Sony State of Play: all the announcements and news

All 23:00 (Spanish time) yesterday, April 29 2021, aired it State of Play di Sony, digital event in which they were presented three new trailers for short-term products in the portfolio of securities PlayStation. The event lasted about twenty minutes and can be viewed in full that or below.

State of Play: Subnautica Below Zero

The first trailer shown was that of Subnautica Below Zero. This is the official sequel to the popular survival game based on maritime settings. The game is set a year after the events narrated in the first episode.

It will foresee situations on the verge of survival in a new, hostile environment characterized by very low temperatures, as well as the dangers enclosed by the underwater environment; by the monsters that haunt both water and land; and a thousand other more or less dangerous variables.

While going in search of a missing sister the environment will be explored, shelters will be built and everything that can be useful for survival will be collected to the icy expanses and the icy surrounding sea.

During the trailer they are called up the functionality of the PS5 DualSense controller and how they will be exploited by Subnautica Below Zero: the electric shocks will appear to be transmitted directly to the player's hands, while the haptic feedback will return even more realistically the adrenaline of situations in which there is a chase, an escape from a too strong enemy or a decisive moment for the story or for the life of the protagonist.

The version PS5 it will also be reinforced from solid graphics support in 4k at 60 fps. At the end of the trailer it is also announced that the owners of Subnautica to PS4 will be entitled to a free upgrade to PS5 version of the game.

Subnautica Below Zero will come out for PS4 e PS5 il 14 Maggio 2021.

State of Play: Among Us

Il second trailer announces a largely planned event, but still highly anticipated. The exit for PS4 e PS5 di Among Us, the popular "psychology" based party game in which placid astronauts try to repair your ship they are forced to face the deadly threat represented by "impostors".

They try to sabotaging repairs e kill unsuspecting space travelers, maintaining anonymity so as not to be expelled.

The versions for PlayStation di Among Us will be enriched by Ratchet & Clank exclusive skins (including hat and pet). The game will be equipped with cross-play, online multiplayer and quite a lot of emergency discussions.

The release of the game on home consoles Sony is provided by 2021.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The vast majority of the event was covered by a full bodied gameplay trailer to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, new and highly anticipated episode of one of the most representative series of the brand PlayStation.

After a thunderous incipit in computer graphics, the trailer shows long and varied gameplay sequences that revolve not only around Ratchet, who is separated from his robotic companion later having been thrown into another dimension; but also to the female counterpart, Rivet, which it will "acquire" in fortuitous circumstances Clank's company, playing an active role as playable character in the adventure.

The protagonists of the trailer are, first of all, the atmosphere of the game, which alternate the natural panoramas sections with Rivet to a city ​​with a markedly Cyberpunk atmosphere to act as a background to the evolutions of Ratchet.

They are then highlighted the special abilities of the protagonists, as the ability to slide through walls And that of cross the dimensional portals, whose presence is one of the main elements of the plot and setting of this episode.

The game makes a great show, in the arc of 15 minutes of length of the trailer, of the visual magnificence of PS5, with skimpy loads and an absolutely stable frame rate.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 theJune 11 2021.

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