God of War, Artifact Guide

Artifacts in God of War are one of many ways to gain extra experience and rewards. These artifacts are usually hidden and really hard to find if you don't know where to look. Use this artifact guide to help you find them all!

Find the artifacts in God of War it's not just a question of being a completist. Each collected artifact, in fact, earns you XP - with one bonus per completed set. Additionally, these collectibles can be sold for a good amount of coins when visiting the shops in Brok or Sindri. In this guide I'll show you how to find each artifact in God of War.

Wildwoods - Lost and Found

You can find all four artifacts Lost and Found in the Wildwoods region during the first story chapter, "The Marked Trees".

Artifacts are found in the following locations:

  1. The first artifact is in front of the Kratos courtyard. Specifically, it is to the right of the gate that Atreus and Kratos cross to go hunting;
  2. As you follow Atreus on his hunt, you'll come across a stone bridge. Turn left just before crossing it to find the second artifact;
  3. A little further on, you will come to some ruins where you will open your very first Nornir chest. From there turn right, follow the path and descend from the chain to find the third artifact;
  4. When you get to the temple, keep right, go through the door and cross the frozen pond near the bridge to find the fourth and final artifact.

River Pass - Faces of Magic

You will only be able to obtain the first seven River Pass artifacts on your first visit as part of the quest "A Path to the Mountain".

  1. You will not be able to find the first artifact before a certain point in the River Pass. After you have passed all the riddles of the bridge, but before you meet Brok for the first time, you will be attacked by some Reaver. Once you have escaped them, you will find yourself crossing a ledge. On the other side of it it will be possible to descend via a pendulous chain. From when you land follow the ledge until you find your first artifact;
  2. Soon after, you will meet Brok. Keep right from his shop and follow the path for a while. Drop off the ledge to find the second artifact;
  3. Back on the main path, you will pass through an area with a sharp ceiling. On the other side you will literally walk over the third artifact;
  4. After getting the third one, follow the edge of the cliff until you get to the fourth artifact;
  5. Shortly thereafter, you will have to solve a sandy puzzle to open a large circular door. Follow the tunnels inside and take the first left. Climb up the ledge until you get to the fifth artifact.
  6. After fighting with the troll and exiting the arena, you will arrive near a burnt village. You can find the sixth artifact behind the fourth house on the right;
  7. After a slight storyline development, you will enter the Witch's Cave, under their house. Go down the ramp and turn left. Continue along that tunnel and go down below. Take the pieces of rock and move them into the water. You have to move well to be able to push them all into the river. Jump on top of them at the end to cross the stream and get the seventh artifact.

River Pass, the return.

You can find the two remaining artifacts Faces of Magic when you return to the River Pass during "A New Destination". These are the following positions:

  1. When you return to the Cave, you have to climb an old well to get to the witches courtyard. At the top of the well, follow the ramp. You will pass by the artifact when you notice a corpse on the right;
  2. When you get to the courtyard turn left and climb the chain to get to a ledge. The final artifact is hidden in the grass on the left of the path. This is easy to miss.

Shores of Nine - Abandon Ship

You can find the nine artifacts of the Abandon Ship when you first arrive in the Lake of Nine during "Path to the Mountain". Here are the following artifact locations:

  1. Lookout Tower. Turn right as you exit the Witch's Cave tunnel and follow the shore. At the first pier there will be the Lookout Tower. Rotate the tall panel in the wall above the Nornir basket to withdraw the thorns from the ground. The artifact is on the ground on a corpse in front of the trunk;
  2. Niflheim Tower. As you continue clockwise around the Lake of Nine, you will come across the Niflheim Tower. Go up the elevator and you will find the artifact in front of - another - corpse behind some crates on your right (you will also find the Mystic Gateway on the left);
  3. Isle of Death. Dock your boat at the Isle of Death wharf and climb the opposite wall. Turn left and destroy the rocks with fire. This will reveal another corpse (sigh) and the third artifact;
  4. Forgotten Caverns. Land at the Forgotten Caverns, then climb the chain on the right side of the beach. Turn left to find the artifact in front of yet another corpse;
  5. Helheim Tower. Ride the elevator to the top of the Helheim Tower and face the Hel-walkers there. The artifact is next to a corpse lying near the huge doors in front of the elevator;
  6. Alfheim Tower. Again, this artifact is also on top of the tower. Ride the elevator and cross the tower to find it on the left (you can momentarily ignore the Realm Tear unless you're ready to take on the three level four Draugr);
  7. Stone Falls. Go through the gate - and clear the area - then aim for the locked gate on the right side of the arena. Climb to the top of that ledge to find the artifact;
  8. Cliffs of the Raven. Look to the left of the dead giant for some axes to destroy. Throw Atreus over the wall to drop a chain for you. Climb and go around the legendary chest to find this artifact;
  9. Tyr's Bridge. The last artifact is facing the east side of Tyr's Bridge pier.

