Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to get Charmander

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How will you get the cute Charmander lizard that has accompanied us so much in every Pokemon adventure?

Pokemon Sword and Shield offers us the opportunity to get the much loved, classic Charmander and its evolutions. However, to get hold of this awesome pocket monster you will first need to complete the game.

Like other Pokemon, Charmander and its evolutions have a small chance of becoming a Raid reward, so the only guaranteed way to get it is - unfortunately - to complete the game.

Once you have defeated the champion of the Pokemon League, as in any self-respecting title, you will return home. In your hometown, head to Hop and Leon's house and go up to Leon's room. In the center of the room you will find a single Poke Ball with a Charmander inside waiting for you (a bit like Beldum in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, who remembers?). Don't try to restart the game every time to get it shiny, this one - like the starters at the beginning of the game - is programmed not to be. Furthermore, this pokemon is completely evolvable in Charizard and its Gigamax form and can be bred to be able to obtain other monsters, perhaps competitive; or maybe shiny, it depends on your tastes.

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