Dark Souls 3, the new patch is now available

Numerous fixes.

The new patch of Dark Souls 3 is now available for the download for free su all gaming platforms.

The changes concern operations of balancing, several bug fixes and minor glitches, but also problems that prevented smooth progression within the content. Specifically, several problems related to Vilhelm, NPC that occasionally could get stuck in the rocks of the setting, or could not be hit by phantoms, have been corrected; a bug related to Friede's failure to respawn in her third phase of the boss fight has been fixed; the non-appearance of the Wolf Guardian of the Tomb in the battle arena has been corrected; while small changes of various kinds will affect the multiplayer arena.

A curious fix for the base game will concern instead the boss fight of Lothric and Lorian, with the latter who, exiting and re-entering the game at the end of the second phase, found himself outside the boundaries of his arena at the restart.

Found the entire changelog following this address. Dark Souls III is now available for PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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