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You have been using Word for some time but for a few days you have noticed that when you create a hyperlink, it is converted to plain text with the inscription HYPERLINK enclosed in braces like this? {HYPERLINK “http://www.mysite.com”}. You have already repeated the procedure for inserting a hyperlink with Word: Insert> Links> Hyperlink, but does it keep repeating itself?

Basically you can no longer see hyperlinks in blue and you don't know how to fix this, right? Then read on and I'll tell you how to go back to viewing hyperlinks with links without viewing plain text with "Hyperlink".

A quick solution is to select theHyperlink with the address enclosed in quotes and curly brackets and press the combination ALT + F9, and as if by magic you should see the hyperlink with blue and underlined link. Surely you are in "Field codes“, And that is that situation in which Word displays field codes instead of field values.

A field code tells the field what to display. The field results are the elements that appear in the document after evaluating the field code.

When you see the Hyperlink field code in the content, rather than getting a real hyperlink it means that you have inadvertently set in the Word settings the request to show the field codes instead of the values.

To return to the initial mode and then display i hyperlinks with blue and underlined links you have to open Word and from Fillet choose options. In Word options select Advanced Settings and scrolling the window that appears, locate the section Viewing the content of the document. Here check out “Show field codes instead of their values”And confirm by pressing OK.

The hyperlink should now work perfectly.

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