Little Nightmares 2 - Guide: where to find all hidden hats

Little Nightmares 2 is finally available on all platforms and will aim to take you on a new bizarre and scary adventure. This time, you take on the role of Mono, a hooded child looking for answers. During your wanderings in a decidedly disturbing world, you will have the opportunity to change your look thanks to a series of peculiar hats.

In case you want to 100% complete the title and get the Headshot trophy / objective you will need to find the 12 Hidden Hats (you already have two and the DLC ones do not count).

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Chapter 1

Raccoon hat

Enter the scary house in the forest. After leaving the kitchen, head down the hall and reach the first floor. Then go left, looking carefully around the room you will find the hat you are looking for (on the carpet).

Nomino Hat (DLC - The Attic of the Nomino)

Getting this Hat is anything but easy. Here's how to get it, as soon as you reach the attic of the house and get the key inside, you will see a "nice" name cross the screen from right to left. As soon as your gaze crosses it, follow it, at a certain point it will begin to hide in various points of the game world, to get the coveted hat you will have to find it following a certain order: open the suitcase, throw an object at the box present at your right, open the drawer and finally jump on the chair a total of three times.

Once this series of "obsessive-compulsive" behavior is over, little Nomino will run away again and reveal a secret passage behind a painting. Inside the new room, our little friend will go up and light the path with a match, all you have to do is follow his movements. Continue to the end and then turn right.

After reaching the new room, move the cabinet twice so that the Nomino can go up and continue with his escape. Before you stay in the dark (we know this terrifies you) head to the metal door, look for the switch and grab to finally light up the entire play area. At this point, go back and climb where the Nomino matchmaker was previously. Once you have passed the first board, go up and keep jumping between the boards until you reach the dodgy little creature. Once this long and complicated procedure is finished, you will be able to obtain the coveted headgear.

Yellow rain hat

You will get this hat after leaving the house with Six, to add it to your collection just go up one of the cages along the path. Once done, jump several times on the one that contains the hat (which is hanging), the cage in question will fall and you can pick up this curious hat.

Chapter 2

Ball hat

You will find this hat at the schoolyard, in the area where there are more toys. To be more precise, it hides inside the dumpster located near the entrance door.

Jar hat

You will find this headdress in the library. To reach it, move the bookcase ladder to the shelf in the center and once up, look to your left.

Chapter 3

Teddy bear hat

The world of Little Nightmares 2 can be terrifying, but also tender. Thanks to this hat you can feel "cute and cuddly". To find it, you will have to go through the toy room, the one after the X-ray room so to speak. To add this hat to your collection, just go to the cabinet at the far right of the room and climb it.

Bandages hat

After meeting the Doctor at the morgue, take the key located on the cabinet to your left and look between the bloody table and the two corpses on the left. By doing so you should see a drawer to open, use the key and open the drawer, inside you will find a hat.

Chapter 4

Postman hat

As expected, the headdress in question is at the post office. Go to the room full of letters with the monitor, go down. Once down, look for the hat in the middle of the pile of letters on the left.

Cap hat

To get this hat you will need to go to the toy store. In order to reach it and insert it into your bizarre collection of headgear, move the cart on the right to the piece of furniture on the opposite side of your screen and climb up. Once at the top, move your gaze to the left and above some packages you will find the hat in question.

Chapter 5

Cowboy hat

Even in titles like Little Nightmares 2 there is a need for style. For this reason, once you finish the game you will be rewarded with this beautiful hat.

We hope that this guide was useful to you and that you enjoyed yourself in the company of our Riccardo, who on Twitch was able to show you how to make the protagonist die in style.

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