Far Cry Primal Trophies / Achievements Guide

If the stone is too hard, we can help you break it down.

Far Cry Primal is finally available and presents itself as the first spin-off of the series, proposing a setting and a temporal collocation totally different from what we were used to until now: the new chapter, in fact, takes us straight to thestone Age, era in which the true essence of survival shines best and where the only weapons are bows, spears and the like.

But like any self-respecting game, here too is a list of 51 trophies / achievements specially prepared for those who want to 100% complete the title. And as we said, if the stone gives you some trouble to be totally shattered, we will help you with this guide. As always, we insert the trophy icons from the PlayStation 4 version, but the objectives are the same on both XBOX One and PC.

Where do I start?

Far Cry Primal doesn't have particularly difficult objectives and one much of it is linked to the main campaign or to actions that come by themselves killing enemies, so completing it 100% does not require a particular commitment. Obviously, first enjoy the game itself by dedicating yourself to the story and only at the end we recommend that you work to get the missing objectives, so as not to break the pace of the game.


- 38 

- 10 

- 2  

- 1 

 Absolute predator

Collect all trophies.

Pussycat, pussycat ...

Tame the blood-toothed tiger.


Tame the great scarred bear.

 At risk of extinction

Face the blood-fanged mammoth.

 The kennel

Tame the snowblood wolf.


Build or upgrade 2 huts in the village.


Your wenja tribe comes to 20 individuals.

 Tears of shame

Kill and skin a tamed beast.


Complete all the improvements for the huts.

 Sower of Death

Kill 25 enemies using takedown.

 I said stay down!

Eliminate 100 enemies using the club.

 Reduced to skewers

Eliminate 100 enemies using the spear.


Eliminate 100 enemies using the bow.


Kill 50 enemies with fire.

 David and Goliath

Eliminate 10 enemies using the slingshot.

 Get away

Kill 25 enemies while riding a beast.

 In acid

Poison 25 enemies with poison.


Eliminate 10 enemies using stinging bombs.


Kill 15 enemies using Throwing Splinters.

 Hit in full

Kill a target 50 paces or more away using a spear.

As soon as you get the spear, head to the Kapal Outpost east of the village as it works very well to get this achievement easily. Use the owl to mark one of the enemies so you know the exact distance you are at. When it is more than 50 paces away from you, just aim a little higher than the enemy's head and throw the spear. The first outposts are the best as the enemies have no armor and die with a single hit.

If you need a video demonstration, click on the following link: Far Cry Primal - Hit in full.

 Perfect center

Kill a target 70 paces or more away with an arrow.

First of all, you will need to make the longbow and this is possible after building Jayma's hut. Unlike the regular bow, it is capable of killing unarmored enemies with a single arrow and is much more accurate over long distances. Once you have the longbow, head to the Swaras Outpost to the north-east of your village: as with the objective above, use the owl, position yourself at least 70 paces from the target and shoot an arrow slightly higher than the head of the enemy.

If you need a video demonstration, click on the following link: Far Cry Primal - Perfect Center.


Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps.

 Think about it

Kill 50 hostile creatures using a tamed beast.

 Feathered friend

Eliminate 15 enemies using your owl.

 Wenja learned

Learn all the skills.


Use crafting 100 times to craft weapons and arrows.

 Kanda of faith

Climb to the peak of the Pardaku Lookout and dive.

To achieve this, you must jump off the mountain south of the Piki Meat Outpost. There is a small water-filled pit on the west side of the mountain and that's where you need to dive. For a video demonstration, click on the following link: Far Cry Primal - Kanda of faith.


Capture 10 settlements.


Conquer all settlements.


Conquer all the forts.


Tame 7 beasts.

 Animal friend

Tame 1 rare beast.


Heals a tamed beast 25 times.

 Rock grabber

Collect 80 collectibles.

 Good neighborhood

Complete 15 “Help Wenja” missions.


Discover 15 hidden places.

 Outrun your enemies

Complete 10 "Tribal Clash" missions.

 Infallible Hound

Complete 5 “Kill Beast” missions.

 Wenja Mark IV

Discover the future past.

To achieve this, you must visit a cave in the east of the great ice area. The place is marked with the symbol "?" on the map and is located at the beginning of a river. Just enter to discover the purple skeleton of a blood dragon, which is an easter egg referring to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

If you have any difficulties, please click on the following link for the video: Far Cry Primal - Wenja Mark IV.

Secret Trophies

 The way to Oros

Survive the mammoth hunt.

 Spear proof

Repel the attack of the udams.


Save a wenja prisoner of the izila.

 Get out of here!

Escape the caves of the udams.

 Krati, Krati, Krati!

Steal Krati's izila mask.

 The lethal eye

Karoosh joins the wenja village.

 The spiritual advisor

Tensay becomes part of the wenja village.

 The fixer

Wogah joins the wenja village.

 The gray huntress

Jayma joins the wenja village.

 The twelve labors

Complete 12 missions as a specialist.

 To ashes

Complete the mission The Fall of Batari.

 Evolution in action

Complete the mission The Hunt for Ull.

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