FIFA 21 - FUT Ultimate Team, the strongest Premier League / Ligue 1 / La Liga hybrid team for 200.000 credits

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If you are one of those who prefer a hybrid team rather than one made up of players from a single league, we have what you need. One of the best hybrid teams you can do in FIFA 21, with players hailing from. Premier League, Ligue 1 and La Liga. The cost? Just over 200k on PS4, 190k on Xbox One.

Please note: - next to each player you will find the relative purchase price. The one on the left refers to the PS4 version, the one on the right, the Xbox One version!

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Formation 4-4-2

Please note that to reach 10 of agreement with la hybrid team you need to play at least ten games!


Ederson (OV 86) of Manchester City. Price: 44.000 / 49.000 credits. Second perhaps only to Alisson. It has very high stats that make it a real shutter

Right back

Jesus Navas - (OV 84) of Seville. Price: 8.700 / 8.500 credits. The older it gets, the stronger it gets. From winger to right-back essential. He has speed, dribbling and defense. - Understanding style: Anchor

Left back

Sergio Reguilón Rodríguez - (OV 82) of Tottenham. Price: 2.900 / 3.100 credits. Good speed and acceleration, a well-rounded full-back. - Understanding style: Anchor

Central defenders

Carlos Diego - (OV 83) of Seville. Price: 50.500 / 42.750 credits. Fast defender and defensively skilled. His 83 physique makes him almost impossible to move. In addition, he has from his 4 * weak foot. The cock may be able to do this. - Understanding style: Anchor

Marquinhos - (OV 85) of Paris SG. Price: 8.400 / 9.600 credits. He makes an agreement with both Ederson and Diego Carlos. Qualities as a pure defender make him an essential piece for this team. - Understanding style: Shadow

Right exterior

Adama Traorè - (OV 79) of Wolves. Price: 23.500/19.500 credits. Overall not as a top player but statistics as a phenomenon. The Bolt of the left wing. Between speed, physique and dribbling, it will break the opponent's defenses in two! - Understanding Style: Hunter

Left exterior

Steven Bergwijn - (OV 83) of Tottenham. Price: 6.400 / 8.000 credits. Recommended not only for the understanding with Reguilón but also for his sprinter skills. It also has good shooting and 4 * skills. - Understanding Style: Sniper


Bruno Guimarães Moura - (OV 78) of Lyon. Price: 700 / 800 credits. It serves for the understanding but beyond the basic characteristics it is really overpower - Understanding style: Shadow

Fred - (OV 86) of Manchester United. Price: 33.500 / 24.000 credits. Quality midfielder boasting 4 * skill and weak foot. Sometimes and nothing short of phenomenal. - Understanding style: Catalyst


Depay - (OV 85) of Lyon. Price: 12.700 / 13.750 credits. At such a price Depay is practically free. Speed, dribbling, shooting, passing, physique and 5 * skills. In practice, a real goal machine. - Understanding Style: Hunter

Richarlison - (OV 81) ofEverton. Price: 17.750 / 14.500 credits. The perfect player to complete the attack. Quality and substance in the penalty area and beyond. - Understanding Style: Hunter

That's it, we hope you like the hybrid team that we have proposed to you!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Lev Yashin.
Lev Yashin is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper of each and every time.
12 Dec two thousand twenty one

Since two thousand nineteen, it is no longer possible to score a goal with the hand, even unintentionally or by the goalkeeper in his area facing the opponent's goal.

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