Evolve becomes free-to-play on PC

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Turtle Rock Studios announces the move of Evolve to the free-to-play model on PC.

Evolve, the title developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games focused on fighting between a group of monster hunters and one of the selectable monsters, it is relaunched starting today as a title free-to-play.
The new version of Evolve, entitled Evolve: Stage 2, completely replaces the previous version. Anyone who bought the title prior to its relaunch will earn additional loyalty rewards during Stage 2, as well as maintaining access to any previously purchased content.
new playersinstead, they can have immediate access to a variety of Hunters and Monsters on a weekly rotation, and they can unlock for free in numerous ways the chosen characters, through Evolve's new in-game currency, the Silver Keys. Among these ways are counted daily challengeslevel increases of characters and profilescompletion of tutorials e consecutive daily accesses.
Turtle Rock Studios announced the presence of options to unlock characters through real money, but has not yet defined i prices of those options.
This update also brings with it a number of changes to gameplay and balance, including the ability for all hunters to use the trap (previously exclusive of stairs) and the new Trapper ability, "World Scan“: This ability gives the team a direction of the monster relative to the team's position.
Turtle Rock Studios also announced the release of four new Hunters during the first two months of Stage 2.

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