Veithurgard - Horns of Veithurgard

As you explore the Lake of Nine, you will come to a beach near the Stone Falls. There you can collect the grace of "Hammer Fall”And open the gate of the hidden region of Veithurgard. Once inside you will be able to collect the six Veithurgard artifacts. The places are as follows:

  1. On the Veithurgard pier, the artifact is at the end of the pier on the left;
  2. To the right of the beach, there is a chain that will open a gate on the left. Cross it and climb to the top of the cliff, and descend to the beach. You will find some boards to break; destroy them and you will find the second artifact;
  3. In the area outside the fortress, you will find three altars to free the dragon Otr. On the way between the second and third, you will destroy some rocks with fire in front of the fortress doors. The third artifact is behind these rocks;
  4. On the left side of the bridge leading to the main gates of Veithurgard Castle;
  5. After opening the main gates, go to the room to the left of the sanctuary;
  6. Unlock the passage to the right of the sanctuary and go down into the room with a hole in the ceiling, you will find a corpse with the sixth artifact.

Alfheim - Spoils of War

You can get the six artifacts of Alfheim during your first visit during "The Light of Alfheim". The first two can only be found after exploring the Lake of Light. The positions are as follows:

  1. Once in the Lake of Light, follow the shore to the left. You will arrive on the beach of Light Elf Shore. As you moor the canoe, turn right and follow the broken dock to the water to find the first artifact;
  2. The next artifact is in another optional area - the Light Elf Sanctuary. Follow the shore on the right. Go around the sanctuary, go through the gates and return to the right. Before you return to the starting point, you will find the second artifact under your feet.

The other artifacts are in the main Temple. Specifically:

  1. You won't find artifacts for a while. After Atreus is kidnapped by an Elder and you have dealt with a handful of Dark Elves you can restore the bridge where the aforementioned Elder stood and look to the left for the third artifact;
  2. Again, after some exploration and fighting, you'll take an elevator that goes down into a dark pit. The next artifact is in a cell directly behind you;
  3. In the central body of the pit, create a bridge of light on the left. In the next room, destroy a crystal and release a group of Draugr. The fifth artifact is in one of the cells;
  4. In the room of the wheel that lowers the floor in the main area of ​​the Temple, lower the floor and lower both sides. Go through the room in front of you. Defeat the Draugr and collect the artifact in the room opposite the wheel.

The Mountain - Bottoms Up

You can collect the six artifacts during the "Inside the Mountain". Below is the list:

  1. Once inside the mountain, walk behind the throne room. Where you find a chest of Nornir. Break a few boards and you will find the first artifact;
  2. After going through the corridor full of spiky traps, you will enter a larger room with a metal wall with spikes. There is a painted yellow corner; throw your ax until the wall with sharp points opens, there you will find the second artifact;
  3. After battling with Hraezlyr and talking to Sindri, you will enter the mountain again. Climb the wall, move the basket and destroy the crystal. After moving the basket, you will find the third artifact in an alcove;
  4. Immediately after that, run along the snowy path before the summit. There is a shortcut blocked by some Hel-bramble. Turn left and follow the corridor to collect the fourth artifact.

You will not be able to obtain the remaining two artifacts until you return to the The Mountain during the mission "Return to the Summit". Here are the following positions of the remaining ones:

  1. Inside the cave on the summit cross the snowy path, take the passage below and go down. On the left, in an alcove, you will find the fifth artifact;
  2. Go back to the garden. On the snowy path with the bridge, there is a ledge on the left with which to descend. Cross the path and you will find the sixth and final artifact.

Helheim - Family Heirloom

Your first trip to Helheim it's during the main mission "The Sickness". You will only be able to collect three of the top five artifacts during this visit. The positions are as follows:

  1. As you leave Tyr's Temple turn right. You will find the first artifact in a corner;
  2. Under the bridge, there is a door that you cannot go through. Turn left, burn some Hel-bramble and take a detour. You will climb to the top of pillars and fight with Hel-Walkers. Once down, watch your back for a destroyed pillar. The artifact is on top of that;
  3. You'll fight some Hel-walkers, then head down the arena. Once down, go under an overpass, the third artifact is right there.

For the remaining two, you'll need to go back to Helheim with Atreus in tow. Here are the missing items for total completion:

  1. Run along the bridge until you reach the second overpass. Go up and take a left, then have Atreus burn the wall of sap - behind which you also find two Ravens of Odin and a Valkyrie, Rota - and take the artifact on the right;
  2. Take the elevator after the Valkyrie area. Take the stairs before the entrance. The artifact is on the left.


I preferred to keep the English names during the writing of the guide for a faster and easier use. For other content:

  • Review;
  • Valkyries;
  • Mist Set;
  • Aegir's Gold;
  • Skills;
  • Chests;
  • Treasure maps.
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