FIFA 21 - FUT Ultimate Team, the most buggy players in the Bundesliga

After the Premier League (BPL) and Serie A, the time has come to analyze another championship rather widespread among FIFA 21 FUT- Ultimate Team players, we are talking about Bundesliga. A league full of talents and established players, but what interests us in this short guide are the bugged players. Those players who have ratings that are not always top players (often below 80) but still capable of making a difference on the pitch. Having these players on the team FUT Ultimate Team it's important, especially if you play Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and the Weekend League on a weekly basis. For this reason we have decided to list some of the best buggy players in the Bundesliga, as usual, with their prices!

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Please note: - next to each player you will find the relative purchase price. The one on the left refers to the PS4 version, the one on the right, the Xbox One version!


Kevin Trapp (OV 83) of Frankfurt - Price: 1.400 / 1.700 credits. Well above the Overall we were talking about, or less than 80, but at such a low price it is impossible not to recommend it. Thanks to three values ​​80 + it could really be the perfect low cost gate.

Koen Casteels (OV 83) of Wolfsburg. Price: 1.300 / 1.500 credits. Another 83, but with values ​​of a top player or almost. As many as five 80+ stats.

Left backs

Nico Schulz (OV 80) of Borussia Dortmund. Price: 2.800 / 3.300 credits. His winning weapon is speed, well 87. The other values ​​are negligible but in game he is a real beast.

Christian günter (OV 78) of Freiburg. Price: 750/800 creditthe. Fast but also physically strong, a real tough nut to crack for all attacking opponents but also capable of offending when needed.

Central defenders

Tapsoba (OV 78) of Bayern Leverkusen. Price: 800 / 950 credits. Don't be fooled by those two 78's in defense and physical. This defender is above average. He also has 3 * of weak foot, which is unusual for a player with this OV.

Ibrahima Konaté (OV 78) of Leipzig. Price: 900 / 900 credits. Rocky defender, fast, physically strong and with a good defense. That 85 of contrast can really come in handy!

Manuel Akanji (OV 78) of Borussia Dortmund. Price: 1.000 / 950 credits. All-round defender. It does not shine for its height but it is a real mastiff.

Right backs

Stefan Lainer (OV 80) of M'gladbach. Price: 800 / 750 credits. Almost infinite stamina and good physique.

Nordi Mukiele (OV 80) of Leipzig. Price: 1400 / 1700 credits. A beast. Fast but above all strong defensively. They will be pains for the opposing attackers.


Kunde Malong (OV 76) of FSV Mainz 05. Price: 700/700 credits. At such a low cost it is a must have. A fast CDC and also physically strong. Better to counter rather than wait for the attacker to arrive in the race as he only has 70 defense.

Thomas Delaney (OV 81) of Borussia Dortmund. Price: 900 / 900 credits. More than just a matchmaker. Strong defensively but also capable of proposing itself in attack.

Konrad Laimer (OV 82) of Leipzig. Price: 900/1.100 credits. Not unlike Malong but slightly faster. By taking both, you will always have the right alternative in midfield.

Exequiel Palacios (OV 77) of Bayern Leverkusen. Price: 900/900 credits. Midfielder (in this case CC) all-round.

Marcel Sabitzer (OV 80) of Leipzig. Other CC. Absurd that it has such a low price, 2.100 / 2.300 credits. It has the perfect attacking characteristics: speed, dribbling. shot and pass. Let's also add 4 * weak foot and the good Marcel could be the added value of the team. A must have among the buggy players of the Bundesliga.

Emre Can (OV 82) of Borussia Dortmund. Price: 1.900 / 2.100 credits. Another player given away. He starts as a CC but it would be better to use him as a CDC perhaps in front of the defense.

If you play with the COC, we recommend these buggy Bundesliga players:

Jean-Paul Boëtius (OV 76) of FSV Mainz 05. Price: 700 / 700 credits. The COC is certainly not perfect but capable of surprising. Fair speed, good dribbling and 4 * in regards to skill moves and weak foot.

Christopher Nkunku (OV 80) of Leipzig. Price: 700 / 700 credits. Less speed than the previous one but more dribbling and good passing.

Emil forsberg (OV 79) of Leipzig. Price: 700 / 800 credits. That player who surprises. Even though he has 70 shots at goal he is almost a sniper.

Right Wings

Karim Bellarabi (OV 82) of Bayern Leverkusen. Price: 1.200 / 1.300 credits. Technically skilled player, fast and able to break the opposing defense in two. He is not a sniper but he scores his goals.

Valentino Lazaro (OV 79) of M'gladbach. Price: 1.000 / 1.500 credits. Less fast and technical than Bellarabi but excellent as a substitute, perhaps to keep possession of the ball or look for a counterattack.

Left Wings

Here we have two choices that are equivalent. In particular:

Leon Bailey (OV 80) of Bayern Leverkusen. Price: 1.400 / 1.400 credits. To say the least devastating thanks to its enormous speed and dribbling. All accompanied by 4 * skill and weak foot.

Moussa diaby (OV 81) of Bayern Leverkusen. Leverkusen doesn't like slow exteriors. Price: 900 / 1.000 credits. Unlike his teammate, he has only 2 weak feet, better not to kick him with his right foot. Its acceleration, however, is burning.


Hee Chan Hwang (OV 79) of Leipzig. Price: 700 / 750 credits. The Korean striker is very fast and also has a 4 * weak foot. Very useful as a super sub but also as owner he can have his say.

Milot Rashica (OV 79) of Werder Bremen. Price: 750 / 850 credits. Very agile and fast. Has 4 * skill and weak foot. Holder? Even now!

That's it as far as the buggy Bundesliga players are concerned.

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