PS Vita 2000, here is the unboxing of the Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Resolution Box

In view of the European release of the Slim let's discover it together through this splendid Limited.

As announced in recent days, the consoles PlayStation Vita Slim area of 2000 series will arrive in Europe soon, with the launch in the United Kingdom scheduled for February 7, 2014 which provides a list price of "only" 180 £ (remember that the 3G version is currently sold by Gamestop UK at 149,97 £). Waiting to know when and at what price the new model will arrive, let's find out together through the unboxing of a beautiful limited exclusive for the Japanese market: let's talk about the PS Vita Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Resolution Box. thank jacopNe for making the video and giving us his impressions of the new console.

The definitive box

Let's start with the content of this special edition, which we remember was released on December 26th 2013 exclusively for the Japanese market: PS Vita 2000 1GB Wi-Fi with special screen printing dedicated to FFX / X-2 and games Final Fantasy X e Final Fantasy X-2 retail version enclosed inHD Remaster Twin Pack. The price of the edition for us Europeans is between € 218 (which will become about € 270 including shipping and customs) on solarisjapan, where it is sold out, and € 294, excluding shipping, on A price that is, after all, not probable given how much the smooth Slim will cost in Great Britain. As for the games, we limit ourselves to signaling the presence of the retail version for X-2, which instead of us in the PS Vita version will be sold only in digital version, in the form of a voucher inside the case of Final Fantasy X and on PSN, and Spanish-language trophy localization for both games. The console in the 2000 version, on the other hand, has some particularities in the specifications that clearly distinguish it from the previous model: - LCD screen which replaces the OLED of the 1000 series: the image, although still having a resolution of 960 × 544 on a 5-inch display, is slightly more defined on the new screen, but the color rendering appears better on the old model; in the LCD screen there is a slight tendency to yellow (see photo, where, however, the phenomenon is accentuated by the flash); - memory included from 1GB, against the total lack of space available inside the previous models: to download the games you will still need an external memory card, but at least the retail titles will be playable without further purchases; - small size: it is thinner and lighter, with 15mm thickness and a weight of 219 grams (against the almost 19mm and 260gr of the “fat” Wi-fi; the 3G instead weighs 279gr); - new key design: the PS, start and select buttons give up the awkward oval shape to become perfectly circular and larger; an upper led has also been inserted near the power button to signal that the console is switched on; - new entries: PS Vita 2000 is rechargeable via a common micro USB cable (that of smartphones to be clear); the entrance that had been placed in the upper part of the "old" models was also removed; - better battery life; - abandoned for the moment the idea of ​​a 3G console: the slim Sara available only in Wi-Fi version. We leave you to the video. If you have any doubts or other curiosities about the Resolution Box and PlayStation Vita 2000 comment on the article or visit us on Twitter (@Soultricks) and on our Facebook page Good vision!  
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