Cyberpunk 2077: all the details of the patch 1.02 available

CD Project Red announced that the long-awaited 1.02 patch of cyberpunk 2077 will come up soon PC, Xbox One, PS4 e Stadia. In the press release you can read many improvements to the title, including the enabling of the Ray Tracing on graphics cards AMD.

At the beginning of March, we analyzed some of the improvements of the new one patch in another article. These include correcting police response times and driving problems.

The list released by CD Projekt however, it includes hundreds of changes. These range from small details in the behavior of the characters, to big changes in the use of the Ray Tracing. The list of updates is divided into sections ranging from gameplay, missions, open world, cinematic design, environment and levels, graphics, audio, animation, user interface, stability and performance changes.

The list contains hundreds of items and ends with the words: “and many more”. It is therefore likely that much of the problems they have plagued cyberpunk 2077 will be fixed by this patch. CD Projekt has not yet provided an official date but, according to the release, the release will take place soon.

The update was initially scheduled for February 2021 but, following the hacker attack that hit the Polish software house, the development took longer than expected. It is also likely that, after the release of version 1.02, CD Project Red he will get to work on the next generation console version of his title. Its release is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

It is not yet clear, however, whether the release of this patch will also mark the return of cyberpunk 2077 su Playstation Store. Sony has in fact removed the title from its store following the serious stability problems that plagued it at the launch on the console.

cyberpunk 2077 is available on PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

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