Battlefield 3, Battlelog update in Beta Multiplayer phase

Here are the news in detail.

It is not yet time to give you our analysis regarding the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta, but only to let you know the news concerning the Battlelog, the command tool that also collects game statistics for all platforms and matchmaking management for PC users.

DICE, which informs us to work incessantly on the server side to remedy the various bugs discovered during this phase, has updated the Battlelog, including some interesting news.

Here they are listed below:

- Ability to queue an EA Account ID request

- Fixed some issues in the stats update and on the Forum page

- Improved the Friends import from the ORIGIN list

- Fixed an issue that appeared after a registered novice user could not access servers

- Many improvements made to server management, showing better the available slots, as well as choosing the most appropriate one for the Quick Match selection

- Fixed posting of stats in Battle after a match.

Stay tuned to to stay up to date on Battlefield 3.

Recall that the title debuts on October 28 in stores on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platform. The PC version supports 3D with dedicated video cards.

In conclusion, we present a list of Questions and Answers about BETA:

With the Battlefield 3 Open Beta starting on September 29, millions of players will have the opportunity to play Battlefield 3, help us test the game, and give us valuable feedback on it.

Some of you will have the opportunity to start playing the Open Beta on September 27th, 48 hours before it becomes open to all. This post will answer your questions about how early access to the Battlefield 3 Open Beta works.

If you have more questions, we have a more extensive FAQ at this link.

Q: What are the official Open Beta dates?

A: 29 September - 10 October 2011

Q: Who will get the chance to get early access to the Battlefield 3 Open Beta on September 27th?

A: Those who have pre-ordered the digital PC version of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition on Origin, or who have registered their new copy of Medal of Honor: Limited Edition / Tier 1 Edition, or have purchased Medal of Honor Limited Edition on Steam before of 26 July 2011.

Q: How do I get early access to the Open Beta?

A: For Xbox 360, you will receive an email with instructions and your personal passcode. Write down your code and follow the instructions.

For Playstation 3, Early Access to the Open Beta will automatically appear for you on the Playstation Netwrok Store.

For PC, you will receive an email with instructions and your personal access code. Make a note of the code and follow the instructions to redeem it on Origin.

Q: I bought Medal of Honor: Limited Edition / Tier 1 Edition on Steam. How do i get access?

A: If you purchased Medal of Honor on Steam before July 26, 2011, you have the option to gain early access to the Battlefield 3 Open Beta.

To see your code, go to Medal of Honor in your Steam library, and click on the “cd key” link. Look for the “Battlefield 3 Open Beta Early Access” key.

Battlefield 3 ships through Electronic Arts' Origin client. (direct download, 47 mb:

Once Origin is installed, launch it and log in with your Origin ID. (This is the same as your EA Account User ID in Medal of Honor). In the Origin client, click the gear icon in the top menu bar, and then choose “redeem product code”.

Q: Is Origin mandatory to play the Open Beta?

A: Origin is not required to play on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. For PC, Origin will be used to distribute the Open Beta installation and run the game, and therefore is required to play.

Q: Where can I install Origin from?


Q: Where can I go if I have other questions?

A: You can visit our more extensive Open Beta FAQ here.

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