Horizon Zero Dawn, free for Sony consoles from today

Horizon Zero Dawn is officially part of the Son's Play at Home projecty. For this reason you will be able to redeem a copy of the game in his Complete Edition. But beware: you will have time until 14st May.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy's Story is available for download

Sony has finally added Horizon Zero Dawn to its long list of titles available with Play at Home, the initiative with which the company invites all players to stay at home because of the Coronavirus. The action role-playing game will be redeemable from today and thanks to the Complete Edition you can also play the Frozen Wild expansion and have a series of new outfits for Aloy. A great way to prepare for the sequel, Forbidden West. Obviously, the title of Guerrilla Games will also run on PlayStation 5.

A unique opportunity to recover a great open world game, in which we will have control of Aloy. A young warrior girl who will have to make her way through a dangerous world, ruled by machines. On the journey he will understand many things about herself and the world around her, coming to understand when it matters. But we don't want to spoil you too much. We also remind you that the title is available for both PlayStation consoles and PCs, if you are interested in this latest version, here is our review.

Still remaining on the Horizon Zero Dawn theme, the title is now part of a crossover with Fortnite. Yes, now we will be able to use the warrior as a skin within the battle royale.

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