, without installing any file.

    In this way we can use our favorite browser, the chat program or the programs for the maintenance of our PC without having to install anything.

    Free portable software for USB stick

    You have two options:

    • turn these software into portable with Cameyo
    • download and install the numerous portable collections available on the Internet.

    In the first case you can easily read this guide: How to turn PC software into portable.

    For the second case, if you need to use the programs in portable mode, you can download and install from this site in one block a very varied collection.

    The site is available Platform to be installed on a USB key to have a real menu from which to choose which applications to install from those distributed by the site.

    How to have portable software on a USB stick 

    When you are done installation area of Platform you will realize that this will be empty. Click the button Applications and choose "Download other applications ..". You can choose the available applications directly from a list, which also tells you the required space. Just select the ones you prefer and click "NEXT".

    Free portable software for USB stick

    Once the download is complete, the applications will be available in the window PortableApps. You can repeat the process to add new ones.

    In addition to the site of the PortableApps, you can also try that of WinPenPack, which offers four types of portable software divided by capacity. To download it you need to connect to the site and locate WinPenPack Suite where you can find graphics programs, dedicated to the Internet, multimedia and much more.

    Free portable software for USB stick

    After choosing the package that best suits your needs, start the download. Once the download is complete, insert the USB stick with the space required by the type of WinPenPack downloaded (Essential or Full) to your PC. Open the file you just downloaded and in the window that appears press OK to confirm the use of the Spanish language and then on NEXT.   

    Put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement I awarded NEXT twice. Select the drive of your USB stick by clicking on the button Shop by Department and start copying the portable programs on the USB stick.

    At the end of the process, a window will appear through which you can start the programs copied to your USB stick. Use the folders contained in the card List to browse and choose the programs available and divided into various categories (eg Internet, Graphics, etc.) and start them with a double click.

    To download other programs or check new and updated programs, just connect to the WinPenPack site and click on the category of interest to download other portable programs for USB sticks.

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