PlayStation 5 available again from Euronics

For all those who aspire to have one PlayStation 5 but they failed to grab it with the "first wave", good news arrives. The console will be available again from Euronics: let's see how and when.

With a surprise announcement on your site, Euronics revealed availability, starting with tomorrow, December 3rd of other units of PlayStation 5.

Given the current regulations and provisions regarding Co-Vid 19 and the prohibition of gatherings, the purchase will be available only online, with no possibility of in-store purchase. The time at which sales will be open has not been declared and it could range from midnight today to any time tomorrow morning.

Playstation 5

Both Standard versions of the console (equipped with a reader for physical media) that the Only Digital versions (without reader), at the price of 499€ e 399€ respectively.

The sale, as expected, will take place while stocks last. Everything will take place with a online queue system to ensure the stability of the servers in the face of the huge expected network traffic. Once you have entered the site, you will have to wait for your turn to be able to interact and place your order.

Clearly this new supply is part of the program announced by Sony to “stock the dealers” left short of PS5 units after the first wave of purchases.

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